[Approved for $6500] In The Arena Streaming Series (DanceFight x Vibe Stream Network) - November

Title: [“In The Arena” Streaming Series (DanceFight x VSN)] - FUNDING PROPOSAL FOR [NOVEMBER] - [2023]


“In The Arena” Show Overview

“In The Arena” is a revolutionary streaming series showcasing talented Dancers and Music Producers as they create and compete for your vote.

Each 1-hour episode features a world-renowned street dancer who records a dance set to NO MUSIC. Then, in real-time, it’s up to the 2 competing Music Producers to create their own original tracks set to the dance, giving our audience an up-close look at the music creation process as it unfolds right in front of our eyes.

And at the end of the episode, it’s up to the audience to crown the winner by minting their favorite song/video on Mintbase.

It’s Netflix’s “Song Exploder” meets “Iron Chef”, on the Blockchain.

Show Details

“In The Arena” is a collaboration between DanceFight, the leading street dance platform in the world and Vibe Stream Network (VSN), a multimedia production platform with original and community-generated content. VSN will source high-quality music artists for the series and will promote the resulting music.

To kick off each episode, we will introduce that show’s featured Dancer and get to know a little bit about them as a creator and as a human.

We will then meet our 2 Producers and for the first time, we will reveal our Dancer’s video (with NO MUSIC) and get our Producers’ initial takes on the dance. Then the clock starts ticking as the Producers have 40 minutes to score the dance!

Throughout the episode, we will check in with the Producers to witness their process including their creative methods, production techniques, and any “special sauce” they bring to the project and their art. We’ll also go deeper with the Dancer, diving more into their background, inspiration and dance styles.

Once 40 minutes is up, each Producer will export their final track and debut their finished work with the dance video paired with their new track. After we get our Dancer’s thoughts and feedback, it’ll be up to the audience to determine a winner…

At the end of the episode, we will upload the final products (dance videos with respective music tracks) to Mintbase, and we will invite the viewing audience to vote for their favorite by minting their favorite video/music NFT on Mintbase (the Dancer and Producers will benefit financially from the mint). Once the voting window closes, the Producer with the most minted NFTs will advance to compete on the next episode and defend their crown against a new Challenger.

The winning Producer will also have their winning track as the featured song in a bracket-style tournament in the DanceFight app. We will invite all dancers (and aspiring dancers) in the community to join in on the fun and compete in the DanceFight tournament. AND the winning Dancer from the DanceFight tournament will earn the right to be the featured Dancer in the next episode of “In The Arena,” and so the cycle of creation continues…

Additionally, as part of the finished product, a 3D AI Artist will take the final combined music and dance and transform them into an even more stunning audiovisual masterpiece that will be a part of the NFT that the audience can mint on Mintable. Here are examples of these stunning visuals.

“In The Arena” will also be distributed on Caffeine TV through the DanceFight-Caffeine TV distribution deal. Caffeine TV is a social broadcasting platform for live competitions with over 30 Million Monthly Active Users from the culture, sports, and music communities. Additionally, we will stream “In The Arena” episodes and host viewing parties in DanceFight’s space in the Spatial metaverse.

Why “In The Arena”?

“In The Arena” will shine a light on undiscovered dance and production talent, while entertaining music and dance enthusiasts, and bringing awareness to new technologies like AI and blockchain in a practical way.

Our current community is full of diehard creatives; people that love to see good art and talent get their time. DanceFight is a free-to-use app full of 4,000 of the top street dancers from around the world, and they’re consistently creating and battling in in-app tournaments. Vibe Stream Network hosted hours of multi-cultural music creation and reaction shows on Twitch, collaborating with dozens of creators from the US, Venezuela, Columbia, New Zealand, UK, and more. Together, we are trying to build a show series that has lasting impact on the dance and music production communities while bringing additional revenue streams to the Talent.


Dancers & Music Producers

Jesse Sykes (dancer)
JesseAlexanderSykes (@jessealexandersykes) | TikTok

KANGFRVR (dancer)
KANGFRVR (@kangfrvr) Official | TikTok

Jaja Vankova (dancer)
jajavankova (@vankovajaja) | TikTok

Slimboogie (dancer)

Shash’U (producer)

42Cloudz (producer)
42 Cloudz (@42cloudz) | TikTok

James Gold

Renzell Roque
RENZELL ROQUE (@renzellroque) | TikTok

AI/Visual Artists

Willis Visual

VSN Team
VSN is a multimedia production platform with original and community-generated content. VSN will source high-quality music artists for the series and will promote the resulting music.

