YSN : social token


While thinking about ways to build a community around generative art projects I’ve been working on (SHARE and YS24) I decided to tie all these and future projects together by using a social token: YSN.

We’re playing in new territory and doing it together, with some incentives, looks like more fun.

YSN is at the moment deployed on testnet as a NEAR fungible token and is currently integrated with the SHARE project, also available as non fungible token on testnet.

Designing, claiming, or exploring generative pieces on SHARE will mine YSN to you as follows:

Design = 0.1 YSN
Claim = 1 YSN
Explore = 0.05 YSN

The idea is that YSN will be used in community decisions (integrating with Sputnik v2) and burned as a utility for access to services and redeem.

The initial supply is 0, as the concept is to bootstrap YSN’s initial supply together and then move it on with decisions taken collectively around a DAO.

Initially, following Createbase’s good example, Telegram will be the main spot of interaction. I’ve reached out to @anjali, from CollabLand, for helping and testing integration of Telegram and I will also keep looking into integrating the DAO part. While waiting on these, for the moment I’ve set up a Telegram group with @zavodil’s bot for rewards to keep things engaging.

The group will be used for:

  • Update on the project’s progress
  • Community decision through polls
  • Share generative art and updates
  • Implementation requests
  • Bug reports
  • Feedback discussions
  • Royalties decisions
  • Discuss creators economy :family_man_woman_girl:
  • …and walk together to mainnet! :tada:

As proof of curation, if you feel like joining the channel, feel free to reply here with a screenshot of SHARE with YSN for an invite. I’ll get things started with an example down here.

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I get an error trying to log into SHARE with YSN

LET ME IN :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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A bit late here but I extended on this.

Here are the slides:

Me trying to explain the slides:

The docs:

The repo:


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Loved hearing you go through the project more in depth and hearing you share your ideas for the future as well.

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