[Approved] Near Nordic Guild Initiative - March 2022

Greetings Near community!

This proposal is geared towards the establishment, growth, and expansion of a long-term Near Community in the Nordics. This community will be named, Near Nordic.

Near has so many active communities springing up across the world. After looking for Scandinavian representation on these forums, I realized it was time to step up.

There is massive potential in the Nordics for faster adoption and utility cases for Near.

Having run workshops within a few of the existing Fintech and Crypto communities in Denmark, I’m eager to bring enthusiastic dreamers, builders, and investors closer to Near.

Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland are among the most developed countries in the world. These countries boast a strong start-up scene and have supportive government-backed entrepreneurship initiatives respectively. These regions have produced world-class start-up unicorns and are quick to adopt new technology.

The Nordics are consistently among the top countries in the world for:

  • Higher education
  • Global entrepreneurship
  • Sustainability
  • Investment per capita

Better yet, these countries compete with each other each year to win the title of “the happiest country on earth.” This comes directly from the United Nations World Happiness Report which takes into account many factors including GDP per capita, housing, income, jobs, community, education,etc.

Surprisingly, Cryptocurrency adoption is relatively low in all of these countries:

  • Denmark 1.37%
  • Norway 1.73%
  • Finland 1.88%
  • Sweden 2.26%

This means there is a major opportunity to drive new and long-term adoption to a population that readily picks up new technology.

The collective population of the Nordics is 27M

  • Denmark 5.831
  • Norway 5.379
  • Finland 5.531
  • Sweden 10.35

Yet, collectively, the total GDP of the Nordics is $1.526T - putting them at #11 above Russia.

  • Denmark $355.2B
  • Norway $362B
  • Finland $271B
  • Sweden $537.6B

The potential for early mass adoption of Near by multiple developed countries in one region has never been higher.

Leading NearNordic

Taylor Ryan:

  • 6x start-up founder
  • 14 years of marketing experience
  • 4x Exits via building the automating behind 4 saas start-ups based in Denmark
  • Founding team behind $Wegro
  • Digital agency owner with 20 employees
  • 7500+ Course graduates from my digital marketing masterclass
  • 100+ Keynotes over the last 3 years including Crypto, blockchain, and Fintech events

Founder, Growth-Hacker, Start-up Junkie, Mentor, and Public Speaker.

Near has quickly become a big part of my life through speaking a GenC, execution of bounties, and becoming an official Community Advisor for the Marketing DAO.

I’ve been living in Denmark for the last 6 years, during which time I’ve engrained myself in the tech and start-up scene.

Giving back to the community is extremely important to me. After Denmark pulled back their funding for educational non-profits to run events only in English, I created a bi-monthly event series on Digital Marketing and Growth-hacking to fill the void. This led to me becoming a finalist for “eco-system hero of the year” from the Nordic Start-up Awards in 2020.

Forming partnerships with local universities will come easy for Near Nordic. I’ve guest lectured at nearly every University surrounding Copenhagen (CBS, KU, DTU, ITU, CPH Business, etc).

Near Nordic Accelerator
As we build NearNordic, my ultimate goal is to drive support behind the most ambitious initiative, forming a Nordic Near-focused accelerator.

Currently, I run recurring workshops for 10+ start-up accelerators on everything from foundational growth-hacks to pitching investors. This accelerator would target Web3 developers and entrepreneurs in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland.

We will be bringing on new community leaders in Denmark initially to then expand into Stockholm, followed by Oslo and Helsinki.

Goals & Activities + Future Mission (Summary)

Create awareness of Near’s capabilities, increase adoption, and support a new generation of projects built on Near from the Nordics.

This proposal is for phase 1 of a 3 phase approach.

Phase 1) Establish the NearNordic community
[Partnership with KlintCrypto.com]

  • Branding
  • Website
  • Social media channels
  • Content production
    Timeline: 1 Month

Phase 2) Grow the community
[Partnership with KlintMarketing.com and KlintCrypto.com]

  • Roadmap
  • Create content [SoMe, Video, Blogs, etc]
  • Launch event
  • PR / Influencer Engagement
  • Run a contest to grow community
  • Local partnerships with Web3 Communities, Organizations, Universities etc
    Timeline: 2-4 Months

Phase 3) Accelerate the community
[Partnership with [GrowthSecrets.org](http://growthsecrets.org) + KlintCrypto]

  • Launch NearNordics Crypto Event
  • Create Near Grants (Hackathon / Prizes)
  • Establish Crypto training / Course
  • Establish the Near Nordic Accelerator
    Timeline: 5+ Months

Proposal Details:


  • Launch the community as the first of its kind in the Nordics
  • Generate new opportunities for Near protocol
  • Largely untapped potential for community growth

Metrics for success:

  • New Near Wallets
  • Number of SoMe Near Nordic Community members in Scandinavian countries


  • Broken down by phase. See above

Funding Scheme:
We’ve set out some ambitious projects and will need support after the initial foundations are set.

  • Monthly

Links to Similar Funded Projects:

Funding Details:

Phase 1): Establish the NearNodic Community

Creation of digital community channels:

Branding - $817

  • Logo
  • Stylesheet
  • Assets / Visual Identity
  • Banners

Create a professional and nordic identity for the community

Web - $2500

  • Purchase domain
  • Add hosting
  • Wireframe
  • Design / Responsive
  • Build Wordpress landing page
  • Add conversion form [email segmentation and collection]
  • Integration with Inbound tool (Email / Segmentation)
  • Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Search Console
  • Lazy loading, caching, CDN, Image compression

5x Multi-language translations for Nordic Languages:

  • Danish
  • Swedish
  • Norwegian
  • Finish
  • English

Create a professional website that can convert people to a mailing list and funnel people into future events, hackathons, SoMe channels, contests, etc.

Create Branded Social Media Channels $429

  • Telegram
  • Discord
  • Facebook Group
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • TikTok

Create a professional SoMe presence that reflects the ambitions of the NearNordic Guild while also keeping in line with Danish design.

Eventually, we will use these channels to drive new community-first initiatives such as contests, events, Near-related content, and more.

Content production:

10x SoMe Posts - $1300

  • 4x Tease Future Initiatives
  • 2x News
  • 4x Near education

Each post will be repurposed and adjusted for all channels:

  • Telegram
  • Discord
  • Facebook (group)
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

Resulting in 50x Social Media Posts

Social Media Management - $500

  • Scheduling tool setup
  • Creation of pinned posts
  • Building FAQs
  • Moderation

Near ecosystem / Nordic Infographic - $700
Visual Representation of Near and opportunities of utility / implementation across existing challenges in Danish Ecosystem

Press Release - $879
Press release (in Danish) aimed at largest publishers in Denmark

  • Copywriting
  • Outreach discovery / pirch messaging
  • Danish publishers only

Create a baseline presence for people to engage with and get a better understanding of who we are before the launch event and the future formation of partnerships.

Expected reach:

The early foundational work is for standing up the distribution channels.

Expected Reach: 3000-4000 impressions

50+ New Community members:

  • Telegram
  • Discord
  • Facebook Group

50+ Followers on:

  • Instagram
  • Twitter

The 2nd phase is for driving up the number of new members (website + social channels) and preparing for the promotions, launch event, and referral contest.

Requested Total Budget:

Cost breakdown for establishing the Near Nordic and Initial Promotion the Near Nordic Community

  • Branding: $817 (94N)
  • Web: $2500 (287N)
  • Creation of Branded SoMe: $429 (49N)
  • SoMe Production: $1300 (150N)
  • SoMe Management: $500 (58N)
  • Near Infographic: $700 (81N)
  • Press Release: $1200 (101N)

TOTAL BUDGET: $7125 (820N)

Owners Wallet Name:


Awesome proposal!

How will you track this?

If you haven’t yet, I’d recommend chatting to @shreyas and/or @Jessica from the Guilds team to get this boosted and included in the near.org/guilds page


On it! Thanks @David_NEAR

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Hey @Klint, awesome intro post, just dropping these mentions here - @JPALHUMAIDAN and @frederikhansson both work for the NEAR Foundation and have been two of the leading contributors in our ecosystem from Scandinavia. Peter is the founder of NEARWEEK and Frederik is the founder of SWAGGER DAO. It would be great if you could also set up a call with them since being a colleague, I do know they can be super helpful and they do have some plans of their own as well. Cheers!


Good evening. Yes, sure

I think it will be great example for Near Community of how to create content, manage social media, build brand from marketing professional :+1:


Hey Klint did you manage to touch base with anyone yet?

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Yes- looking forward to seeing where it goes. The initiatives are quite different but there’s always room for some really cool synergies to help each other and the community. Looking forward to launching soon. :crossed_fingers:

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Happy to move this to Approved, if there are any further comments from Council, Community, or Advisors, do throw them in


Hi @Klint
What an awesome initiative, I would love to consider this part of our Regional Hubs program. I scheduled a meeting for us. This proposal shows a well thought concept and a high potential to create a enough traction to set up a regional hub. :rocket:

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