[APPROVED] 'Love and affection': digital illustration inspired by the Marma J Foundation

Concept, sketch, colours, ink + minting on mintbase, putting it up for auction with split revenues and royalties w/the Foundation

I’m Serste, (serste.near) and this is ‘Love and affection’:

‘Love and affection’ took 5 hours to complete

Total Requested Funding Amount: 15 $marmaj

The funds will provide for the idealisation and actualisation of the artwork, its minting and on mintbase with 80/20 share, and 100/100 royalties in favour of the MarmaJ foundation.


Also adding additional materials: [Bounty] Blog Post / Guide - marmaj x NEAR - 15 marmaj tokens - #4 by serste

Voting down on this proposal for two reasons:

  1. Payout amount should be 15 marmaj.tkn.near and not 30 NEAR
  2. There is no forum link attached to the proposal

We will re-submit this proposal on your behalf and refund the 1N Bond that will be lost.

Here is the resubmitted Proposal

Here is the 1N refund Proposal (1.19 N sent)


The final product (was also airdropped)


The actual split is 90/10 royalties (serste.near/marmaj.near) and 50/50 first sale split (serste.near/marmaj.near)