[Workshop] KalakendraDAO POTTERY WORKSHOP & Onboarding Event

POTTERY WORKSHOP & Onboarding Event

India has a long and rich history of pottery-making, dating back thousands of years. Pottery plays an important role in many cultural traditions and is used for everything from storage to cooking to religious ceremonies. Unfortunately, the pottery industry has been in decline in recent years, as cheaper mass-produced alternatives have become available.

KalakendraDAO is working to change this by bringing potters and their work into the WEB3 community. By connecting potters with buyers through a decentralized marketplace, KalakendraDAO is helping to revive the pottery industry and preserve this important part of Indian culture. In addition, KalakendraDAO is working to create opportunities for young people to learn about and get involved in pottery-making. By providing access to training and resources, KalakendraDAO is working to ensure that the traditions of Indian pottery-making are passed down to future generations.

For those who love clay and want to experience pottery in a new way, KalakendraDAO is prepared to provide an exciting experience. Discover the secrets of throwing at the wheel.

The creative activity of working with clay is incredibly fulfilling, yet many people who want to become potters are discouraged because they don’t know where to begin. These captivating seminars are a wonderful approach to discovering new aspects of who we are.

We are Planning the Workshop cum Onboarding Event by the end of September or the start of October.


The workshop Event will basically cover
Basic Shapes
Pinch Pot
Clay Character
Organic Forms

The use of studio tools and 1 kilogram of clay are also included in the package. Even though we supply aprons, don’t forget to bring some clothes you don’t mind getting messy, cut your fingernails for the greatest experience, bring your creative side, and get ready to play with clay. The session’s main goal is to unearth creative methods of clay art. If you are patient and self-centered, there is a lot to take away from this workshop.

Requesting Funds: $1000

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