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[BOUNTY] Spiritual DAO Prints

Bounty Topic


Timeline - 26th May to 30th may 2022

We made some changes to our bounty program. Instead of offering 3 bounties we would like to offer 10 bounties as we feel it will increase community engagement and will generate more artwork. :slight_smile:

There will be 10 bounties and 1 winner for each one.
Each prize will be 50USD (50 USD in NEAR or DAI, whichever is more convenient for the DAO)


Hello community!

This Bounty is to bring to light the intricate design of tribal art. We want artwork to be created which shows flows tribal designs that represent a millennia old style of art.

Artwork design brief

  1. Create tribal art that is in tandem with the design elements mentioned below not something which is not in accordance to the deign of the references.
  2. Please keep the designs close to the references as these are researched designs that Spiritual DAO wants to print. So something completely off from the references shared below will have very less probability of winning the bounty.

Artwork submission steps

  1. Post your art’s PNG here in the forum
  2. Mention your valid near wallet ID
  3. Share the full size .PNG images and creator files in the drive link


  1. Please create a folder with your near ID and put the files in it. If your near ID is sahil.near then create a new folder with the name sahil.near and add all the files there.

Please keep in mind

  1. Artwork should be yours and not taken from anywhere over the internet. If this is found then you will be banned from participating ever in the future as posting someone else’s art work is completely against our guidelines.
  2. JPG and .JPEG will not be accepted in the drive link. Full size file with creator file is required for submissions to be approved.
  3. Large images with, at least 1920x1920 pxls (not need to be square, can be a rectangle but with 1920 pxls in the smaller size)
  4. The winners will be choose by the council members
  5. Didn’t win the boutnty? No worries your art still will be minted in Spiritual DAO store on Mintbase. So if your art is sold you will always get share 15% royalties from it.

We will set the others bounties in a wile, stay tuned in our telegram Spiritual DAO Community 2 to follow all the news

Be a part of the journey!

TRIBAL FLOW PATTERNS references attached below


Wow this is so good can i ask if we can submit more than one entry?


made with cuneiform characters, and some unicode text glitch

𒄖 𒄗𒄖 𒄗𒄖 𒄗𒄖 𒄗𒄖 𒄗𒄖 𒄗𒄖 𒄗𒄖 𒄗

𒀱 𒐸𒐪̞͐𒐪̞͐ 𒐪̞͐𒐪̞͐𒐪̗̞͐𒐪̞ͣ͐𒐪̫̖̞̎͐𒐪̴̞̠͐𒐪̞͐ 𒄅 𒃯
𒀱 𒐸
𒀱 𒐸𒄡𒄡𒄡𒄡𒄡𒄡 𒄡 𒄡 𒄡 𒄡 𒄡 𒄅 𒃯
𒀱 𒐸𒅒𒅑𒅒𒅑𒅒𒅑𒅒𒅑𒅒𒅑𒅒𒅑𒅒𒅑 𒄅 𒃯
𒀱 𒐸
𒀱 𒐸𒅑𒅒𒅑𒅒𒅑𒅒𒅑𒅒𒅑𒅒𒅑𒅒𒅑𒅒 𒄅 𒃯
𒀱 𒐸𒄡𒄡𒄡𒄡𒄡𒄡 𒄡 𒄡 𒄡 𒄡 𒄡 𒄅 𒃯
𒀱 𒐸
𒀱 𒐸𒐪̞͐𒐪̞͐ 𒐪̞͐𒐪̞͐𒐪̗̞͐𒐪̞ͣ͐𒐪̫̖̞̎͐𒐪̴̞̠͐𒐪̞͐ 𒄅 𒃯

𒄖 𒄗𒄖 𒄗𒄖 𒄗𒄖 𒄗𒄖 𒄗𒄖 𒄗𒄖 𒄗𒄖 𒄗


over this picture of a fractal/feedback patern made with a webcam and a keyboard circuits over the screen of a laptop for a technoxamanism festival in 2017 or so where I used circuits and machine pieces to “summon” digital entities using this feedback loop



Great! Here are some textures I made with my (now so old) ballerine body, a work from 2015 that deserves to be revisited and I think it fits perfectly here. Hope you like It.

More here https://photos.app.goo.gl/a9aEEVZGKks25zw56



This is nice @LulucaL

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Yes, you can <3 or you can make like Luluca and put in the same message more then one

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Ooooh, nice. Thank you :revolving_hearts::pray:

Hey guys. This link is opening a drive for the mandalas, should I put it right there?

Hi! Great theme! My patterns from the series Decentral Asian Pattern Print (DAPP) >> inspired by Central Asian ikat :camel: :camel: :camel:



i create a folder in it named TRIBAL, you can put there. Thankyou <3


This is my entry

NEAR Wallet: styleherbalist.near

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Here are my Tribal Entry’s this is inspired to aztec, Southeast asian prints fusion of Philippines and era of Egypt.



This bounty is closed.

The winner was @AlekBorisov !!!

You can request your 50 DAI payout in astrodao.

The follow pdf has the step by step if you need
como pedir um pagamento no AstroDAO-NEAR - how to ask for a payment on AstrodDAO-NEAR.pdf (1.6 MB)


Hello! I was happy to participate in this super-theme. Thank you for appreciating my patterns!
:pray: :dizzy:

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