[Approved] TneSociety onboarding, social media marketing JUNE

Hello NEAR Community,

Community Name: TNEsociety
Mail: tnesociety.near@gmail.com

Links to be social media handles, | website: www.tnesociety.com | Twitter : www.twitter.com/Tnesociety| Telegram:www.t.me/Tnesociety | Instagram:www.instagram.com/Tnesociety | Medium:https://medium.com/@tnesociety | YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/@tnesociety | Near social: https://social.near.page/u/tne_society.near|

AstroDao: https://app.astrodao.com/dao/9jamusicalnftdao.sputnik-dao.near |

Core members near social account Solomon @alphaflex near.social ,

Jerome @Jeromemrys https://social.near.page/u/jeromemrys.near

Elias Paul @bonaven https://social.near.page/u/bonaven.near|

Miracle @mini2 https://social.near.page/u/mirmiraclechinaza.near

Michael @mikekevin https://social.near.page/u/pema001.near

Introductory post has been made on near social as required by the NDC regional Dao


TNEsociety is focused on expanding the knowledge of NEAR and primarily Music in NFT to young talented Nigerian students in the University first launched in November 2021.

In our quest to onboard artists into web3 and the NEAR ecosystem primarily, we have had certain activities take place in the past. Our first journey began with Mintbase in December 2021, and as a community, we have grown to an extent having over 1000+ community members across all socials.

Links to previous proposal and report













We have had great social media activities, educating community members about web3, Music, and arts generally.

TNEsociety is a Regional Community in Nigeria responsible for onboarding musical talents to NEAR Ecosystem to engage with all dApps on the music NFT categories and lots of music talents Onboarded on projects like Tamago, Minting Music, and Loozr.

Moving forward to a new phase TNEsociety will be expanding its reach all over Nigeria to Onboard more music talents to mint their music as Nft on the NEAR Ecosystem. This will also move their fanbase to become users of NEAR.

TNEsociety will play a major role in onboarding humans to NEAR as both Musicians and fans will be eager to jump in on exciting events. This means OUR community members will verify IamHuman.

We further intend to proceed in the coming months with greater work via strategic activities.

These activities include

  1. Bringing music projects off-chain, on-chain
  2. Onboarding more music artists into the ecosystem (intensifying the use of near.social)
  3. Hold general ecosystem educational events
  4. Manage and grow our media handles.
  5. Video tutorial series on web3, blockchain, NEAR ecosystem and music projects on NEAR. This will be on our YouTube channel, and all our handles that can hold video files properly.


  1. Working with the projects ops team, present a project for building on NEAR (Our target TNE streaming platform)
  2. Onboard more than 50 music artists monthly into Music projects already built. Great progress has been going on with Mintbase, Tamago, and Lozr. this includes having them put their work on the projects, tamago has been more beneficial.
  3. Onboarded artist will all go through I-am-human and BOS will be integrated to customize their pages.
  4. Create three to six quality articles monthly, three Youtube videos monthly, and engage in at least two educational AMA weekly on our social media handles
  5. Have 10-15% growth on all our social media handles monthly.
  6. Integrating BOS on our existing website to give it the NEAR touch
    Team members are I, @Jeromemrys, @Mimi2, @bonaven @mattstorm @Bum12blebee, @mikekevin (our developer) and @israeligboze (our advisor)



  1. Social media activities and management (includes management, AMAs, contents, etc)- - - $800 for all our social handles.
  2. Onboarding of music artists (includes education events and creating wallets)— -$1000 this includes online events (work shop).
  3. Onboarding of music projects


1.Social media activities and management (same as in june)- - - - - - $800

2.Onboarding of musicians and Music projects (same as in june)- - - $1000


OFFLINE EVENT for music artist and community education, and onboarding

Social media activities includes

  1. 1-4 posts daily on twitter and instagram (stories/ reels).
  2. AMA on twitter, telegram and instagram (2 on twitter monthly, 2 on telegram weekly, and 1 on instagram monthly with bounties.
  3. Contest (meme, audio & video)
  4. Music online events to engage artists all around.

A different Proposal will be created for our Offline event (meetup workshop and music competition) which will take place in August and september.

Total June budget = $1800

Team wallet:

Co-lead : Sule Solomon @Alphaflex
Telegram: t.me/GoneAlphaflex
Mail: solomoncambell0@gmail.com

Detailed report will be provided as to show and track our progress as in the previous month’s report.

Thanks @rc-admins & @marketingdao-council for all your support.



We are here again to make this work as usual. We’ve implemented actionable metrics in onboarding users to the NEAR ecosystem and will do it again! This team are the best in colliding to making things work.

It’s been an awesome experience working with the TNE society. The best part for me still remain the learning and growing part.

We love and believe in all NEAR stands for​:heart::heart:


Thank you for your proposal.

I am happy to support for one month.


