[APPROVED] Marma J Marketing Grant <> Gaming DAO

Main information

Project name: Marma J Gaming

Project URL: https://pd.marmaj.org/
Project’s Public Github: MJG · GitHub
Project’s X (Twitter): https://twitter.com/marmajgaming
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @MarmaJGaming

Game information

Briefly describe your project

The crypto-based gaming world of Pixel Dapps is where players can collaborate artistically with friends, gather pets for a battle, gather hero outfits to explore dungeons and take part in raids, and gather an army to position themselves as the master tactician.

Marma J Gaming is a community project that manages the pixeldapps ecosystem and helps to maintain the open-source code.

What is the USP (unique selling point) of your game?

All games within the MJG ecosystem are community-managed and driven, the games be managed by a DAO on NEAR for transparent decision-making and added security.

How does your game align with the NDC and Gaming WG KPIs?

NDC Charter: GamingDAO Charter - Google Docs

  • KPI 1: Onboarding gamers
    Marma J Gaming’s focus on play-to-earn blockchain games inherently encourages active engagement from new and existing players. Owning in-game NFTs and potentially earning cryptocurrency motivates players to interact with the games regularly, contributing to an increase in unique addresses interacting with the games each day.

  • KPI 2: In-game transactions
    The presence of a play-to-earn model again drives transactions within the games. Players buying, selling, and using NFTs and any potential token transactions related to the games contribute to this KPI. The level of alignment might depend on each game’s specific mechanics and economic design.

  • KPI 3: New Game Launches
    Marma J Gaming is working on a new idle game that will be launched on BOS and will use on-chain assets from across the ecosystem to add perks to player score. In the past we launched the following games:

  • Pixel Party

  • Pixel Pets

  • Crypto Heroes

  • Chain Team Tactics
    Each game is playable on mainnet

Status of the Project

What is status of you project?
Live - with NEAR integrations on mainnet, the Marma J Gaming ecosystem is in a state of active development and growth. The community is steadily growing, and the games are seeing ongoing updates and improvements.

What is financial status of you project?
Team is currently covering expenses, and we’ve received funding for game development and bug fixes from Gaming DAO

Monthly Burn Rate In USD


Development Team
Deane Alexander (Game Developer) a former website designer from Foxlio in React and Node Js and Game Designer who worked on a few Metaverse startups using Unity.

BD Team
Earnest, who is tasked with Identifying strategic opportunities, forging collaborations, and expanding our reach within the blockchain gaming landscape

Marketing / Community Building Team
Marma J Gaming’s success is driven by Earnest, our strategist shaping campaigns, and Trophy, the dynamic Community Manager orchestrating engaging events. Together, they elevate our presence in the blockchain gaming sphere


Business Concepts
Technical Support
Funding :white_check_mark:

With strategic marketing initiatives, we’ll captivate new audiences and onboard passionate players, We’re also using the funds we received for technical support to ensure seamless gameplay.


Amount requested

Task/Milestone Monthly Cost Total Cost for 3 Months
Community Management $600 $1,800
- X post daily, 1 X space monthly - -
- Telegram: 1 community call weekly - -
- Community engagement and feedback collection - -
- Monthly report on BOS - -
- 20% increase of followers on X monthly - -
- 15% increase of followers on BOS monthly - -
- 20% increase of active community members - -
Bounties for Community Engagement - -
- X space giveaway $20 $60
- Community call game feature giveaway - -
- Gaming content competition $200 $600
Youtube - -
- 2 reels featuring new gaming features monthly $200 $600
Website Management and Blogging $100 $300
Marketing Tools
- Website Hosting $4.79 $14.37
- Adobe Illustrator $21.84 $65.52
- Zoho Social $8.82 $26.46
- Descript $15.00 $45.00
Cost for marketing tools $50.45 $151.35
Total Budget for 3 Months $1,170.35 $3,511.35


Month 1 (March):

  • Community Management:

    • Initiate daily posts on X and a monthly space post.
    • Host the first community call on the first Monday of March.
    • Implement community engagement and feedback collection on Telegram.
    • Start tracking follower counts on X and BOS for the 20% and 15% increase goals.
    • Launch the X space giveaway.
  • Bounties for Community Engagement:

    • Begin the weekly $PXT giveaway after each Crypto Heroes raid.
    • Announce the gaming content competition.
  • YouTube:

    • Produce and publish the first two reels featuring new gaming features.
  • Website Management and Blogging:

    • Initiate regular content, SEO, and blog article updates.
  • Marketing Tools:

    • Ensure all selected marketing tools (Website Hosting, Adobe Illustrator, Zoho Social, Descript) are set up and functional.

Month 2 (April):

  • Community Management:

    • Continue daily posts on X and monthly space post.
    • Host community calls every Monday in April.
    • Monitor follower counts on X and BOS for progress.
    • Evaluate the success of the X space giveaway and plan for the next community engagement initiative.
  • Bounties for Community Engagement:

    • Sustain the weekly $PXT giveaway.
    • Promote and collect entries for the gaming content competition.
  • YouTube:

    • Release the next two reels featuring new gaming features.
  • Website Management and Blogging:

    • Maintain regular content updates and publish additional blog articles as planned.
  • Marketing Tools:

    • Ensure the continued functionality of marketing tools.

Month 3 (May):

  • Community Management:

    • Finalize daily posts on X and monthly space post.
    • Host community calls every Monday in May.
    • Evaluate the overall community engagement and feedback collection efforts.
    • Summarize the results and create the monthly report on BOS.
    • Assess the follower count goals on X and BOS.
  • Bounties for Community Engagement:

    • Conclude the weekly $PXT giveaway.
    • Announce winners and showcase entries for the gaming content competition.
  • YouTube:

    • Publish the last two reels featuring new gaming features.
  • Website Management and Blogging:

    • Conclude regular content updates and blog articles.
  • Marketing Tools:

    • Review the effectiveness of marketing tools and consider any adjustments or renewals for future planning.

Previous Funding

NEAR integration

Will the games be NEAR exclusive, or is it planned to integrate other chains or a web2 version?
All games are NEAR exclusive for now, but being on the BOS will allow for web2 audiences to onboard relatively easily from any device and additions like Mintbase wallet login should allow for any user from any chain to get a wallet.

Applicant Info


Congratulations! We agree to fund the Marma J marketing grant in March in the amount of $3,511 the funding amount will be divided into 3 milestones (3 months).