[Approved] Funding For the NEAR French Community for the next 3 months ( June , July , August )

Hi NEARs , Hi @marketingdao-council

*** Summary :
There is 270 million people speak the French language worldwide , so having a Near french community it’s so important to introduce the project for all the French speakers and get many peoples around the world .

*** Description :

The French Guild existed since March 2021, and For now we have for the French community :

  • The account Twitter NEAR français .
  • A telegram channel "NEAR Français "
  • My personal account on medium ( abdelillah Guermouche ) to share Contents / translation of Near articles

*** Key Results :

  • The account Twitter @FrancaisNear :
    More than 1570 followers and more than 1018 tweets :slight_smile:
    The account Twitter : since 03/2021

Link : [https://twitter.com/FrancaisNear ]

  • The Telegram channel Near Français :
    We have more than 600 members
    link : Telegram: Contact @NearFrancais

  • The account on medium ( abdelillah guermouche ) : 50 articles published ( Near ecosystem contents )

Link : Guermouche Abdelillah – Medium

*** Reach

Till end of August , we are expecting to reach:

2000 followers on Twitter
1000 members on telegram
18-21 New Near content articles in french language

**** Needs
The mentioned opperations will require funds to be giving out to the team .

900 USD for the moderator / Translator

100 USD for active telegram members

**** For more details about monthly rewards :

Translate / writing : 400$ for 6 articles (1 article/5 days) With an average of 1500 words per article …

Manage the Twitter account : 250$ (daily tweets , translation , posts , comments …) with an average of 60 tweets/month

Manage the telegram channel : 250$ with daily activities , Support our communities on Telegram regularly the latest news of the NEAR ecosystem , help people and answer their questions .

So the total is 900$

100 usd rewards for our members of telegram channel ( we will create a challenge every month : memes , quizz , content creation and more )

Total : 900+100 = 1000$ / month

Total for the 3 months : 3000$

*** My report for the last 4 months :slight_smile:

  • NEAR Wallet ID : abdelillah77.near
  • Wallet owner’s name : abdelillah guermouche

Thanks for the proposal—can you share who else is part of the project if you are working with team members?

Also how do you decide what to translate? Could be cool to offer a way for people in the community to contact you and submit or suggest their articles and news.

Could be an additional revenue stream in the future.


Hi …

  • I manage the twitter account and i have someone help me to manage the telegram channel with also the octopus French ambassador , and i have in my team a translator .

  • for the article’s :
    I choose the latest articles About Near ecosystem to keep the French community always with the Update and newness of the project .

Also i Help the new projects on Near ecosystem , especially Gamefi / NFt projects and appchains … So I translate this articles to introduce this new projects to our French community .

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Hi @abdelillah77 thanks for your proposal. Great to see a growing community for french language speakers.

I would echo @so608 for need to understand more about the team members before I can support.

Who is the ‘someone who helps manage the telegram channel’? Who is the translator? Are they part of the near community? Please provide forum username and wallet details of all the team.



Hi … thanks for your response

I created the French community since march 2021 , I worked alone to develop the French community and I was receiving support from The open web sandbox .

Now When the community grows with more than 2000 French speakers , i supported my team with two people :

  • the first one is Scol duq ( Telegram : @scoldug ) : he is a part of Near Community and helps me to manage Near French telegram channel , And also there’s the Octopus Network French ambassador Diego wolff ( Telegram : @woldie7)

  • The second one is a translator : helps me to check my articles translation ( I translate all articles by myself, after that I send them to a translator for verification ) , i share my articles on Medium , Link : https://medium.com/@abdelillahgue77

Hey @abdelillah77

Just so I’m understanding what you’re proposing; are you writing original content or just translating existing articles that you find interesting?

Your Article:


Your Article:


Please explain

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Hi …
Thanks for your response @Klint

in my proposal I mentioned that I do the translation and the writing of the articles . (Translate / writing : 400$ for 6 articles (1 article/5 days) With an average of 1500 words per article …)

I translate important and useful articles for French community , When you read the translated articles, you will find at the bottom the link of the article original .

I’am also write some articles to support small projects on Near ecosystem
For example :

Hi @marketingdao-council , @Klint , @so608 , @cryptocredit and @Dacha

Hope you all are well ، Don’t hesitate to ask if there are any other questions !

Thanks !

Hi @abdelillah77 :wave:

To be formal, you might create a new medium account like NearFrench.

For the marketing, My opinion is you should do a raffle with French influencer.
The raffle will increase your sub.

This guys is not real @KriptoRaptor

Beware Of Scammers!
Good Luck :muscle:

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oh lol yeah. I’m not even a mamber of that group. definitely an impersonator scammer.


Hi … @ReK
Thank you for your interest and advice , i will work for that :grin:

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Hahahahaha , Finally’ , I met the real @KriptoRaptor :joy::grin:

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this is great @abdelillah77 :muscle: :muscle: :muscle:

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Thank youuu @gardana :grin::grin::grin:

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I’m waiting new events on NearFrançais :slight_smile:

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Thanks @abdelillah77 for answering the questions – do we have a report from you for the work March-May? If not, can you submit/share on the Forum?

I can support this for another three months to see how it goes.

Agree with @REK on creating a branded medium account that aligns with the names you are using for Twitter/Telegram.


Are there any other French communities on NEAR?

I don’t have any particular thoughts in regards to the current and proposed body of work. However, I do think that there is a lot of scope for regional community accounts to grow beyond content online and into Events in person, working towards KPIs around onboarding developers, and ideally ‘graduating’ into higher levels of funding through the Regional Hubs program.

I am willing to support this proposal as it stands and invite you, and any member of the french community, to consider on what else can be done to expand the NEAR footprint in the region.

Changing the Status of proposal to Approved. You can now proceed with the poll on Astrodao

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Hi …
Thanks for your support .

  • For the report : I’m already shared ( March April may ).

March report :

April report :slight_smile:

May report :

Hi …
Thanks for your support .
For your question : There’s no other French community .

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Hi … @marketingdao-council

My proposal on Astro dao :slight_smile: