[Welcome] INC4 Guild Introduction

Hi everyone!
My name is Alina. I represent INC4 LLC, a team of software engineers developing blockchain technologies of any complexity. We’re passionate about community-driven decentralisation solutions, we’re experts in this field and we can be useful.

We are proud to become the NEAR Protocol’s first Custom Development Guild servicing the NEAR Ecosystem!
The INC4 Guild team dedicates 80 hrs per week of free development power to help this wonderful community to build things on top of the NEAR Protocol and to expand the Ecosystem.

Currently we are actively working on our first project for the NEAR community.
Reports and updates coming up! Stay tuned!

Our guild info and contact form Near guild team - INC4 Blockchain Engineering
My telegram @primaveralina
My email alina@inc4.net

Reach out! We can do great things together!


Hey @Primaveralina! I’ve added a tag for your Guild [“inc4-guild”] for ease of reference for your Guild’s posts on the Forum.

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Hi All :wave:!

I’m excited to share a few insights on the latest activities of the INC4 Guild :unicorn: :tiger: :fox_face:.

As mentioned before, we have an ongoing project, and I’ll be happy to shed light at how we’ve started and where we are at this point.

Some time back I met @tabear, a friend from the fellow-guild @arroz-criativo :star_struck:. Tabea was the first person to reach out to me once we got introduced to the community. She shared an idea of popularising the use of crypto among non-crypto individuals in their everyday life.

It goes without saying that NEAR :innocent: is the best suitable option, as it’s the most user-friendly among cryptos nowadays.

So, Tabea told me about this small cosy pizza place in Lisbon :pizza:, and offered to create a mobile application for Arroz Estúdios, which will allow users to buy food and drinks directly for the NEAR coins in a few clicks. The main requirement was that it should be super-easy to use and allow easy creation of a NEAR wallet.

My team loved the idea! :nerd_face: We immediately decided to take it up and start on our first NEAR-community project.

So, here’s where we are now. The user flows and application designs are ready-to-go, and we’re starting on layouts development next week. Have a look at the presentation and let us know if you like it. We’ll be happy to have your feedback :headphones:.

Great news is that Arroz Criativo will be happy to share this application with the community upon release, so it’s an open source software that will be available for everybody :earth_africa: to customise and use on their own!

One more thing to add is that the INC4 Guild will go on supporting the NEAR Guilds website :globe_with_meridians: with guilds directory updates upon request, and we’re also discussing an opportunity of joining the website re-branding project.

More news coming up, meeting a lot of great people with brilliant ideas :brain:, so we’ll definitely be up to some more fantastic cooperations soon! Stay tuned :heartpulse:


Great update! I love to hear about the random connections that are being developed in our ecosystem.

Open source apps is the way to go, I’m sure there will be many community members that will find this useful. Also we would like to use the app at all the CityNodes that are being planned. LisNode being the first one.



Awesome work so far, we really appreciate it! We’ll send you more feedback tomorrow. Can’t wait to pay the first pizza with NEAR in Arroz Estúdios!


I’ll come to Lisbon and buy you a beer :wink: :beers:


Yeeeeees and I’ll buy you a pizza :-p


Great! That’s a deal! :hugs:


Great work! The screen shots of the app look amazing. Can’t wait to see the final product.

@Primaveralina will keep in touch as I can see many other use cases for this software. Pay in NEAR is coming!


Thank you for your feedback! :star_struck: Glad you like it!

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[Monthly Update] Hello, dearest NEAR Community! :wink:
Hope everybody enjoyed the weekend! :watermelon:

Sharing the INC4 Guild July report with you.

I’ve had a pleasure of meeting new interesting people with great ideas on how we can build and develop the NEAR Ecosystem in tight cooperation! :hugs:

Also, I’m honoured to participate in the NEAR Hackaton event organization in Kyiv location. I’m sure it’ll rock! :globe_with_meridians: :headphones: :love_you_gesture:

As for the INC4 Guild development activities, we continue working on the @arroz-criativo app for the pizza :pizza: and beverages :cup_with_straw: place in Lisbon. The client app, where the actual client will be buying, is currently in development. We’ve also started putting together mock-ups for the admin app, where the place staff will be scanning the payment QR codes, check them in the NEAR chain :chains: and serve the clients :fork_and_knife:.

I must say that the idea of having such an app turned out so topical that I’ve immediately received another order for the same concept app. N-ROLE DAO founder and Head Brewer at Decentralized Brewing Co :beer: Carl Fitzpatrick @cryptocredit approached me with the same request of having an opportunity to serve his clients for NEAR! So, once we finish the app for @arroz-criativo, we’ll start on the customised app for Carl’s brewery place, which will also be open-source available to everybody in the Ecosystem!

Another project that we’re currently completing is the SputnikDAO Astro landing for @starpause. It’s fabulous :rainbow: Jordan, we’re happy that you like it so far :star_struck:. I’m sure we’ll do more together :boom:


So excited to be chosen to use the payment app for my brewery. Keep up the good work and can’t wait to get started!


I am also in business, we are opening a coworking space in Mukachevo, which accepts NEAR as payment. Shouldn’t we try to coordinate actions in holding the Hackathon in Kiev and Mukachevo?


Hi! Glad to know it. The Hackaton is global, so any team can join. From what I know, offline locations are only three, one of them in Kyiv, but I’m sure that if you have a dev team - you can join. Everybody is welcome!


Can we chat on Telegram?
Or E mail: nft.transform@gmail.com

Hey guys, when are going to update the web site? We have over 20 guilds already. Some link are not working.

Hi @Dacha! We have not received any requests on guilds directory updates so far.

Sure, my telegram is @primaveralina

What the request form? Is anybody know about the form?

No @Dacha, there’s no form for the website update. I don’t accept requests from everybody around. There are website owners who authorize nearguilds website changes, I only accept requests from them. I see that you’re quite active, and if you’re willing to join the team and help them populate the website with additional information, you ought to contact @mecsbecs and ask her how you can help.