[Approved] NEAR Research Collective DAO: NDC Budget Subcategory code HOM-004P-1-1-1 Ecosystem

Section 1. DAO / Project Information

  • Organization Name: Near Research Collective (NRC)
  • Proposal Title: NRC 001
  • Establishment Date: July 2023
  • DAO’s Category: Ecosystem / Research
  • Project’s Category: Community Led

Section 2. Previous Funding

We have received previous funding from the Marma J Foundation as well as Meta Pool, which has helped kickstart our activities at the NEAR Research Collective (NRC). This funding has been useful for compensating researchers on the DAO for their article publications and offering modest rewards to students in the NEAR Certified Researcher (NCR) course for their homework submissions.

Section 3. DAO URLs

Section 4. Applicant Information

Section 5/6. Team Members / Experience

  • Xvii.near - Dev Support + Documentation Lead
    • Created and forked many widgets on near.social including the NCR course page.
    • 1.5 years in the NEAR ecosystem.
    • Project Manager for Marma J Research for 6 months.
    • Lead creation of the NRC charter.
    • Published charter as an NFT for the community to collect for free.
    • Managed NRC’s socials, improving outreach.
  • Hannah17.near - Community Outreach and Logistics
    • Managed NRC’s socials, improving outreach.
    • Authored educational articles for NEAR Research Collective.
    • Created community polls using Easy Poll.
    • Schedule meetings and calls.
    • Participant of NEAR Technical Speakers program.
    • Conducted a detailed session explaining Meta Poll governance to BAC Inc. members.
    • Increased NRC’s visibility across Telegram channels.
    • VRM guide scriptwriter for the NEAR Research Collective
    • In NEAR ecosystem for 4+ months.
    • Community Manager for NEAR Research Collective for 3 months, 3 weeks.
  • Earnestetim.near - Visual Content Designer
    • Created logo for the NEAR Research Collective.
    • Edited pre-workshop videos and published to YouTube.
    • Working with MarmaJChan DAO to create a VRM guide for the NEAR Research Collective
    • Participant of NEAR Technical Speakers program.

As a Team We Have Accomplished:

Section 7. DAO / Project Charter / White or Litepaper and Goals

Project Overview:

The NEAR Research Collective (NRC), in its mission to empower and educate within the NEAR ecosystem, proudly presents the NEAR Certified Researcher (NCR) Course, a cornerstone project designed to cultivate a new wave of experts in blockchain technology and its applications. This comprehensive course offers an immersive educational experience, combining rigorous academic content with practical, real-world applications. Leveraging the expertise of seasoned professionals and thought leaders in the field, the NCR course delivers a series of high-quality lectures and interactive sessions. It aims to not only impart fundamental and advanced knowledge of the NEAR protocol and broader blockchain concepts but also to foster critical thinking and innovation among its participants. Upon successful completion, students are awarded a Soul Bound Token (SBT), recognizing their achievements and certifying them as qualified researchers within the ecosystem. This initiative reflects the NRC’s commitment to elevating the intellectual capital of the NEAR community, driving research excellence, and bolstering the ecosystem’s growth and sustainability.

Problem to Solve:

The primary challenge the NEAR Research Collective (NRC) aims to address is the gap in specialized research and advanced educational resources within the NEAR ecosystem. This limits the community’s capacity for deep understanding and innovation in critical areas of blockchain and decentralized technology. The NRC’s mission is to bridge this gap by facilitating a robust platform for high-quality research and education. This initiative is crucial for nurturing a knowledgeable, innovative, and empowered community, capable of driving significant advancements and contributing to the sustained growth of the NEAR ecosystem.

NRC DAO Charter:

The NEAR Research Collective (NRC) charter establishes the framework and directives for advancing research and development within the NEAR ecosystem. Central to the charter is the emphasis on decentralization, with the NRC operating as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) to promote inclusivity and collective decision-making. The governance structure detailed in the charter includes a council responsible for strategic decisions and a broader community of researchers and contributors with voting rights on key initiatives. The charter outlines specific operational areas, including research sponsorship, training, and exploring new blockchain technologies, while setting clear boundaries for financial support activities. It also addresses the management of conflicts of interest, ensuring fairness in decision-making. Fundamental to the charter is the commitment to transparency, accuracy, and continuous improvement, with provisions for charter amendments based on community feedback. You can collect the first version of our charter for free as a NFT here.