Journey Meta
-DJ/Producer/Arranger/Creative Director
-Grammy board member 2015
-Sound design for Native Instruments
-Fought for DMCA Copyright laws in Washington D.C.
-Catalogue of 3000+ of Instrumentals

Matt Sherman
-USC Degree in Communication & Music Technology
-3 Years in Web3 working w Blockchains and Project Builders
-Founded INTL Hip-Hop Community of 300,000+
-Sherman Brothers Legacy

Layla Anderson:
-Consultant/Researcher/DEI Specialist
-Double Major at Wellesley in Psychology & Spanish
-Masters in Organizational Psychology from USC
-Founded Non-Profit for Women of Color
-Conducted Social Work in South Central LA

Rachard Johnson:
-Content Creator/Content Strategist/Community Builder
-Film contracts with Formula 1, Runtz, and major entertainers
-4 million+ Views on YouTube
-Founded “One Trick A Day” skate brand & community

DanceFight Team
DanceFight, a dance battle platform, is home to thousands of the best street dancers on the planet who compete on the app in 1v1 battles and bracket-style tournaments. DanceFight will bring top dancers to the series and will feature the winning music at the heart of its tournaments.

Ryan Jordan, Co-Founder of DanceFight
-Background in TV & Film Development/Production
-Professional screenwriter
-Social Impact Entrepreneur

Rich Sloan, Co-Founder
-Creator of StartupNation and Tech Entrepreneur

Genre - What category does your DAO fall under

  1. Music
  2. Dance
  3. Mixed-Media


This show will enable artists including Dancers and Producers the opportunity to monetize their art through the sale of NFTs, thus allowing them to earn a living doing what they love.
Additionally, fandom around music and dance is unparalleled globally and we expect this show to attract people from web2 to web3, specifically to NEAR (as a partner/sponsor of the show). Our distribution deal with Caffeine TV will automatically get the show in front of a minimum of 250,000 viewers monthly (guaranteed by Caffeine; they have 30 million monthly active users)


Project 1 (please make a copy for each different project)

Description: (“In The Arena” Streaming Series)
Expected outcomes: -Two pilots produced and streaming on Caffeine TV with a minimum guaranteed reach of 250K viewers (Caffeine TV has 30M MAU)
-Involvement of top street dancers, indie music artists, and 3D artists
-Mint music and other digital assets (like behind-the-scenes footage & dancer videos) on Mintbase at the end of each episode
-CreativesDAO and NEAR appear as a Partner/Sponsor of the Show and in the DanceFight app bracket-style tournament after each episode
-DanceFight bracket-style dance tournament featuring the winning song in DanceFight app
-Side-bounty for audience who take a picture and mint them on Mintbase during the show
Activities & timelines: Pre-Production: December 1st-December 15th
Production: December 15th-21st
Post-Production: December 22nd - January 5th
Pilot Episodes Air: January 2023. Distributed on Caffeine TV and streamed into Spatial

*We are aiming for 25,000 Views for the first episode and 50,000 Views for the second episode.
*We are aiming for 250 wallets created for the first episode and 500 accounts created for the second episode


Budget for 2 Pilot Episodes:

EXPENSE Cost Per Unit # of Units Total Cost
Dancer 500 2 1000
Producers 500 4 2000
AI/Visual Artist 500 2 1000
Promotion/Marketing 1000 1000
Production 2500 2500
Design 500 500
Side Bounty** **250 2 **500
Total for 2 Episodes **8,500

**For each episode, we will offer a side-bounty of $250 to encourage our audience to take pictures of themselves watching the show and minting them on Mintbase (Moments).

**Total request number: $8,500

**DAO on-chain address (target wallet): 17a9a119adbf684893638bf5fcf665725ec9f122c35807919e65b2d8bfc36d9b

Show PDF: DocSend

How does your partnership proposal align with CreativesDAO’s purpose?

“In The Arena” is all about empowering and shining the light on Creators/Artists while leveraging Web3 to allow them to earn a living doing what they love. “In The Arena” is also all about community and we will do everything we can to build a thriving AND connected community around the show with virtual and IRL events (in Spatial, The Sandbox and in the DanceFight app).


Hi @ryglizzy, the links are updated accordingly.

Can you also please update a “named wallet” for your project? Since we’ll receive KYC request from named wallet only in future for funding distribution.

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Dear @ryglizzy
Thank you for your proposal. Your team includes a well-known professional from the industry, and you have a fully functioning product available on the Apple Store and Google Play. This proposal demonstrates a direct benefit for the CDAO and the broader community by providing opportunities to onboard new creatives to NEAR. Your KPIs are strong enough for us to support your proposal. However, we find that the acquisition cost of a wallet is a bit high with the current request of $8500. Therefore, we would like to express our support for your proposal but with a decreased amount, which is $6500.


Thank you so much for the support! We really appreciate it. Let me talk to the team today and get back to you on the decreased budget by the end of the day.

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@ryglizzy got restricted in number of replies. It has been agreed via DM that DanceFight team are good with $6500 to carry on the activities

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