[Approved by House of Merit, didn’t pay] Social Media Proposal for NDC April

Section 1- DAO/Project Information

Myosin is a marketing network of 100 members from around the world, assembled as a DAO. We help companies go-to-market and accelerate growth through social media, PR, design and event services. We are sector agnostic and work with blockchains, dapps, and web2 consumer brands entering web3. Established on November 15, 2021.

Funding Request: Enhance NDC’s social media to enrich/intensify the governance conversation online.

Section 2. Previous Funding

We are working with Near Ecosystem projects to provide PR workshops, office hours for founders and hands-on support, and we are receiving a service fee for the work we are doing. We have not received any foundation grants.

Section 3. DAO URLs

Website: https://www.myosin.xyz/ 9

Twitter: https://twitter.com/myosin_xyz 4

Discord: Myosin.xyz 1

LinkedIn: Myosin.xyz | LinkedIn 1

Myosin is a global marketing network comprising 100 members from 26 countries. Our DAO has the capability to service and market companies in all regions of the world.

Section 4. Applicant Information

Simon Yi

Country of Residence: New York, USA

Case Studies: DocSend 3

Near Wallet address -

Dao wallet : ndc-smm-v2.sputnik-dao.near

Section 5. Team Members

Nicole Rochette - Account Manager

15+ year marketing executive running cross-functional marketing teams as a

Brand & storytelling expert, with previous clients including Dapper Labs, Flow Blockchain and others.

Oz Khan - Social Media Lead

5+ years of experience as a social media expert

Social media manager for Consensys, Mycelium, and other web3 projects.

La Devochka - Content Manager & Communication Lead
4+ years of experience as a content writer, editor, and social media manager for 4NTs Guild, NEARWEEK, Solana, Aurora Labs, and other Web3 projects.

Rowan Spencer - Content Strategist & Writer

12+ years of content writing & digital marketing for Dapper Labs and other web3 brands

Myosin’s Editor-in-Chief and content guild lead.

Romulus Castillo - Design Lead

10+ years as Creative Director across Latin America, Southeast Asia, and beyond

Previous Clients: Polygon, XRP, XRP.Cafe, Google (Asia), Nestlé, Chope (APAC), Bukalapak (Indonesia).

Ihor Tolmachov - Designer from NDC

Section 6. Experience

The working team has a wealth of experience to draw from, having lead projects for leading web3 companies like Consensys, Solana, Dapper Labs, Polygon, Animoca Brands, Web3Auth and more. The working team has over 40 years of experience across social media, brand, design and copywriting. They have successfully secured coverages for some major clients in the past.

Section 7. DAO/Project Charter/White or Litepaper and Goals

Myosin will staff an experienced and dedicated social media team that will support NDC priorities, goals, and KPIs. The team will accelerate NDC’s use of social channels as both a way to distribute content but also interact with the larger web3 governance community online.

Through weekly Twitter spaces and a consistent strategy to co-market with like-minded partners in the space, NDC will set a standard for the types of governance content that blockchains should be publishing online to invite their community to participate.

Myosin Whitepaper is here: Executive Summary - Myosin.xyz Whitepaper 2

Section 8. Budget

Total amount requested for 1month: 20,000 USD

DAO wallet:


15k of budget will be distributed to Myosin DAO

5k of budget will be distributed NDC Designer & Social Media Lead

Section 9. Project/DAO longevity

We’re committed to delivering high quality social media, content writing, partnerships and design services to NDC. Our marketing experts have more than 30+ years of combined experience and each of them on this working team sustain themselves through active DAO contributions across the industry. Funding this initiative will drive more brand visibility for NDC and it’s partners through vibrant social media content, active community engagement and online dialogue that widens the aperture of governance topics discussed to appeal to all people passionate about decentralized governance.

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)

The key objectives of this project is to build Near NDC’s brand awareness through consistent social media content and co-marketing partnerships. This project will be assessed by the following metrics:

Key Performance Indicators

  • NDC social media growth
  • Engagement rate
  • New participants in the NDC ecosystem
  • Attract builders from other web3 ecosystems
  • Our Proposal
  • Pricing for deliverables is below

Social media management

  • Community manage NDC’s Twitter account and Telegram community
  • Coordinate social media marketing efforts with Near’s other ten existing DAOs
  • Set up 4 Twitter spaces per month for Near NDC team to host a weekly series
  • Assist with sourcing guests for NDC’s twitter spaces, including with web3 governance personalities and with NDC’s own congress members
  • Build and maintain 4 co-marketing partnerships per month that regularly engage with NDC’s partner content
  • Proactively farm engagement on replies to acquire new followers and earn social impressions daily.
  • Monitor and moderate community sentiment during and after announcements
  • Identify and leverage insights from competitor analysis to form a unique social media strategy.
  • Improve Near’s social media tone of voice (TOV) to maximize engagement metrics
  • Improve awareness about NDC’s activities including voting, new elections, and other governance activities through social media.
  • Connect builders who want funding and are reaching out to NDC through social media channels with the appropriate contacts at NDC

