YAWON DAO ecosystem

            YAWON DAO has sub DAOS working and experimenting in different spaces. 

                                                                YAWON DAO

         WEBSITE-Dashboard for contributors to the ecosystem 
         METAVERSE- Building on  sandbox parcel  "yawon-verse"

                                                   YAWON hoops SUB-DAO-

finding ways for athletes to earn from playing sports. Ultimate goal owning a sports complex. building platforms along the way. Like, fractionalize NFT jersey garments to wager on games.

an app that athletes can fractionalize their NFT jersey fashion garments and lock up momentarily for waging against each other. Finding a way for athletes to earn from playing sports.

-Fractionalization button
-Lock up button
-Map locater (finding games)
-Profiles of athletes NFT fashion garments

                                                   YAWON productions SUB-DAO 

Music production company building a catalog helping artists onboard, invest, and fund their career with blockchain tech.

A catalog of yawon music

Streaming data-collecting plays from the music catalog

                                                    YAWON clothing SUB-DAO

A digital and physical clothing line. Incubator for experimenting with AR and NFTS.

Physical clothing with AR experience on clothing

Virtual parcel store- buy digital NFT fashion garments in-game and psychically get one shipped. so the NFT is the ticket of ownership.


Sandbox basketball game (yw hoops)
Virtual clothing store (yw cl)
Virtual concert area (yw p)
Vault room for NFTS that we collect for the DAO. artifacts.

We are doing a MIRROR crowdfund
SEASONS for setting off projects of each sub-DAO.

Building on top on NEAR.


Hi Nicolas, nice too see you sharing your idea ! :white_check_mark:

Will be cool to have some muck-up / prototype view, you know what I mean ?

You have all my support ! :muscle:

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Hey there,

thank you for this post. Just to confirm, you’re currently not looking for funding but for people to help you build it?
In that case I would remove the muti-dao tag and maybe we could hint you some other Guilds/DAOs which would be able to support :slight_smile:

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hi there, thank you for your interest. we are working on the mock-up of the mirror post with structure, funding, and roadmap. this will be to kick off thee projects fr building out and experimenting. you can join the DAO, we are working on this making it more transparent. https://discord.gg/ here is the link to the DAO and more like mirror post. and notion documents.

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hey, thanks for your questions! so we are looking for both. funding and help! we are creating a mirror post that will fund the essential for the DAO and its sub DAOs to start doing seasons to break down building out platforms for that sub-DAO, seasons 1-3. the mirror post is to get funding for the DAO and sub DAOS… like ens. names… gas fees… tokens… treasury… hiring… bounties… devs… designers… etc. like to hear more on what to do to get funding and help in any way possible. we are a multi Dao that has so many Daos running projects in different spaces building platforms like sports, music, and clothing. https://discord.gg/ come check us out, and see where you can help and benefit from what we are doing here.

Hey ! 3 projects ? Woao cool, could you please share again the discord invite ? :rocket:

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Yawon DAO hey there, and yes we doing season for each sub-DAO. so season 1 will be a mission for each branch to experiment in different spaces. the mirror post is almost done, come join and I can share the draft with you giving you all the details.

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