Blockperks, sustainable platform for user-generated content and NFT trading


A healthy NFT vertical needs both infrastructure and high quality NFT projects. A thriving vertical also needs a healthy amount of liquidity and an engaged number of users, generating significant daily trade volumes.

The initial momentum in the Near NFT vertical has suffered, like others due to the bearish market, however the wider NFT vertical is now seeing positive indicators; Reddit is reported to have over 4.5 million users adopting its NFT avatars (reaching $6.5M in daily sales), OpenSea has reported increasing volumes (on track to reach between $100M-$200M Jan '23) and brands including Starbucks have launched NFT based rewards programs reaching millions of new users.

In the P2E gaming and GameFi sectors, projects will benefit from NFT based in-game assets, in-game minting and P2P trading, and through successful NFT collections games can attract additional funding and investment.

Top artists are launching NFT collections on Instagram, and selling out in seconds, however the incumbent platforms are charging steep fees of 15% or more. The secondary trading market for digital collectibles has been dominated by Ethereum whereas alternative blockchains have been more successful in generating higher numbers of transactions with new NFT collections whilst fostering web2 brands making the jump towards web3.

The total addressable market for NFTs is $44bn, based on figures in April '22. The NFT vertical is a highly relevant vertical which should not be overlooked.

What is Blockperks?

Blockperks is building a next-generation, sustainable web3 social layer and NFT trading platform. It’s protocol supercharges and connects a social crypto economy, where users are rewarded for everyday activities, together with a feature-rich NFT trading marketplace. Blockperks has a strong emphasis on the decentralisation of social media, data privacy and the open web, whilst developing compound AI and behavioural science for a more a user-friendly interface where users can share content, mint and trade NFTs.

Value proposition

Our platform architecture is designed to solve challenges faced by brands entering the web3 space, whilst also addressing the current complaints of both NFT buyers and sellers.

The technical innovation includes an AI powered algorithm for content recommendations, that enhances the user-experience and improves buyer/ seller matching. Better content recommendations leads to a better and more personalised user experience thus more users will join and engage, this is in turn generates more data points and will improve the user-experience further.

Using our Social Meta-Layer, users can share and monetise content whilst earning crypto for everyday activities. Earned crypto can then be used to obtain secret offers and participate in staking, in-app purchases and rewards programs. This will encourage adoption as a healthy social layer leads to better engagement reducing inactive users, it will also create contextual and conversation-based native advertising opportunities.

In order to address climate change, we plan to deploy a sustainable green initiative with automated transactions for the real life planting of trees, this will help to replenish our forests.

For project owners, creators and brands, Blockperks’ NFT launchpad will support projects with a new web3 venture studio in order to back, fund and launch more high quality NFT collections, as well as breathing life back into existing collections where the market may have dwindled. Overall, our aim to make a significant contribution towards the establishment and growth of a healthy and more social NFT economy.

Blockperks features already deployed:

  • User-friendly NFT minting
  • Secondary market aggregation
  • FIAT on-ramp/ off-ramp
  • Token-gated content

Blockperks NFT protocol and proprietary smart contracts are capable of providing native NFT minting and marketplace functionality within Metaverse applications and P2E games. Our un-lockable content feature has use cases such as; owning a certain NFT can unlock an in-game feature, tutorial content or hidden Metaverse URL(s). Likewise, users can easily monetise premium music, video or written content with access given only to their NFT holders. Blockperks simplifies the process and provides a web3 alternative to web2 content platforms.

Ultimately, we plan to integrate multi-currency processing and NFT bridge integration which could render traditional NFT platforms obsolete, by increasing utility and reducing user-friction when buying or transferring NFTs across different blockchains we eliminate many of the issues that users face today.

Web3 venture studio, accelerating the NEAR NFT ecosystem;

Blockperks aims to assist artists, creators and project founders, by providing the technology and marketing support to incubate and launch their NFT collections. We aim to;

  • Identify opportunities and partnerships for native dApp integrations and NFT launches.
  • Back, fund, incubate and launch these projects within 6 months.
  • Provide marketing, rewards and launchpad features improve NFT adoption and reach audiences that are more engaged.

Through our existing development team and ecosystem partnerships we will be able to support project owners with additional services and best practices in areas such as;

  • Legal compliance, regulatory, corporate structuring and tax
  • KYC/ AML compliance
  • Smart contract development and audits
  • Token economics and distribution channels
  • Marketing, PR and advertising
  • NFT Storefront, minting and launchpad features

We will also provide projects with access to our monthly virtual investor pitching events in association with SuperWeb3.

Post-launch we will continue to provide hands-on support to stimulate the NFT economy and encourage the trading of NFTs, such incentives will also include social crypto earning and integration of a new tree planting initiative to support the UN goals, reduce carbon and stop climate change.

Bridging more users to web3

There is significant adoption of social web2 users towards web3 with NFT avatars, wallets and vouchers driving user-growth. Blockperks is designed to combine these attributes with a decentralised social experience and NFT trading platform. Our growth-engine intends to attract and engage users through social crypto earning and rewarding the community for everyday activities, (such as user-generated content sharing). In turn, we expect our social users will adopt web3 and will learn more about crypto and NFTs. With increased accessibility, reduced friction and interoperability, this is how we will be encouraging the next 100 million users to adopt NEAR.

The costs

We are looking for community support to enable us to take of the following;

  1. Update the indexer and complete the aggregation features
  2. Grow the community and increase business development and partnership growth
  3. Co-launch NFT collection(s) on our NFT marketplace, with existing project owner(s)
  4. Further research and development to open social graphs, decentralized data ownership and open access data sharing across different applications

Joining the Human Guild community

We truly believe with the help of Human Guild, we will be able to progress the next stage towards our goals;

  1. Supercharge and launch high quality NFTs and increase TVL into the NEAR ecosystem.
  2. Encourage users to adopt web3, share and monetise user-generated content whilst promoting decentrlized data ownership and privacy.
  3. Solve problems of mass adoption by building the world’s best social trading platform and web2 to web3 bridge.

With a strong community of Human Guild founders we can connect with innovative games and metaverse projects, we can become a valued member of the community and learn from other founders how we can improve and leverage the NFTs and social media to launch P2P trading protocols and benefit the P2E and GameFi verticals too.


Blockperks is being developed by The Reactive Space development team, which is developing over 35 blockchain projects, with experienced engineers. Our CTO has 16 years of systems development experience and large team of developers offshore. The day to day operations are led by the CEO, who has 25 years experience in customer acquisition for publicly traded companies, and five years in blockchain PR and corporate advisory. Our stakeholders, include ex Head of Asia Flow Credit, Morgan Stanley supported by a global team of advisors including engineers that have worked on NEAR, Solana and Algorand, CSO at Team33 and president at, a successful web3 music platform.

Official website URL (NEAR):


In conclusion, Blockperks is creating the worlds’ best platform for people who want to create, buy and sell digital assets whilst being part of a sustainable web3 community where users get paid for sharing content and protect their privacy.

For artists, brands and creators, Blockperks is the best solution to launch web3 assets to a highly engaged audience, using compound AI and behavioural science to maximise return on investment.

Blockperks is committed to growth within the NEAR, Polygon Ethereum communities and its’ objective is to create a more equitable economy. The team plans to create a viable alternative to monopoly platforms with intuitive technical architecture for a thriving NFT vertical, providing the pathway for NFT artists, creators and project owners to achieve sustainable success.