[Approved] Marketing & Communication for "Save The Clan" (one time payout)

good morning @marianeu and @Dacha

very happy to give you more information.

We have 3 stores that we promote

AfrikaBurn ART afrikaburn.mintbase1.near - Mintbase Store

Onboarded artists or investors since January (total beginners with no crypto background = education and onboarding required before creating a NEAR wallet

  • 32 (I can send you the overview via email)
  • total onboarded since October more than 100

Marketing Material
It is an open folder to which all the artists have access. They could use the pictures, GIFs, movies, etc. also for their social media channels, if they want.
Everything that we produce is saved here:

Magazines and/or live events

Social Media
I did at least one post per day (or two) on 3 channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)


The text was written last year, but we added stuff, adjusted and added paragraphs.
But mostly the content that I write it comes spontaneously and you can see that in all the posts.

I am in South Africa, Cape Town right now - in the AfrikaBurn office because I do other volunteer work. Here I had a lot of meetings with the board members and introduction of the NFT and the cryptoworld, because this area is new to them. I can only send you some printscreens or forward you emails when I sent them information after the meetings, etc.
Here you’ll find one example of a presentation I did for the ArtCommitee here at AfrikaBurn: Loading Google Slides

Most of them were written the last year, but now they are adjusted and changed. And will be again because of the change of the UX of mintbase.
They are save in the google drive too.

ARTISTS introduction
Everytime I onboard a new artist, I will promote them in different telegram channels, send messages to friends and family. The artis can fill in that form and I’ll use that info for the promotion:

QR Codes
We also produced QR Codes for our ART store and whenever I am at events or involved with AfrikaBurn people, I will hand out the codes to spread the word:

Newsletter AfrikaBurn

(I made a PDF from my email - so it is not the perfect format)

let me know if you need more details or more information. I am very happy to provide.

have a good start into the day


I will also add the initial Project Idea PDF

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good morning @marianeu & @Dacha & @reginamintbase

Hope you are both well and started into a fantastic weekend :slight_smile:

May I ask how we should proceed from here?

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i think this is between you and the marketing council now, right @Dacha ?

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Hello @Dacha

Let me know if you need anything else to proceed.

Thank you a lot in advance.


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Good evening, please, wait for response from other councils. Thank You :blush:

Cool, thank you. Will do :slight_smile:

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hi @Dacha

I know I am supposed to wait :wink: but I would like to avoid to miss another months end.
How is the process and the timeline usually?

I’d really like to proceed on that project <3

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Hi @claudinhabelha firstly my apologies for the delay in replying.

I have read this proposal and the comments and it seems that you have a good track record in working for projects building on NEAR.

I would echo comments regarding payment period - most on a monthly basis.

I am happy to support.

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Hi @cryptocredit

Thank you for reaching out. Really appreciate your help.

I would suggest a monthly payout of 1000 USD for all the work.
Containing the community-management, social media, marketing, onboarding artists and investors, adapting education, doing online sessions.

Could we proceed like that?

@claudinhabelha thanks for the clarification. Please await comments from other @marketingdao-council members

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Hi @claudinhabelha – please also accept my apologies for the slow reply here. We have been experiencing an influx of proposals, and we are working to get the decisions through : )

You have support from one council member, and a no from one council member. You need at least two more council members to support the project for approval.

Here is what I need to support the project:

  • Update proposal at top with a one month funding request
  • Share what your key objectives are + metrics for gauging performance of your marketing efforts in the proposal
  • Give us a report of activities at the end of month so we can evaluate progress and give feedback


Dear @so608

Thank you for getting back. I updated the initial fund-proposal and changed to a month payout (see above). Unfortunately now it is already April eventhough I reported everything in March. Will you still consider all the work that was done in March and now in April? I do understand that it will be only one payout for one month - now in April.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/SaveTheClan
Facebook: AfrikaBurn NFT Fundraising "Save The Clan"
Instagram: Login • Instagram

The other reports you find above as well - already reported :slight_smile:

Please let me know about the payout process until 18.04.2022 because on 20. i’ll be offline for 2.5 weeks to go to AfrikaBurn for which the fundraising Save The Clan was made :slight_smile:

Hi @claudinhabelha – Thanks for updating the report and adjusting to a one-month funding request.

I can support your project for a month. If it’s approved, I would like to see a report after the next month’s work updating us on the outcomes and progress with the initiatives you listed.

Support from another @marketingdao-council member is still needed to pass this. Tagging them so @Klint or @satandro can weigh in.

hi @marketingdao-council , @Klint, @satandro and @so608

hope you have all a great weekend :slight_smile:

do you already have news?

Good morning, happy to approve your proposal.

Please, follow these steps to get approval on Astro DAO

Thanks and Happy Easter

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Hi @Dacha

Thank you for that great news. Really appreciate it!

If I click on the link in the instruction, I don’t see the + to create a new proposal. Do I need to log-in somehow? Or do you need to add me as a “member”?

Claudia (claudiapeter.near)

Good morning, hm :thinking: Did you login in ? Thanks

hi @Dacha @marketingdao-council @Klint @cryptocredit @so608
(@reginamintbase @marianeu )

Thank you for your help and the approval. Really appreciated <3

I had some issues since yesterday with the approval eventhough I did other transactions with my NEAR wallet. Anyhow, now finally the approval went through :slight_smile:


hi @Dacha & @mecsbecs
I hope this message finds you well.
With Zana I went through the process of verification and also signed the approval via hellosign. What are the next steps to do the actual payout?

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