[Approved] A New Turkish Newsletter : Near Planet

Hello Dear Near community members. Let me first start by introducing myself: I’m Doğan, I’m a crypto influencer with over 11500 followers.And I create Near related contents in Turkish My Twitter account: https://mobile.twitter.com/DoganNear)
In recent days, my content production speed has slowed down due to my illness and my busy schedule. (I will continue to produce content again in the coming days!) My statistics for the last 28 days (as you can see, the number of tweets I’ve posted has dropped by 50% due to my illness, but my statistics are still high)

Also, I have 400 subscribers on YouTube and I started producing Near content there, for example: Aurora Ağında Airdrop Fırsatı/ Nexon Finance Tesneti - YouTube
Anyway, that’s not the point, I just wanted to introduce myself.
As you can understand from my name, I am one of the most frequently producing content about Near in the Turkish crypto Twitter community and one of the hardest workers.
The content I produced about Near was read more than 100 thousand times and received more than 500 likes. I got perfect feedbacks from the community. I want to show 2 of the content I made: An Octopus introduction: https://twitter.com/DoganNear/status/1484487444464640002
A Near introduction : https://twitter.com/DoganNear/status/1486063835383574535 (statistics of this flood):

When I saw other twitter accounts that make content about Near (eg @near_insider), I thought that a similar one was missing in Turkey. Then I created the Near Planet .
I would like to tell you about the Near Planet’s vision and what I’ve did in a month.
Near Planet is a Newsletter that is (for now) released every 2 weeks. This newsletter features weekly Near news, technical articles about Near and introduction of some dApps in the Ecosystem.
Our Medium account: Dogan – Medium

I would like to talk about what I have done in the last month:

  • I created a Near Planet twitter account and reached 300 followers.(Twitter acc:https://twitter.com/PlanetNear)

  • I created a Near Planet Telegram channel and started sharing daily news. 600 people have joined our telegram channel so far.
    Telegram channel: Telegram: Contact @NearPlanetTr

  • I wrote 2 Near Planet newsletters. (You can check in the medium)

  • I reached 120 followers on Medium.
    What I want to do this month:

  • Working with an editor to make my content more professional

  • share daily Near news from Near Planet Twitter and Telegram account

  • Reach Near Planet twitter account to 500 followers and telegram channel to 800 members.

  • Reaching over 1000 readers on Medium.

I also need a budget to do these. I want to present this to you.

  • Editorial budget: 10 near($105)
  • Author budget: 10 Near ($105)
  • Twitter and Telegram channel budget: 3 Near (32 dollar)
  • Total: 23 Near ($230)
  • The editor I have talked with for this month: https://mobile.twitter.com/0xemre
    Emre has been publishing a newsletter for 3 months and he is experienced in this field.

My Near account is : doganalpaslan.near
Thank you for reading.



cc @cizi31 @KriptoRaptor good morning, what do you think about it? Thanks


Hi @doganalpaslan
Thank you for the detailled proposal and your support. I am following your tweets and also Near Planet since some weeks. I like them and they are really helpful for the community.
Currently we are translating Near Insider Tweets / News and sharing with our community. In the future the community can read directly from Near Planet and there would be no more translation needed.

The only thing I am not sure is… if we really should get you the budget from Marketing DAO. I would suggest to propose directly to the Turkish DAO and put your request in the proposal. I am really saying that to make your job easier. Otherwise you have to go through the new payout process, wait for approval and do KYC etc…

But as you know our last Turkish monthly budget proposal is still under review and we are currently discussing about how we should continue and waiting for a feedback from @David_NEAR
I would suggest to wait and see how we will continue. If you need the budget urgently maybe OWS Sandbox is also a good place to start with.


İt is not problem for me to wait sir. Thanks for the advice.

İt is not about dao, it my project that about near. İ cant even see the who is member of Turkish dao. And the turkish dao (coinnet) has blocked me from everywhere. I dont think that they can help me.

I dont agree with you but thanks for the opinions sir. İt is a project like near insider , For the journal, i want a little budget. That is the what am I asking for. Thanks again for your response. İf the turkish dao changes and gets more decentralized, I will make a proposal to the Turkish Dao. Rİght now it is too centralized and driven by one or two person. you can remember my criticisms About the dao. (We’ve made a meet with you and @David_NEAR @KriptoRaptor )

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By the way, this is true but this project is not about near protocol turkish dao. İt is just a project that driven by the community but you are true.

Sure, I just wrote my opinion. good luck


hey @doganalpaslan @Dacha

our friend creates authentic and quality content for Near Turkish Community. I appreciate it

and for the proposal I think it’s a bargain :smile:
but tbh this budget is too low. this initiative should be integrated with Turkish Guild Monthly proposal and should be funded with a fair amount.

I congratulate our friend @doganalpaslan and expect more articles from our friend.


I thought that this is the first month. So firstly i have to prove myself to the Near Community. Than I can make a better offer. İn this proposal, i am not taking any money for me because firstly i think that i need some content writer and I have to teach him to all of the Near’s tech.
The next months, if the everything goes well, we may need something big. You are right.

Hmm… As I said, if there the Turkish dao is decentralized , I can clearly can make my proposal to the DAO. I will do it then :pray:


Good evening! Your proposal was Approved on the forum.
Please, follow these steps

Thanks :blush:

Glad to see language diversity in Near Ecosystem :tr:


I could help him to following steps.


Thank you Dacha! I hope that ı can reach my goals for NearPlanet.


I will send you PM sir. Thank you!


@marketingdao-council hello ! I’ve opened a Proposal in astro Dao also.
Thanks for your support. I’ve filled the form and waiting for the mail to complate the KYC. :smiling_face:

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@marketingdao-council Hello everyone :slight_smile: it has been like 2 weeks since my proposal was approved but I have not get the budget yet. I accidentally opened 3 proposals. But the final proposal has yet to be approved by only 3 people.
The reason I opened 3 proposals was the problem in astro dao(I’ve dm’d with @Dacha )
Thank you :slight_smile:
I have complated the kyc and all the things.
I cant work with the editor because he wants the budget first. So ı cant create new newsteller’s.
What can i do rn?

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I’ve created a new proposal in astro dao.

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Thanks, looks like your previous proposal didn’t get enough votes from councils… 3/6


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So , it is not approved from councils…
I thought that it is approved.
Aren’t the Councils same in this forum and astro dao? thanks for the reply Dacha.

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Yes, the same councils . You can jump into proposal and see who said Yes or No.

You’re very welcome! Thank You for great contribution in Near community :tr:


I just published the new newsteller in the medium. You can check with the translate maybe. I Wrote an article about Machina( Near’s Storage project) , bastion protocol and DEIP .
Thanks again for your support sir. <3