Alternative funding concepts for guilds and projects

At current, we understand that funding comes from a variety of fixed sources, like Foundation Special Projects, Bounties Program, Guild Program, or Grants Program. What kinds of other funding sources exist, or could be created to grow guilds and fund more projects? How do we build into abundant and sustainable models that create value beyond the fixed allocations of tokens for these spaces?

FU22YDICE had an awesome session over the weekend and collaborated on this idea of a perpetual funding mechanism that could look a lot like a traditional “endowment.”

Here’s an article on basics of how they work: What Is an Endowment and How Are They Structured? - TheStreet

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One could see several endowment scenarios working on a sliding scale of decentralized control and responsibility, for example:

  1. NEAR Foundation allocates tokens to a lockup account and controls distribution

  2. NEAR Foundation donates tokens to a consortium of guilds operating whereby the consortium operates as an endowment

  3. NEAR Foundation donates tokens to a single entity that operate as its own endowment

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