Content writing

  • Create 10 social media posts per month from Near’s blog content, whitepaper, and other existing collateral
  • Write 2 tweet threads per month to cover thought leadership opinions from Marginal’s team
  • Post 12 tweets per month designed to generate engagement (eg: humorous joke, meme, contest, etc)
  • Write, edit and coordinate reposting for 4 tweet threads
  • Collaborate on 2 guest blog post (400-500 words) per month with a co-marketing partner to produce an article that deep dives into 1 governance topic each month
  • Design Direction & Production
  • Conduct a design audit of the brands in the on-chain governance space
  • Produce a social media template that can be used for partnership & product announcements, recap videos and audio clips (eg: clips from Twitter Spaces) that help’s NDC brand stand out among the web3 community
  • Produce 2 motion graphics clips that can be used for social media content

Project Plan

PHASE ONE (Research, strategy & launch)

Week 1: Kickoff and project organization

  • Schedule regular meetings
  • Share references and assets
  • Share existing research
  • Introduce teams and establish systems

Week 2: Align on partnerships & social media strategy

  • Working with the team to build a clear narrative and tone of voice for Twitter account
  • Select one tweet thread topic, begin research and present an draft outline by the end of the week
  • Identify new storytelling opportunities on social media with upcoming partnerships, company announcements and product releases
  • Social media competitor analysis of the other players in the governance space
  • Near to define overarching messaging that aligns its communications plan with product roadmap

Week 3: Partnerships strategy launch

  • Identify and leverage insights from competitor analysis to write an outreach script for new potential partners
  • Develop a prospect list of potential co-marketing partners beginning with the players in the ecosystem
  • Begin to reach out to prospective co-marketing partners
  • Create a partnership progress report to track progress

Week 4: Begin posting partnership content & negotiate with partners

  • Maintain NDC’s brand tone of voice (TOV) when engaging with partners
  • Report on initial progress of the partnerships outreach
  • Work with Myosin designer to optimize social media content production schedule
  • Coach NDC’s founding team how to leverage their own social media presence to drive engagement for NDC

PHASE TWO (Lead generation content & growth experiments)

Week 5: Brainstorm co-marketing content

  • Brainstorm co-marketing content that will live on NDC’s blog
  • Finalize first co-marketing partner and begin co-promoting each other’s content
  • Host first twitter space with 3-4 guest speakers
  • Report on status for the partnerships pipeline

Week 6: Optimize social media TOV & partnerships progress

  • Continue to refine NDC’s social media tone of voice (TOV) to maximize engagement metrics
  • Select one tweet thread topic, begin research and present an draft outline by the end of the week
  • Report on status for partnerships pipeline

Week 7: Begin deploying co-marketing content

  • Identify trending engagement farming tactics & experiment with new forms of social content
  • Finalize and publish blog post content
  • Distribute blog post content to co-marketing partners for distribution and backlinks
  • Prepare the launch of an SEO initiative to maximize organic search visibility for NDC’s content and domain

PHASE THREE (Iterate, measure, improve)

Weeks 8 & 9: Optimize organic marketing strategy

  • Continue to deliver Twitter content & engage with like-minded brands and KOLs
  • Select one tweet thread topic, begin research and present an draft outline by the end of the week
  • Identify ways that NDC’s organic social presence can support a broader communications narrative across owned (eg: email, SEO) and earned (eg: press) marketing channels
  • Begin brainstorming episodic partnership campaign concepts to sustain attention to NDC

Weeks 10-12: Land and expand communications plan

  • Reassess and restructure social media strategy based on the performance of the previous months
  • Brainstorm 1 campaign concept that encourages user generated content (UGC)
  • Analyze and present a retrospective on 3 months of partnerships optimization

Section 10. Work Completed to date

Weeks 1 & 2 of Proposal deliverables

Project Kick off March 8th

  • Established WOW, content repository, workflows
  • Conducted brainstorm to develop TOV, distill storytelling opportunities and brand personality
  • Created SM competitor analysis
  • Created SMM Strategy (WIP)
  • Developed TOV doc ( WIP)
  • Developed content pillar doc with new storytelling opportunities
  • Populated content calendar in response to upcoming Voting Threshold initiative
  • Developed creative assets for upcoming posts
  • Started work on Social Media creative content templates
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For 20k per month, the NDC socials account should respond to comments on X. However, I’ve yet to see any response to any comments on posts or any content or strategies that would justify this bill at the expense of the community.

This could be done at a fraction of the cost with much higher ROI than what is being shown here.