Welcome Back Bone Police

Hi ya’ll,

Quick Update.

We are excited to welcome back @bonepolice to active duty on the council. After taking a leave of absence to prioritize his health and well-being, Jacob is rejoining the team as an active member, and helping lead our defi initiatives.

Lots more to come.

Peace everybody.


Hey, welcome back! @bonepolice

Thanks for staying around and keep building, hope you’re fine & get better now! LFG :rocket:


Thanks, @williamx appreciate the welcome, brother


Welcome back would love to talk more and understand what you’re planning now that you’re back!

At this stage, I am reintegrating myself and learning the changes that have taken place while I was away. In the immediate, I’ll be hosting a defi twitter space that was introduced in my absence about ways defi can be useful to support musical ventures in web3 starting this week.


Welcome back bone police… Am so happy to see you back into the council.

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Appreciate the welcome, bro! Hope you are well

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@bonepolice yes bro, am really well.

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