[APPROVED] Algo me diz - October

Hello everyone,

In the month of October we will continue the project Algo me diz, after having success in the two first months (included this project won a bounty from marmaj :grimacing: :grinning:), we thought it would be interesting to show everyone a little more of Lisbon.

The first video of the new season was posted on October 1st, and the others will be posted always on Fridays (8, 15, 22). On the same day, the NFT version will be made available in our Mintbase .

After discussing with the council, next month we intend to show in one of the episodes a bit of the Algarve, since we know that there are beautiful beaches there, besides being a place much loved by the Portuguese and tourists from all over the world.

In our Instagram page Algo me Diz Diz already has more than 500 views, feel free to visit us there and also in our Youtube Channel

Anyway, we would like to know your opinion about this project, if you are enjoying it and if you have any suggestions of places you want to see here will be very welcome.

Thank you so much :wink:


I love this idea. Show a bit of Algarve is like to show te best part of Portugal (the Beaches). Let’s go do it Tata.


Awesome idea to show places in Portugal other than Lisbon!


That’s it let’s go :clap: :clap: :clap:


Thank you!
We intend to show much more of Portugal :portugal:


I have visited some beaches in the Algarve and it is a fantastic region.
This edition of “Algo me diz” will certainly be very beautiful.


I hope to make some amazing images there :heart_eyes:

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