[APPROVED] Blog Post - Guide for Minting on Mintbase

My name is Ashley. My near account is ashleyc.near

This is a blog post proposal.

Proposal funding Request: 10 $marmaj

This proposal would fund a blog post aimed to encourage readers to become involved in minting NFTs on Mintbase, either independently or via the Letsbbcre8iv store.

The blog post would include subtopics such as:
What is mintbase.io?
What is a non-fungible token?
How to open a Mintbase.io store or become a minter on Letsbbcre8iv.
How to deploy a Testnet store.
How to open a Near Wallet.
How to deploy a Mainnet store.
How to customize a store.
How to mint an NFT and list it for sale.

Timeline: The blog post would be ready for review by or before November 5th. I would then make any necessary changes by November 8th.

The blog post would support the community by potentially increasing traffic via links to other parts of the NEAR and Marma J ecosystem. The blog post may encourage individuals to become involved in the Marma J community, specifically through minting via the Letsbbcre8iv store.


Thank you so much for this proposal @AshleyC :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. The funding amount of 5 $marmaj is reasonable, but the bounty for blog posts that get added to the marmaj blog is currently 10 $marmaj and we would love to support your efforts adequately.

If it is acceptable to you, it would be great if you could increase your request to 10 $marmaj tokens. You are free to sell 5 to support your work, and keep the other 5 (potentially using them to try out providing liquidity on ref.finance).


Thank you for the feedback. I made the increase edit.


Awesome, I’m going to [APPROVED] this proposal now :ok_hand:t4:. I’ll let @bianca comment on next steps.

You can send the blog post to info@marmaj.org, or we can add you as an author on the website :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.


Hi @AshleyC - awesome proposal! I am excited to read the final piece.

Can you please let me know what your preferred way is to get this blog on our website (either send it to us via email or by being an author on our website)? If you would like to be added as an author, please share your email address with me so I can set up your credentials (feel free to send it to me privately via telegram) :slight_smile:


Hi @bianca thank you! I would prefer to email the piece and will do so tomorrow. :slight_smile:

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Awesome, looking forward to it! Please email it to info@marmaj.org <3

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Hey @AshleyC !! I have officially added your blog to the Marma J website.

I am blown away at the quality of work- thank you so much for your contribution. Check out your published article here: https://marmaj.org/minting-on-mintbase-guide/

Please proceed to submit a payout proposal using this URL in your payout request.

If you have any questions, please reach out to me here or on Telegram! Thanks again :star_struck:

cc: @mecsbecs @chloe