Achievement of NDC Priorities, Goals and KPIs:

The NEAR Research Collective (NRC) has structured its activities to align with and actively contribute to the priorities and goals of the NEAR Digital Collective (NDC). The methodology and metrics for the NRC’s NEAR Certified Researcher (NCR) Course are designed to directly address these objectives, focusing on quality education, engagement, and long-term retention within the ecosystem.


  • Quality Education: The NCR Course implements a syllabus with weekly lectures and homework, ensuring participants gain a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.
  • Guest Lectures: Domain experts are engaged for guest lectures, adding real-world insights and enhancing the educational value of the course.
  • Certification: Successful completion of the NCR course is recognized with a Soul Bound Token (SBT), or another efficient on-chain method; certifying individuals as qualified researchers.
  • Financial Incentives: Active and engaged students are encouraged through bounties, promoting excellence and sustained participation.
  • Documentation: Official documents, including charters and research papers, will be tokenized using Mintbase NFTs.
  • Community Publications: Support and incentivize students to develop research articles, opinion pieces, and analysis that can be published across various platforms to highlight the innovations and insights from the NEAR community.


  • Onboarded Researchers: The total number of researchers receiving the SBT (completing the course) serves as a key metric, indicating the effectiveness of the NCR course in fostering skilled individuals within the NEAR ecosystem.
  • Certified Researcher Acquisition Cost: Calculated by dividing the NCR’s total budget by the number of SBTs issued (number of students that have successfully completed the course). This metric reflects the cost-effectiveness of producing qualified researchers.
  • Accounts Retention: The percentage of NRC SBT holders (“graduating students”) remaining active on-chain 8 weeks post-certification is tracked, measuring the long-term engagement and retention of trained researchers.
  • Lecturers: The variety and caliber of guest lecturers significantly enhance the educational experience, directly aligning with the NEAR Digital Collective’s (NDC) objectives of fostering community growth and promoting knowledge sharing. Our aim is to engage a minimum of six experts as guest lecturers, with a focus on expanding this number to encompass a broader spectrum of expertise and perspectives.
  • Document Tokenization: The tokenization of key governance documents and research papers as Mintbase NFTs provides a measure of the NRC’s commitment to transparency and innovation.
  • Content Dissemination: Track the number and impact of student-led articles and publications, using metrics like views, shares, citations, and mentions on social media and other relevant web3 platforms.

Through these methodologies and metrics, the NRC demonstrates its alignment with the NDC’s objectives, contributing significantly to the cultivation of a knowledgeable, engaged, and innovation-driven community within the NEAR ecosystem.

Measurable KPIs

  1. At least 10 students complete the NCR course and stay active within the ecosystem for at least 8 weeks after dec 6th (last day of official classes)
  2. At least 6 guest lecturers for the 10 week course (over 50%)
  3. At least 2 NRC NFT publications per month. These may be student publications, or official community publications/documents.


The NEAR Research Collective (NRC) has charted a dynamic and impactful path forward, underpinned by significant milestones that mark our commitment to education, community engagement, and governance within the NEAR ecosystem. Our immediate focus is on the successful rollout and completion of the NEAR Certified Researcher (NCR) Course. A pivotal milestone in this journey is the issuance of Soul Bound Token (SBT) certifications to students who successfully complete the course, with the final project submissions due by January 6th. This certification process is not only a mark of achievement for the students but also a testament to the NRC’s dedication to fostering verified expertise within the ecosystem.

Looking ahead, the NRC plans to deepen its governance structure and community representation. In January, we are set to hold elections to bring two additional council members on board, expanding the council to a total of five members. This expansion is a strategic move towards diversifying the council’s perspectives and expertise, enhancing our decision-making processes, and reinforcing the democratic ethos of the NRC.

