[Approved] GraffBase Work


This proposal is for work done for the Graffiti DAO for GraffBase

  • DAO, Social Token & Mintbase store Setup (10 N)
  • NEAR Names & Tokens (10 N)




20 N


Hey @vandal, per our new How-To, please amend the target to the graffiti.sputnikdao.near address and I will approve this proposal. We’ve also amended the post tag to fit under the new ‘graffiti-dao’ classification.

If you have any other proposals for the Graffiti DAO coming up for the month of June, please bundle them all together with this one in your proposal to the Creatives DAO so we’re assessing your funding request for the whole month (as you know it so far).


Hey @mecsbecs! The Graffiti DAO has been funded to cover the payout of this proposal and other related work, so I’ve already submitted it to the DAO and issued the payout! Currently it’s the only proposal we have so far for June. I think I’ve done it all correctly, but if I missed something just let me know!

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Sounds good @vandal and since this proposal is already taken care of then I’ll label is at [Approved] and remove the “creatives-dao” tag since we did not/will not need to provide funds for this payout. Looking forward to future Graffiti DAO proposals!


Thank you for the assistance!

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