[Welcome] NEAR City Nodes

Welcome to the NEAR City Nodes Initiative

This topic will serve as an introduction and welcome to “NEAR City Nodes”.

NEAR City Nodes: An initiative to support local communities by finding ways in which the NEAR protocol can elevate and empower those building and transacting withing them.


Key Cities:
The NEAR Protocol can provide various solutions for many global communities, but at the early stages of this project, it is important to stay focused and efficient. Along these lines, this project will focus on setting up a local NEAR presence of support in select key cities.

These Key Cities Include:

  • Lisbon (EU)

  • Berlin (EU)

  • Los Angeles (USA)

  • Austin (USA)

  • Miami (USA)

  • New York (USA)

  • Nashville (USA)

  • Atlanta (USA)

  • San Fransisco (USA)

  • Shanghai (Asia)

Why “NEAR City Nodes”?

  • Activating communities is a highly specialized skill set.
  • Playbooks will be created from iterations of the project.
    • how to get started on-boarding NEAR (and NEAR tools) into local community
    • metrics to help communities recognize success.
    • Playbook will be updated as we learn more about what works in each region.
    • Each region will be different but there will also be knowledge and assets that transfer across regions.

Hi @chloe, could be Caracas a Key City to Include?

We have a project/Guild for Venezuela we are now a #community:based / #CommunitySquad according to @shreyas

We think Venezulans are a good public for the solutions NEAR protocol have our could have, and we can impact possitively in the venezuelan people.

This is the project: [PROPOSAL] Create Mineria-Virtual GUILD / NEARer Wallet PROJECT - focused in crypto adoption

Here what could be the draft for the City Node in Caracas, Venezuela: Nodo +58 - Collaborative Space inside of Fundacion La Salle, Caracas, VE

@grace you could be interested as @satojandro that help us with most of the Nodo +58 work/ideas

Best regards,

@Jloc @Mineriavirtual @Nicolasp2 @Luismayar


As these go from ideas to implementation, there will me many cities looked at to be included here that ate not yet on the list. One of the factors in choosing these cities is if NEAR already has a presence there, so knowing that the Minera-Virtual GUILD would be active locally would be a benefit for sure.


Hello @chloe This is a great initiative !

The Mineria-virutal GUILD will be active, we want to focus on the end-user aspect of the NEAR technology and for sure venezuela is a great place to start.

:beers: Cheers !


I think that in the list of cities that you have there’s a lot of people ready to use crypto and be part of the Near-verse

Caracas on the other hand is craving for solutions that impulse old ways to move money, share and store value but also having places to learn and have fun.

Lots of users ready to save their life by a protocol, going all in in their savings to be protected by the blockchain protocols.

In addition a team looking for new ways to run ideas is a priceless sandbox! I stand for Caracas to be part with a Near guild plan and developing from scratch a user-based solution!


Awesome :raised_hands:t4:. I am looking forward to the day when every city has a strong local NEAR community presence.

Agreed that the support provided withing each city/location will be a bit different, “Lis-Node” will hopefully serve as a playbook for other cities to follow, but I’m sure an implementation in Caracas could teach us a lot as well!


Can you tell me who is coordinating the San Francisco group?

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As these groups get formed, more info will be added to this topic. Currently, there is no official group for SF.