[WELCOME] curaDAO proposal


After a couple of talks, over weeks, with @chloe I’ve decided to write a proposal for a DAO that is correlated to the set of open-source tools I started for creative coders on NEAR (generative art, ML models, and on-chain art, for now).
I started this as a grant to build the contracts and the front-end for my art projects, but I’ve been adapting it lately to be a point of reference for coders that want to launch an NFT project on NEAR, a coding project especially but not only.
I believe this is the way to go long-term, for me to launch my projects and for others to have a set of tools not to start from scratch (or almost).


Some of the goals of this DAO would be:

  • Community: Incentive support and live testing projects launched using this repository
  • Community: Support implementation ideas and concepts to be integrated and coded
  • Community: Reward feedback and bug catches (from small typo to security concerns)
  • GitHub: Reward creation of issues or issues solved (from bugfixes to major features)
  • GitHub: Reward projects launched using this set of tools


Initially, I would be the only council member but will be looking for someone to support the community and keep an eye on active members to reach out to when things start rolling.

The first step would be to move the funds We’ve been trusted with on the generative-art DAO into curaDAO if @RoganX and @starpause agree (goals of the two DAOs are similar and this removes burden, for them, of taking care of proposals).

Next, I will create a couple of proposals on curaDAO for the expired generative-art DAO submissions that have been hanging for a while.

Then I would like to send a proposal for the upcoming metaBUILD hackaton related to a coding challenge in this project.

Lastly, by the end of the month, I will write a Forum post, similar to the Sandbox ones, with the details of the tasks, for September, and will also, where possible, start adding some bounties to the GitHub issues already.

The goal is also to work with @talktoricardo on a berlinDAO to start having some gatherings here and organize an in-person October hackathon with this set of tools to hack on and support.


p.s. you can play around with some examples of deployed projects here.

p.p.s. Telegram Group


Welcome to the NEAR Creative Community, curaDAO! :wave:t4:
So great to have a creative coding-generative art group up and running.

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Created the proposal for this.

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Some updates here also to answer this topic from @chloe :

I added @starpause and @talktoricardo to the DAO council. I will keep working on the open-source project and put that in the upcoming monthly budget. At first, it will only be an estimate but, hopefully, when I find some more contributors and things have been a bit more tested out, We could try moving to a bounty system or experiment with what comes up.

In the end, my goal is to create permissionless, composable tools that anyone can build from and launch its art projects with, as I wish to do with mine, so it makes sense that I position myself more as a first contributor and long term maintainer for this, rather than founder, owner or else.

My coding reports will still be here:

They will start having more exported information from ZenHub about the past weekly Sprint.

On the social side, at the moment, there is only a Telegram group for the community and one for the council. The Discord, Twitter will be created when necessary.

Excited to see this shape out!

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