[Approved] Near Protocol Meetup

I am a crypto lover and evangelist have been in the space a while now and have done some work in the past on Ows

I intend to host an event meetup for my students

I have a technology hub where i meet with students and teach them about technology and basic programming languages


  1. Identify talents that can contribute to the ecosystem
  2. Educate my students about near protocol
  3. Encourage them to attend near university and get certifications
  4. Show and help them explore opportunities
  5. Explore with the near sdk framework


  1. Wallet creation
  2. More awareness
  3. Feedbacks
  4. Enrollment into Near university

Venue- Core- prestige Technology hub.

4 ziks avenue, Mtn office building Amenyi Anambra state

Date - 21 march 2022

Time - 4 pm

Expected number of students - 30


David ( assistant instructor)

Past work i did for cosmos can be found here


@jlwaugh please i posted here as you adviced .
i also await inputs from the community. looking forward

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Good morning, Yes from me , if you already have approval from James…
Have a great day.

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thanks a lot, what are the next steps ?

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As soon as you get [Approved] status for your proposal, follow these steps -

Thanks :blush:

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thanks, when is the status going to change to approved?
are there other people that needs to evaluate or comment before it it is changed to approved,
please could you let them know if any or advice

@Dacha please respond

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Good morning, waiting for response from other councils… :blush:

Good evening! Your proposal was Approved on the forum.
Please, follow these steps

Thanks :blush:

hi, have been trying to create the poll proposal on astro , its not working
is there a problem with it ?
i complete the process but for some reasons the polls doesnt appear, have followed all the known process from the guide , have done it more than five times now and i kept be charged 0.1 near for each try.
are other people experiencing same?

Hey, I think there is an indexing issue or some technical delay atm. Should appear soon. Please don’t submit another and let us know if it’s not there in 24h

thanks a lot for the prompt response

hello, its not there , it is past 24 hours

its working now , thanks



Thanks for your initiative!

Would be great if you could document as much as possible on social media: twitter, blog posts, YouTube, etc. Let’s try to amplify this initiative and inspire as many people as possible,

Just voted to pass this poll, waiting on other members of @marketingdao-council @MktngDAO_Advisors


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as the polls have been passed , what next ?

Good morning :smiley:

ok i have carefully read the above and have completed kyc , i think i am at the stage of the finance team sending the reward agreement.
the whole process is quite lengthy i must say.
is there any channel to reach out to the finance team ? or just wait

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