In parallel with these initiatives, the NRC is committed to continuously improving the NCR course based on feedback and evolving industry trends, ensuring that our curriculum remains cutting-edge and relevant. We also envision extending our reach by exploring new partnerships and collaborative projects that align with our mission to drive research and education in the blockchain space.

Section 8. Budget

Projected Budget:

Expense Category Amount Breakdown
Guest Lecturers $1,000 $250 per guest lecturer. 4 guest lecturers (1 per week).
Earning Opportunities $1,000 Bounties for NCR students for their studies.
Operation $1,000 Support for NRC Team / Council.
Additional for Oct & Nov Guest Lecturers $2,000 pironi.near, jeffgold.near, fiftycent.near, alan777.near, bheegem.near, microchipgnu.near
  • Any remaining funds not allocated to guest lecturers will be redirected towards supplementary developmental work to further enhance the NCR course.
  • We would like to request an additional $2,000 for the guest lecturers from Oct and Nov so we can compensate them retroactively.

TOTAL: $5000 ($3,000 for Dec + $2,000 for Oct & Nov guest lecturers)

Section 9. Project / DAO Longevity

Funding Requirements / Sustainability:
The NEAR Research Collective (NRC) is currently in an essential phase of growth and development, which we have designated as version 0.1 (v0.1). During this stage, continuous funding is vital to support our foundational activities, primarily focusing on the development of the NEAR Certified Researcher (NCR) Course. This funding, primarily sourced from the NEAR Digital Collective (NDC), enables us to maintain operations at a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) pace, ensuring that we can establish a robust base for our initiatives.

Looking ahead, our roadmap includes a strategic transition to version 1 (v1), where the NRC aims to achieve financial self-sufficiency. This evolution is geared towards creating a sustainable model where the NRC can generate its own revenue. The key to this transition lies in fostering symbiotic relationships within the ecosystem — partnerships where projects can sponsor educational and research activities relevant to their objectives. These collaborations are expected not only to finance the NRC’s ongoing activities but also to integrate our work more closely with the broader needs and goals of the NEAR community.

This approach to funding and sustainability is a testament to our commitment to the long-term success and impact of the NRC. By initially relying on NDC funding to build a strong foundation and then pivoting to a self-sustaining model, we are positioning the NRC as a resilient and integral contributor to the blockchain and web3 space, ensuring that we continue to foster innovation and education within the NEAR ecosystem for years to come.

Possible Roadblocks:
A primary roadblock that could potentially hinder the progress and growth of the NEAR Research Collective (NRC) is the lack of adequate funding. Sustained financial support is crucial for maintaining our operations and realizing our strategic objectives. Without consistent and reliable funding, our capacity to develop and deliver high-quality educational programs like the NEAR Certified Researcher (NCR) Course, as well as to engage in meaningful research and community initiatives, could be significantly impacted. This challenge underscores the importance of securing a stable financial base to ensure the longevity and success of our projects within the NEAR ecosystem.


Sharing my official support for this proposal as its sponsor from the House of Merit.

~ chloe.near


More community members should join their workshops. Real contributors. Wish you luck @xvii !


Here is the proposal on the HoM DAO to include the NRC into the NDC: Astra++ (under development) by astraplusplus.ndctools.near on BOS


Hello, as spoke in the HoM private channel.
I’m only support this proposal if Earnest refund every money from CDAO


Hello, I have an agreement to returns the ETH Milan funds between November month end and 1st week of December 2023


I believe NEAR is in urgent need of cutting-edge blockchain research, but the work you’re doing might not align with the typical concept of research – just take a look at https://ethresear.ch/ to see what I mean. However, your cost structure is very reasonable, so I won’t oppose your proposal.


Thank you so much for your feedback. I completely agree; our aim is to expand and eventually have a platform similar to ethresear.ch for the NEAR ecosystem, along with more advanced courses. At the moment, we’re focusing on the fundamentals, so there’s still a long journey ahead. If you happen to know any experts who could contribute as guest lecturers to our course, we’d greatly appreciate your assistance in connecting them with the NRC!


Dear @xvii ! Your proposal was approved!

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I’ve been in the NRC community and they’re doing a great job :clap: kudos to the team.
I’ve really learnt a lot through this initiative

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