[APPROVED] Graffiti Dao July 2022 Funding Proposal


Guild Name: GraffBase
Astro Dao: graffiti.sputnik-dao.near



Graff Base is a Community of Graffiti Artists from across the globe.

Graffiti Dao goal is to facilitate the onboarding of the global graffiti community and to support community initiatives such as gallery shows, collaborations, productions and other creative ideas that involve NFTs and the Metaverse.

For the start Up of the Graffiti Dao
Here is Month Of June Monthly Report.

We are looking Forward For this Powerful Month of July.
Last Month one of the Council host and Organize The Graff on the Wall Season 3 in Nigeria
And Looking Forward For The season 4 this Month.

Graff on the wall Season 4

Creative Paintings On the Garments.
Graff On the Garments

10 Graffiti Cover Art For Songs
10 Graffiti Cover Art For Songs

Vedio Editor/Social Media Handler


This Month We will Run Online Campaign to Attract Graffiti Artist, Instead of Reward we will give.

  1. Telegram Access -
  2. Near wallet Creation
  3. Digital Graffiti Minting on Mintbase
  4. Bring them to Blockchain Industry .


( Top 5 Winenrs will get Delivered Graffbase Swaga and Near Tokens in their Wallet )

Collaboration with Kols and Influencers to Attract More On Graffbase - Kols AMA and Twiiters Space


TOTAL: $3000
Astro DAO Address: Grafitti Dao Astro Dao

About to Post 13 Instgram Vedios
6 posted vedios already and 5 Drafts and 15 Twiiter post
•Posted 5 Reels in Instagram
•Onboarded 3 people from Graffiti Background - Unknown In Web3
•Onboarding people from non Web3 to web3 through DM on Instgram and Emails .
•Working on Partnership with Graffit Kings and DOAI Foundation .
•Working on Next Articles for July.
•10x reels posting these month
•Onboarded 5 Nfts Creators.
• Onboarded 50 Near People To Telegram Channel/Discord And Other Social media Accounts
•Create 15 Nfts To be minted In Mintbase store
•activate 10 wallets From Graff On the Wall Events

All thanks To You Fam for Supporting this initiative to Onboard more Artist in Near at the Same Time Expand Graffiti Dao in Other Countries.

Tagging @creativesdao-council thanks​:heart:


All the projects are great, including mine… I urge the @creativesdao-council to look into them for approval… @hevertonharieno


Hey @Ligaya, Request to Add metrics to the Proposal.


@Ligaya will do that once she see this post

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Hello Ligaya, Looking forward to know more about the campaign planning and metrics of success.


Hello there @rahulgoel007,@Albhion is the One who organized and incharge The Campaigns On Our Social Medias Account,and yes we will Update The Proposal with additional Metrics Of success. @Monish016 :heart:

Tagging My Co Council Of Graffiti Dao also @Dedeukwu @Albhion


Hello Team

According to New Instagram, we are growing organically which is why @Priyanka started making reels for more reach to the community.
About the Metrics she posted 8 Videos 3 Posted and 5 in Drafts, Before posting on Instagram we asked permission from the particular video creator
our recent partnership with Vigraya ART, & Mandeep Art, Other Videos are Copyright-free.
About the Social Media Calendar, she shared with us 2 days back so she Started working on Reels and post, As she is a multitasker she is also working on articles which is going to release soon.

Adding Instagram Metrics :slightly_smiling_face:

5 Video on Draft, going to post by next 5 days

Thanks @Ligaya


Hello @Monish016 we already Updated the Monthly Report as well. And Added the Metrics on the Proposal.

But will also Qoute it here,

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All fingers crossed and I can’t wait see all graffiti Dao projects kick off :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: @Monish016 @Paul @rahulgoel007 @creativesdao-council

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Tagging @Monish016 @ted.iv to see Our Updates from last Responce.

thank you :blush:


Hey @Ligaya, who will be paid the fee for " Vedio Editor/Social Media Handler
$200/2" ?

also, can you clarify what the $300 here is needed for?


@Ligaya following this. Also, can you introduce to us who is the person handling it and why it is not included in council works?


Thanks @ted.iv and @kc_sollano. I’ll tag @Albhion one of the council members to respond since it was his idea to add this initiative. Thank you​:blush::heart:

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Any update team? @Ligaya @Albhion @Dedeukwu


Hello miss K, i already Call the presence of @Albhion @Priyanka to answer the Questions about the Proposal Qouted :heart:


Hello Team Creative DAO, @kc_sollano @ted.iv
Good Evening, Sorry for the Late Reply

As we know we are already onboarding artists and running monthly campaigns from Nigeria, and the Philippines and Soon we are expanding to other countries like India, Lisbon, and Vietnam.
and we really got a good response from Contest - graffonwall


As We want to Expand We need to Connect more Graffiti artists and Onboard them to the Near and Near Forum. Currently, they are in Web2 Artist and their Community too, But with the help of Graffiti DAO Graffbase, we are helping them to Showcase their Artwork in Web3 Field and Community in the form of NFTs.

Our All Rounder Media handle @Priyanka She is the one who is creating, managing, and also bringing collaborating with the Graffiti Artist and Also Creating Videos for Youtube and Instagram Reels.
Creating posts and designs for Weekly posts ( 4 posts in the week ) on Twitter.
We are Paying her $200 for all the activities.

Recently she bring one Graffiti Project Name - OBAK and Graffiti Channel Were People Create graffiti as an agency.

They are also going to make some Collective Graffiti in these Year for Graffiti DAO

Now, let’s Talk About the 300$ Budget Event Plan.

After the Good Response from Graff on the wall, We had a brainstorming session with the team and decided to bring some new events which going to create a new value in the graffbase.
So @Priyanka and @Ligaya @Albhion Decided to go with Online Contest Name - Graff on Digital.

About this Event, These Will be a Virtual event ongoing happen Globally for 20 Days on social media with Ads Campaign on Instagram and Facebook, all the submissions will be done on google form, and ( Art will be accepted in PNG and PDF with Respective Its Orginal file ( Ai, Ps, Cdr, etc .)
Winners, Will be Gifted ( Graffiti Name Swags, An 75$ of NEAR Tokens or DAI, NFTs will be Minted on the Graffbase Mintbase Store, An PDF attachment of NEAR and Graffiti DAO Mission and Vision ) + Exclusive Art Showcase on our Upcoming website.

Let me know If I missed out something.


Happy to inform that this proposal follows the Creatives DAO Guidelines, so it is approved by the Community Moderators. Please create a poll on the Creatives DAO Astrodao , so that the council can vote. When and if the vote of the council is ‘yes’, approach NF for your payout proposal, following this guideline: [New Process] Community Payouts .


Congratulations Styleherbalist… Indeed, the FURURE IS NEAR…


Thank you @Lesley welcome to the community

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Thank you so Much Creatives :heart: