[0 ASK] ZEN Bikers Guild - September 2021 Budget

Hi @mecsbecs & @chloe

Following on from the August report… [Report] August report of the ZBG enough NEAR remains in the DAO treasury to cover most proposed activities.

Other proposed activities require no funding.

Social Media budgets are in place, and there are adequate funds for onboarding, mintbase, and physical meeting costs.

No reason to deploy telegram/discord as yet.

The only extra requests therefore are:

Community Facilitation by Council - 50N

This amount is to top up the budget item to 150N replacing the 50N spent in August.

Promotional Fund - 200N

This is a new initiative that will allow the Guild to promote one exhibition, gig, gamejam on a monthly basis.

These are intended as “for profit” commercial events, with the guild acting as promoter within a larger themed event such as the Cambridge Jazz Festival…or Cambridge Open Studios.

The aim is to establish an ongoing revenue channel for the DAO as a fist step towards financial sustainability.

They differ from the event & physical meeting costs line item in that these are for-profit ‘Extra-Guild’ events rather than internal “Intra-Guild” subsidised meetings/events/workshops. To make this distinction clear, we have renamed the latter as “Guild Workshops, Events & Physical Meetings”

Funds will roll over to the next month if no event takes place.

Guild Workshops, Events & Physical Meetings - 20N

Replenish the 20N spent in August to make a floating total of 200N.

Total funding requested 270N


This looks great @zeitwarp. Linking the August retro here: August report of the ZBG so that it can be linked to the payout proposal.

Please feel free to include links in this payout proposal to relevant external links as well. (can never have too many links :stuck_out_tongue: )

For example, I would LOVE more details on:

I am sure that striving for long-term “financial sustainability” is something that many of the Guild in the NEAR ecosystem would be interested in learning more about.


Hi @chloe

The idea with the ZBG Commercial Arm is to use the Guild brand as a ‘promoter’ in the classic sense - taking commercial risk for commercial rewards.

For example…promoting a specific ‘fringe’ event within one of the larger arts / technology / music festivals or exhibitions in the City.

There are capital outlays associated with doing this, and while they can be mitigated with profit shares etc…usually these costs will need to be met prior to realising revenue.

So…the DAO is facilitating commercial projects by advancing angel funding in order to to make a return.

Obviously there are any number of spin-off opportunities for onboarding from this kind of activity…and I’m thinking immediately of the redeemer on mintbase for discounted ticketing and merch. Plus there is the issuance of participation NFT’s…and performance NFT’s…etc…

The problem with this idea at the moment is the regulatory form that would actually do the promoting - the DAO would have to fund a regulated IRL entity that would have to meet a number of requirements in terms of off-chain bookkeeping, compliance and health & safety.

It would be good to have anyone with experience in this to be able to point out some established practice or research…maybe i’ll ask Steven at Arroz how they handle it. All I can see is a bookkeeping/regulatory Gordian Knot…

Anyway…I’m planning to run it as an experiment the first time…and see what problems arise…


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This all sounds great, would be great to see this in its own topic so that the ideas can be aggregated in one location instead of in the same post as the proposal.

For example Motion DAO is collecting their research in a topic like this: [Info]Motion DAO Research Log


yep, agreed. will do it…

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Agreed with @chloe so after that post is made about the ZBG Commerical Arm - and linked to here - we will then discuss to move to approve.

Please also include a line in budget requests or your reports moving forward to account for how many DAO funds are currently in the treasury for our reference, like a running balance.

All looks reasonable from my end.


hi…yes understood will create a separate post…and update the September budget request with a balance.

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Hi @chloe & @mecsbecs

Ok, We’ve decided not to submit a budget for September because…

  • we will have over 500 Ⓝ left in the DAO from August…which has appreciated significantly in USD$ terms over the last month, and we have allocated reserves to cover any and all proposed activity.

  • submitting in USD$ seems a little unwieldy atm …hoping for the forthcoming Ⓝ stablecoin :crossed_fingers:…and I’d like to watch that from the sidelines for the first month in the absence of any immediate funding requirements for the guild.

  • As above…I am going to write up the “Commercial Arm” post under a separate heading in preparation for October.



Hey @zeitwarp - sounds good and thanks for letting us know!


no problem, thnx :+1: :+1:

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