[Approved] Near Nordic - Community Building and Engagement [May/June]

Near Nordic aims to continue its growth and community building across the Nordics and support early-stage builders.

The funding will be used to support the team and initiatives of Near Nordic that ultimately benefit the Near Protocol ecosystem as a whole.

This is the report for all work from March / April:

Establishing the community has been a core focus of Near Nordic. We believe that focusing on engagement across channels alongside publishing unique content will likely bring a larger audience.

SoMe :

Across All Channels, 3-5 posts Per Week, Content pillars are focused on education, ecosystem, team, and providing value.

Using the material garnered from our launch event, we’re going to be releasing 5+ excerpts from the main keynote

Single Image:
Publishing unique visuals, photos, and infographics

Multi-slide publishing across various platforms

Engage Larger Communities

Dedicating time to discovery, meaningful engagement, and individualized posts across active channels to draw in more active users.

Using post-hijacking and unique personalized comments alongside adding links to social channels.

We’ll be engaging with local Community Partners and events as well to drive up interest.

  • Targeting / Discovery / Engagement
  • Creation of top 100 targets
  • 3-5 Comments / Posts / Engagements

Targeting Channels:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Reddit
  • Discord
  • Discord
  • Telegram

Note: Twitter has some of the lowest market penetration in Scandinavia. We’re making efforts to engage on other channels that are more active in the Nordics.

Engagement / Post-Hijacking:

  • Screenshots
  • Comments
  • Memes

Formalize Ecosystem Partners and PR

Preparing outreach and engabling cross promotion for the future benefit of both Near Nordic and the Ecosystem partner. Additional future event partnerships are actively stacking up.

Formalizing corporate, venture, and local partners for the growth of community.

This extensive process requires:

  • Discovery
  • Email / linkedin outreach
  • Numerous Meetings
  • Proposals
  • Agreements
  • Sending over materials and creation of new partnership announcements

Video Interview Series:

Studio Interview with Nordic Blockchain Magazine.

  • Deep dive interview
  • Video production
  • Editing
  • Cross promotion across channels.

Community Generated / Influencer Videos

Engaging with 2-3 influencers and community partners in the crypto space for reaching a shared audience. These clips will be repurposed across channels. Our main focus will be on tiktok.

One such influencer will be CryptokGuide on tiktok.

Website Updates:

  • Adding a News / Blog Portal
  • Updating various posts with materials from the launch, recent partners, infographics, and upcoming events


  • Build up 500+ new followers across all channels
  • Add 5 new ecosystem partners to the website

Budget: $5905

  • Social Media: 830 USD
  • Engage Larger Communities: 925 USD
  • Formalize Ecosystem Partners: 500 USD
  • Video Interview Series: 1200 USD
  • Community Generated Videos: 1500 USD
  • Website Updates: 650 USD
  • Management / Organizational Costs: 300 USD

Owners Wallet Name:


Good morning. Happy to support.

Have a great day!

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Great proposal, happy to support. Excited for the growth of NEAR Nordic!


Your proposal was Approved on the forum. Please, follow these steps to get approval on Astro DAO

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Good day

Hey guys. I dont understand why u approved this fake guild and this fake activity? I checked all social media for Nordic Guild there is even noone likes this posts.

On his instagram really good question “who we are”

I still dont understand how u can so easy only for two days make approvement for 5 000$ for zero followers and zero likes and views

And when I created my proposal for Art near communnity u @David_NEAR make it for me so difficult and so long. Where is your questions about carefully spend money of NF?? And how it related to real marketing or not fake marketing like this guild??

But i have real organic traffic around 1000 people around world. I saw @Dacha my screenshot from social media. U can check too.

After this fake community approved proposal i cant trust here on this forum. Can u explain @Dacha , why it happens like this?

If you really want to community to grow its very strange way to approve this strange proposal.

Why this people make for me so many difficult to approve my Real ideas to create community?

What u think @so608 ?


Zero followers, even instagram. 4 subscribe in Youtube. U think is good way to spend 5k $ for it ?


Hi everbody!

I am worried why the answer of @dmitryne absolutely normal question was blocking of his account. Aren`t you did it totally opposite your own values ?


I’m wanna know answer to @dmitryne question also. And why he got block on his account on this forum? Because of this question?


После ознакомления с соцсетями Nordic Near на мой взгляд Клинт не проделал должную работу по соц сетям и невероятно быстро без лишних вопросов получил финансирование. Я лично знаю Дмитрия. Он в течение полугода проделал колоссальную работу, так и не получив финансирование на проект.

В чем разница? Неужели у нас разный доступ к финансированию? Где ценности web3?

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check out this report as well regarding this proposal

Also @Klint where’s report of [May/June] this is September ending and I can’t find your report.
Tag : @David_NEAR @illia @shreyas @NEAR_Core for visibility

Hope you work well @Klint . :slight_smile:
and if you work well then why don’t ask for [July/Aug] ??
Is this project FAIL??