[Approved] NFTribe Workshop Series 2022

Hi Near Community,

Allow me to introduce myself; I’m @rahmathanif, a member of the Near Indonesia Guild and Head of Events of NFTribe. Currently, we provide NFT Workshop Series for onboarding Indonesian artists, developers, and business enthusiasts to the NFT realm through 15 workshop sessions over five weeks for free. We are presently supported by Near Indonesia and have a partnership with Paras. We would like to introduce Indonesian talent and the general public interested in learning about Blockchain technology, Cryptocurrency, NFT, and other derivatives through this event. We hope that we can become a pioneer of creative hubs from Indonesia that can empower brilliant ideas from the community we are building into collaboration and encourage Indonesian talent to bring quality new project initiatives to the blockchain space, especially into the Near Ecosystem.


NFTribe Workshop Series will provide participants with comprehensive education about the fundamental concepts of Blockchain technology as the economic lens to make sense of its application in the real world and encourage the adoption of blockchain technology using Near Protocol by Indonesian Web3 enthusiasts.

The program begins in Week 1 (25th - 27th of Feb 22’) by examining the key elements of Blockchain, the security aspects of blockchain technology, and exploring the two main costs that can be significantly lowered by blockchain technology: The Cost of Verification and The Cost of Networking. Then, it looks towards how Blockchain interacts with AI and IoT and explores Blockchain technology’s future and its long-term implications for the participant’s own business or project.

The program then shifts its focus to the topic of Web3 and Cryptocurrency in Week 2 (4th - 6th of Mar 22’) by exploring why the decentralization issue on the internet matters and everything there’s to know about Cryptocurrency and Token Economics. In this chapter, @derymars became one of the speakers and has demonstrated how to create and use Near Wallet.

In Week 3 (11th - 13th of Mar 22’), participants will learn the concept of smart contracts, how it works and how they are implemented in the form of a dApp on Near. In this chapter, speakers will also introduce dApps on Near Ecosystem. This program will then be the first step for participants to learn more about NFT in Week 4 & 5. Participants will learn how NFT will revolutionize IP and become the future of the creative industry in Indonesia. Until then, participants will have the opportunity to apply learning by creating their NFT projects or initiating collaboration in the community and finding their Blockchain-based solutions for their business.

Success Metrics and KPIs

We expect this event will reach :

  • 100 minimum participants each session will attend
  • 2000 total target participants in 15 workshop sessions
  • 150 participants will create Near Wallet
  • 20% of our community members onboarded to Near Indonesia Guild

Scope of Work

Program Poster

Past Events

Future Events

Date/Time : it will be held on 11th - 13th of March 22’ at 18.45 - 20.30 GMT+7

  • Week 4 : Chapter NFT 101

Date/Time : it will be held on 18th - 20th of March 22’ at 18.45 - 20.30 GMT+7

  • Week 5 : Chapter Deep Dive NFT

Date/Time : it will be held on 25th - 27th of March 22’ at 18.45 - 20.30 GMT+7

Target Audience

  • artists
  • developers
  • business/marketer
  • blockchain enthusiast

Current Participants

  • currently there are 712 accounts registered on our event platform since 15th of Feb 22’

  • 943 total participants while six sessions on NFTribe event in Zoom Webinar. There are nine more sessions in the future

Proposal for Neardrop Budget & Sponsorship


  • Neardrop for 150 people who create new Near Wallet @0,2N = 30N

*Eligible participants to receive Neardrop have attended at least 7 NFTribe Workshop sessions and joined the Near Indonesia Guild telegram group and Upakarya telegram group. The committee will carry out a KYC process to validate participants to avoid hoarding wallets.


Total Budget Requested : $3.000 + 30N

Proposer’s Details

Event Name : NFTribe Workshop Series
Head of Events : @rahmathanif
Location : Indonesia



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So cool :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:, hoped that would be a lot of people know about near protocol in Indonesia, also hope there will be more success project like paras.id.

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Good evening, propose reduce to 0.1-0.2 Nears


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Great! Love this type of initiative! Thumbs up from me.


Thanks for the support @Klint , will continue to improve the quality of events and engage more Indonesian enthusiasts :blush:

This is indeed a good way of educating Indonesians on crypto/Blockchain and onboarding then to NEAR with mind-blowing topics.

Did you get your resources persons within the NEAR Community?

Yes, we did. In the fifth session on March 5th, with the topic “Cryptocurrency: The Future of Money”, we invited @derymars as Community Manager of Indonesia, to become one of the speakers and demonstrate how to create and use Near Wallet.

this is one of the documentation:

and in the third week of NFTribe, we are delighted with the availability of Rahmat Albariqi as Founder of Paras to fill in the seventh session with the topic “Introduction to Decentralized Applications (dApps)” and Mohammad Irfianto as Engineer Lead Paras to fill in the ninth session with the topic “How to Deploy a Simple NFT Smart Contract on Near”

here is the documentation:


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Thank you Dacha!

Our proposal was submitted, kindly check it on Astro
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Outstanding educational opportunity- YES! Approved on my end.
Best of luck! On a personal note- I’d love to see the recordings. Please share afterward!


Will do :smiley: . However, we are planning to create an exclusive e-learning platform that community members can only access, so that I will send the recording link via PM :slight_smile:

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