Afrika Burn "Save the Clan" NFT Fundraising Project / One Pager "why is NEAR a CO2 neutral blockchain"

hey everyone

for our Afrika Burn Project (see Telegram: Telegram: Join Group Chat) I am looking for someone who can write a simple ONE-Pager “why NEAR is a green blockchain”.

  • what is NEAR
  • what is the goal of NEAR
  • how did it become CO2 neutral
  • what are the criterias for a blockchain to be CO2 neutral
  • who can give that “label”
  • do you nees to proove that regurarly (like yearly) = is there an audit?
  • how is this funded?

We have to distinguish between two target clients when we onboard people and do marketing & communication. We have to understand how our clients think/feel/live/react/act, etc.

1 - people7artists who want to learn about blockchain
Techies who are interested in reading stuff about technology, blockchain, how it works in detail
People who are already a little bit into the crypto-business.

2 - people who are artists who see an opportunity to sell their art
The artists we are onboarding for the NFT Fundraising Project “Save The Clan” are beginners in the crypto world and have many questions. they mostly don’t have a clue about crypto. They are not interested in it. They are not often in front of their computer. They might get into crypto during the process of the project. but the first intention they have, is to sell their art.
But what is crypto to them? Something they don’t know, something they are afraid of, something they can not touch, something that is still unknown. We have to make sure that they feel save, that the process is easy for them, that they are guided by us.
We can not forward 10 links and hope they will read it. ALL THE PEOPLE I onboarded in switzerland didn’t read anything until i explained it first - personally - on the phone or standing in front of each other :blush: with that they gained trust in the project and in cryptos. I took away their fear and made sure that they felt helped and guided through the process. That they don’t have to “learn something so complicated like this” alone :blush: and that helped.
and for that reason, we need something “simple”.

(my motherlanguage is German, not English. So if anything is unclear, contact me and i try to explain differently :slight_smile: )

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Hey @claudinhabelha
I can take this up. Reaching out to you over telegram

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Anxious to read this! You could apply for funding with this one pager at the bounty for guides.