Wen Summit! NDCs first Constellation Summit. Calling all champions, contributors, and community members

Peace family, Im Russ community manager @ the NDC and excited to be announcing that @sarahkornfeld and I are hosting our very first Constellation Summit tomorrow. We came together a few weeks back and really wanted to brainstorm how we could best serve the NDC. One of the biggest problems we’ve noticed is the information silos. So many moving parts and pieces information can missed.

The Summit unites NDC leaders, builders, and contributors across the ecosystem. Its purpose is to revitalize our community, fostering collaboration through roundtable discussions. It sparks visionary initiatives, fueling a brighter future within the NDC ecosystem.

Quick background on me. I first learned about NEAR around 2021 and I was blown away. Coming from a non-technical background the community is really what attracted me.Builders were engaged and always down to collab. But boom… bear market hits and things get stagnate. Now with the emergence of the NDC here is our chance to revitalize the community. One contributor at a time. It’s truly amazing to be apart of something so early and help shape the culture of it. We as contributors will have say in what we fund. This is why the Summit is so important. We will we are going to be sharing and listening to the aims and needs of each WG, and find out how we can collaborate while meeting the critical OKR of getting workgroups up and running in V1.

At the end of the day WE NEED YOU. The NDC is on a mission to bring back funding online for the community and by the community. Here is a chance to make your voice heard. Collab with other builders and get major insight into whats happening @ the NDC.

We look forward to seeing you! Peace!