[Approved] June 2022 Social Media (Twitter, Telegram, Youtube) Content Production - Near Insider Guild

Hi @so608 . Thank you for your comments! Sincere apologies when everyone is watching our channel. We just discovered our channel has been banned by “Search suggest ban”. That means our posts are not visible. I petitioned Twitter support and we had to wait a few days for the account to go back to normal

The second is about English grammar, we will improve it. Thank you for comment

Next is the CTA that invites people to subscribe to the telegram channel so that regular users of telegram they can see news there instead of twitter.

Next as you said we need more than just graphics volume. Exactly. So we suggested above to add more useful content to educate users, make them understand the Near ecosystem better.

Finally, about the youtube channel. We will use our funds to build in the first month before the funding proposal

Every platform has its own regulation as @iamanansari Aman said possibly in a violation of the norms, or because your account is considered a spammer.
But yes your account is a spammer and is filled with other spammers.
You should start by eliminating the bots, then post meaningful content and build up truly engaging content as Lorraine (@so608) pointed out.

Check Dojo_Finance for example has a higher engagement but has 25 times fewer followers than you.

Although trust is already compromised and I am not sure why Near should keep using your services, especially because your service is higher than the price average and the delivery is being inflated by fake statistics.


Hi @Ton618 .Thank you for comment! But you seem to be exaggerating when you say we are a spammer. We are the place to update fast news from the ecosystem. We have worked on a lot of projects and received very good feedback from them. Please point out what is spam content. The numbers we send are from twitter analytics. You can see our interactions from previous months. In recent days we have been hit by “Search suggest ban” and affected posts. But not so that you can judge our quality is not good. I’ll be adding useful content this month, but that doesn’t mean existing content isn’t valuable. Please point out not value content from our channel

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Love your work that you did in May for the DAOrecords! Hope you will be able to deliver more cool infographics and even some video material, as i see that you are starting with your YouTube Channel!
Good luck and keep the good work!


Hi Near, don’t get me wrong, the activity you did is considered spam because it falls into this category and that’s common for the number of posts you put up and the amount of interaction you receive.

When you post content that falls short of interest so frequently (due to the bots present in your followers base) the system detects low engagement and based on the frequency of your post attaches you the tag.

this is especially visible in your impressions stats, impressions are the results of the frequent posts that are shown multiple times on the wall of the people and it is cut off by Twitter, simply you reached a number of impressions.

Per spam definition, I can summarize it as: “unwanted content/interaction published/sent in high number”

I replied to you because from your message you may think that low engagement is due to the shadowban but in reality is a consequence of the presence of bots in your followers base.

The major issue so is those bots you bought.


Sometimes it happens with normal content too, and yess the mass posting can be the reason. Not a big deal, ban will lifted soon if they don’t find any violation from your account.

Loved your content & representation in my opinion you are just lacking in attracting audience.


Hello everyone.
I can say that the engagement is really low, but you need to understand that in fact there is not too large an audience in NEAR, and unfortunately it is difficult for such news portals to unboard an audience from other blockchains.
But I must say that NEAR Insider helps young projects acquire the first audience, which is extremely important.


We need support highlighting the sponosrs, community partners, events during the day, the bounties

Information can be found on linktree


Good evening, I can support your proposal if you reduce rewards to 5k (same as May). Thanks .


Hi @Dacha 5k is the amount to operate twitter. Last month we used our funds to operate on telegram group and reached the set kpis. It includes rewards for contests (where users learn a lot of knowledge), besides they had to create Near wallet to receive rewards, which is also a great value for the ecosystem. Next is the cost for the Manager and the people who curate the content, creative and planning them.

We also enabled Twitter Space to support the project through the Voice AMA. And we will also use our funds until we prove our true worth. We have a very specific strategy, plan and roadmap and have created value over the past 6 months. The projects and people who support us have noted this.

So really, the amount we propose is just enough to cover the costs and small rewards for the founders (myself included). Hope you understand our work.

We will continue to remove propose on youtube. $1200 for studio setup and $300 for content manager

=> Total: 7600 USD

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I’m very happy with what the Near Insider does. They do a very good job for NEAR. I like that they really work on making a quality product. Last month I made some posts, and the Near Insider made an extraordinary design. I will continue to work with them! They definitely deserve what they ask for!

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“We rented the space and built the studio with our own funds, just want to ask about device support.”

Could be wrong but the pic looks photoshopped! don’t know how legit this whole deal is!


Given all of the issues from the comments and what I’m getting out of the proposal, I cannot support at this time.


Hi @Klint You can comment more objectively by taking a look at our activities. At the end of last month, we received a “Search Ban” and we didn’t know it. We fixed this issue later with help from Twitter Support. Everything’s fine. I also removed about the youtube propose and paid for it myself in this month. Please reconsider before making a decision. Thanks!

I’ve taken the time to read carefully all the comments and questions from our community. We encourage everyone to participate in the decision making process, and take these seriously.

I’d like to note a few things:

  • The first thing that jumped at me was the 250 Infographics + 79 from community. Creating infographics can be very time consuming; research, graphic design, etc. But then I had a scroll through your twitter feed and I was easy to see how you are able to produce so many. An objective measure for quality would be the engagement on these content: are you creating something so valuable to the community that others want to share it with others? The infographics seem to be, for the most part, ignored. The few exceptions with higher engagement do stand out.
  • Cost based v value based pricing: rather than paying for the sheer volume of infographics, I’d be more open to consider paying for less but higher quality content.
  • I believe that the ecosystem has grown a lot recently. Some may argue that the era of very generic NEAR branded accounts is no longer needed. We have individual and NFT communities pumping out a lot more content, of higher quality, for free (although we encourage anyone to come forward with a proposal).
  • Do you perceive any revenue from the projects you collaborate with? AMAs w. Pink Pea Finance, Meta Pool, etc? We’d like to see projects grow and mature into being sustainable. Being able to monetise your audience on your own is a major milestone you should be proud of.

Overall, I am unable to support this proposal as it stands. I’d be open to reconsidering if the amount requested gets revised, as per Dacha’s suggestion.


I’ve changed my vote- I will support this proposal.

I’ve been digging in further to Near Insider across social channels and looking at previous reports. Given the activities, I would be thrilled to see more detials for future proposals.

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I too am happy to support your proposal if you reduce the total amount requested in line with @Dacha suggestion.

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Hey, @marketingdao-council please check thread history, it could be helpful to take an appropriate decision.

Have a great day :smiley:


You can now proceed to post Poll on AstroDAO. Once the poll is approved you need to submit Google Form: you’ll be prompted to complete KYC from third party (Onfido) and then sent a Reward Agreement to sign (HelloSign).

Reach out if you have any questions along the way

You can find step-by-step instruction here


Thank you guys for approved! This is our proposal

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