-creatives and entertainments are one approach to raise awareness and onboard organic users to the ecosystem and if we have such users the dapps utilizarion will be there and enhance on-chain activity.

-adding artists to existing ecosystem projects (try to mint some NFTs and utilize Keypom or shardog)

-Using BOS to create certain components or widgets for your website.

Looking forward to seeing your report.


@Bakaka We appreciate you looking over our proposal, highlighting its strengths, and being able to support it for one month even though we’re asking for money for two. I
We are looking forward to creating more on-chain activities to contribute to the growth of the ecosystem. Thanks thanks

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I’m really like your concept, but I want to see more about how you’ve been implementing your marketing plan over the past few months. Could you provide an example of a funnel you use to guide musicians once they’ve joined your platform? Also, it would be fantastic if you could provide a list of all the musicians you’ve onboarded, along with ways we can follow and support them. This could be a great way to boost their exposure.

However, I’ve noticed a few issues. You mentioned that you’ve been uploading six articles, posting 1-4 times daily, sharing three YouTube videos per month, and hosting AMAs. But when I checked out your social media platforms, I didn’t see this level of activity. Your last YouTube video was six months ago, your Instagram link isn’t working, your last Medium post was two months ago, and your Twitter account isn’t very active apart from a few retweets. I also checked out Tamago and noticed that there hasn’t been much uploaded recently. Perhaps making regular uploads a requirement for all onboarded musicians could be beneficial.

Is this something you can do going forward? There are a lot of people in the NEAR community who post on social media regularly for free to build their community. And your past few months seem less active.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Create a list of all onboarded musicians, complete with links to their social media profiles and near.social profiles.
  • Provide a way for us to listen to their music.
  • Increase activity on your social media accounts and fix any broken links.
  • Clearly define your onboarding funnel for musicians

You may already have some of this and I missed it. Happy to talk through some onboarding funnel approaches as well.

We could make it an AMA and invite some of the music projects from around the NEAR ecosystem.


We would be happy to help every musician create a ShardDog link https://twitter.com/sharddog

And even hold twitter spaces with the musicians and people from your team to discuss creative ways to use ShardDog LINKs and even some marketing approaches!


Hi @jarednotjerry That’s the new KPI and not what we have done do read it again clearly thank you.

Since our last onboarding competition, social media efforts have been put on pause. It would be wise to review all of our proposals and monthly reports included in this proposal because they contain all the information you need and will help you understand how Tnesociety functions.

Note that Tnesociety is rebranding it’s strategies and will correct all previous flaws we have made.
Thanks for your questions and observations

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Looking forward to a collaboration we can connect via Twitter.


I was pointing out that you have not had past consistency. There are a lot of NEAR projects putting in the work to build a community and onboard users. Doing it because they are building a product that they want to succeed not just for a grant.

Why put social media on pause? It would be “wise” if you had success from the previous onboarding competition, that you would keep up with your socials. 2 youtube videos 6 months ago and a invalid instagram link doesn’t instill confidence in the ability to execute on a marketing focused plan.

Will you pause your social again? Do you only do social when you have a grant?

Pointing out your minimal amount of past socials posts, broken links, and asking for ways to track success. I think these are valid concerns and questions.

Again, i LIKE your idea! I think it’s a good idea for onboarding. And having a place where I can support the musicians you bring on would be beneficial.

Do you have any plans on measuring success after you onboard musicians?

Totally, i think your idea is a good way to onboard people. And trying to enable you with the tools for success is super important! Help the musicians grow and help NEAR be a place for artists to showcase their work and grow followings​:raised_hands:

Tnesociety Formally, the onboarding process is only carried out by physical events, and the absence of finances voids all physical events.

Be aware that, generally, regional communities’ (guilds’) activities have been discontinued for a long time and even taken off the NEAR website, which is currently in its second month of redesign.

Please click this link to view the Instagram.

We only had two videos on our YouTube channel when it first began six months ago because there weren’t any ongoing activities and the team didn’t have enough members at that point to handle all the content. That’s all changed today.

We maintain in touch with newly onboarded artists through our community in order to keep them engaged and encourage them to take part in more on-chain activities on NEAR and music projects. If the quality of the music projects is poor, however, the newly onboarded musician will eventually lose interest because we are not in charge of how they are managed.

If there’s need to book a call for more information I got you.


Hello @rc-admins . Could you
please review proposal?

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Happy to see the growing veriticals of the regional community

Happy to support


Hello team @Alphaflex @Mimi2 !
Moving to approved according to RG WG
decision. Have a great day!


Thanks @Ola for supporting


Thanks @rc-admins & @marketingdao-council for the support looking for to doing a great work on here thanks thanks

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Thank you so much for trusting and supporting us ! We are coming back great!

Hello @marketingdao-council here’s the link to our pool on Astro.


Thanks for all the support.

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@Alphaflex please could you resubmit another request in ASTRO, we approved only one month and you requested for 2 monrh. Thank you

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Thank you for the correction a new pool has been created