[APPROVED] ZON-Verse DAO - Funding Proposal for JULY


Please share all the links mentioned in the June report.

Report doesn’t clearly show where the work was done.

Mint base only has one like

I’m trying to understand what was created using the funds.


What do you mean?
I told you where all the money is going
What it is being used for
And why its being used
Everything is there.
What are you do you mean by mintbase only has one like?
Im not understand what you are asking for, We have provided all the information necessary

We are making comic books, i cant show you the progress without spoiling the story for everyone.

I understand your plight, however it is difficult for us to keep funding without any proof.

This is my tele link - Telegram: Contact @theElRoi

Please share a link of the progress here so the mods can verify your work.

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Good day! Sounds interesting, could you please share your work on tg @kmotiv ? Thank You

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I dont quite understand what you mean by TG


Have a great day!

Yeah i wouldnt mind can you please send the telegram link?

Hi Zon,

As requested in the chat, do you have the link of completion?

It will be difficult for us to fund if the projects aren’t completed

Request you to please share the work done here so the mods can have a look.

You’ve shared 3 slides with me only. Is that all that has been created?

The three slides are the 20 panels that we promised in the comics. We are behind on the cover image which what is waiting for completion now by @Rabukome1
I should have stated that it would finished on the 15th and not before so that was my mistake.
I live in the USA and he lives on the other side of the world so time can get screwed but we also havent passed the 15th.
The work provided is the comic that is coming out.

The comic are hand drawn so yes that is all that has been created because making comics with a small team of 4 people is all we have at the moment. We play to expand and cut down creation time.

And the first project was complete. Dont say Projects as if there is more than one.

So just to understand it clearly, the three images you have created is the total budget of $2500 correct?

Were these artists onboarded?

Can you please give more clarity on who these artists are?

Yes the job and prices are broken down

They are in the council

Again in the council


The comic is officially out now @Cryptonaut @creativesdao-council


Thanks bud. Looks amazing :slight_smile:

Hope you and your team keeps creating more art!

As this follows the guidelines and you’ve delivered the work promised your proposal has been approved!

Have a good month ahead! Talk to you soon!


Thanks so much! And to Zon for leading our team with such determination and consistent support. Well done guys!

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