[Bounty] VR Freelancer Directory

As one of the aspects of building THE FLOOR IS TOO HIGH platform is to empower artists to build VR content beyond the limits of technical knowledge, a directory of VR savvy creatives that might be part of a transdisciplinary VR workflow (as coders, parametric designers, 3D artist, spatial audio designers, VR story tellers, game developers) would be a powerful tool to expand creative ideas and create a communal synergy between people of different fields.

This is a call for people to inform us about their VR knowledge and experience, signaling in clear terms how they could be part of a VR workflow, by responding this forum thread. People should answer by explaining in a paragraph (75 words max) their experience and sharing a portfolio that shows previous experience working with VR. It doesn’t have to be a full VR portfolio, but there should be at least one VR related work.

We will arrange this in tabular form and make it available in the community for people that might require their services. This database will be kept open to be informed in the future council members agree with it, and it will be part of the THE FLOOR IS TOO HIGH web platform once it is launched.

We would reward 1N to the first 50 people that respond to the thread, once the council members agree the information reflects an experience with VR.


This seems a fascinating way to connect VR people and can one get an idea on which style of platform or exposure you will need the VR workflow showcased so can provide some feedback.

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Hello :vulcan_salute:.
I’m m23agic (m23agic.near)
goa.dao representative .

Before when our consul was @Johanda
Through video communication and video tutorials (including those conducted on this forum), I began to study the creation of voxel objects in the Magica Voxel program and began to follow our Dacha house, where I decorated and applied new knowledge to improve the object.

We also made galleries for our own competitions, where we placed the creations of artists, held parties and video streams … Since there were many participants in the competitions, I expanded and updated the building.

At the moment, due to the change of the consul, it is not clear whether this project will develop. Therefore, I am looking for other Dao for cooperation :pray:
Would like to continue development in this direction.