[Weekly reports] Marketing DAO council Dacha

I think that this is fair.

It’s a prominent position in the community and you’re handling the community fund so a certain level of personal (not pseudonymous) accountability is to be expected and, IMO, fair.

There are hundreds of thousands of dollars of funding which, ultimately, belongs to the community being distributed through the MarketingDAO (and others).


Yes, and KYC is solution.

KYC is a solution for internal verification, I don’t think it solves the level of accountability that the community may expect

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Dave I’m here since last summer , I see how some people gets money without any questions and reports. Or all kind of organization like Flying Rhino who even didn’t show their prices for NF. And many many other questions. Let’s maintain the same level for everyone instead of focused on particular people?

Yes, and I’m only one council who asking detailed reports from grantees . By the way, some people from NF team thinks it’s not important.

Briefly Proposal Created Approved Delay Target wallet Amount N Report
Telegram [APPROVED] Telegram Community Monthly Rewards 9/29/2021 Yes nearlove.near 100 No
Near Punks [APPROVED] NEAR Punks as Vietnamese Community Event Rewards 10/16/2021 Yes nearlove.near 225 No
Near Mexico [Approved] Near México November 2021 Activities 11/8/2021 Yes josedlujan.near 190 No
Naksh [Approved] Updated Marketing proposal for Naksh from Mid Nov till December 11/16/2021 Yes naksh.near 400 No
Telegram AMA Ecosystem [APPROVED] Telegram AMA with Ecosystem Projects 11/17/2021 Yes nearlove.near 75 No

No problems do it for councils verification. It’s the best way now.

Anyway, All community members should vote for this. I you or Grace cannot make decision without approval from Community.


Absolutely, and I think it’s fair to show a semblance of a human being when you are distributing such high levels of funds

As I said it should be public discussion and voting.


Should everyone use real names on the forum?

Should everyone use real photos on the forum?

Will you of NF insure security guarantees for contributors?

Should be kind of agreement between NF and contributors about personal data.


Now, when anybody asking some personal information it violates community guidelines.

Yes, KYC the best solution.

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That’s a general guideline for forum usage, we’re talking about the position of Council Member in the MarketingDAO (and any other DAO/vertical which receives funding of this capacity from NF)

No it’s not about Marketing DAO. Grace proposed it for every DAO where NF people are present.

Legal Guild
Community DAO (76 people by the way)


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Not council members, though.

Understandable, since it can work to prevent malicious actors alongside contributing to accountability

No matter, because voting policy is over 49% of Community DAO members (councils included).

KYC and decentralization (9 people in DAO).

You can see above how NF approved money for grantees and didn’t get any reports.

If you are talking about identification on the meeting only, every council must keeps yours data securely as well as wallet phrases , etc. Many many questions should be included in councils guide.

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What is more of an ask, asking someone to show their video in a call or asking them to submit personal documentation and a home address?

It does matter. It’s Council Members only, please note that the Community DAO has essentially ceased to distribute funding:


49% of all DAO’s members can change voting policy or councils.,

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Part of the reason it has ceased distributing funds. Not too relevant to the topic of face reveals on video, though IMO

Cheddar DAO as well.

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If i am allowed to put in my opinion as an ordinary member among such big names then:

This can result in bad results if i talk of safety atleast in my opinion and in my case.
Revealing myself in public with assets i possess( after getting funds for project, any other work etc.) its easy to track and hunt down.
Recently learnt a case where a binance user was heckled to death( luckily survived) and transfer all his assets on gun point etc.
Making myself public can prove a disaster for my security.
Kyc by a reputed company can be a solution for uniqueness and i strongly agree with @dacha on the same.


Yes, I actually got many threats in pm’s from some Near Community members. Last was from Kazan’s members, just because I left negative decision on their proposal.


This is extremely serious and I’d advise you to raise it with NF staff, especially (but certainly not only) if it’s happening on official NEAR platforms.

As a council member of the Marketing DAO I would like to share my thoughts on this matter:

At the weekly DAO zoom meeting this week I was pleased to see ALL the council members were present at the start of the call.

For the record, this was the FIRST time that everyone was involved, and the first time @Dacha was present since he joined the council.

As I have participated in every weekly meeting since I joined the council last August, I was understandably keen to meet @Dacha as the newest addition to the team.

One by one each council member joined the meeting… it was great to see a full house :heart_eyes:.

IMO to fully participate in a zoom requires both audio and video, so I was not surprised when @grace asked @Dacha why he was not fully participating in the meeting.

There followed a sureal moment where @Dacha - the tireless campaigner for transparency and accountability in the community - presented himself as a shadowy figure, seemingly incapable of understanding the basic request to show his face… even just for a moment.

After a long pause @Dacha exited the meeting without the explanation, and the rest of the council then continued with business.

I fully understand that certain individuals within the NEAR community need to maintain their pseudo anonymity for various reasons.

However, if you maintain a vocal, high profile presence within the community and then ask to join a key DAO that is disbursing large amounts of funds, then IMO it is important that the community also has a way to see and hear you. This is a simple way of demonstrating personal transparency and building trust in the community.

In the past @Dacha has also requested, on more than one occasion, that the weekly DAO council meeting is recorded and made available to the community. I have no problems with this proposal… and would hope that @Dacha would see the disconnect between the need for greater transparency of DAO activities and decision making, and his own response to a simple request to show his face.

I notice that in the comments above it was suggested that a ‘real photo’ would make an adaquate substitution for live video. Maybe I am too old school, but this is not what I consider to be 'full participation. Facial expression is an important part of communication.

I agree with the suggestion that each DAO should be free to decide on their policy for participating in council meetings. @Dacha please feel free to make a proposal and all the Marketing DAO council members can vote.

KYC is a useful tool for ensuring that funds are disbursed in a transparent manner. But a DAO is not just a funding structure… it is also a community of individuals who share ideas and opinions. You can KYC me as many times as you like but that doesn’t mean that you really know who I am!


Transparency and personal information are two different things my fiend. I work with wallets and have no idea who stands for them.

Yes, it’s the reason why I’m asking reports from grantees. My friends form Near Community knows who I’m.

Mentioned in our group.

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Hi guys, i want to support Dacha.
I think he is only one person on forum , probably on NEAR who working for free. Who can do same for NEAR?
Who are really can take care same for ecosystem NEAR?
Long time everybody know him.

I think for this person or for this type of people in NEAR (who can do free work and who enough long time in community we can do some exeptions)

I think just he want to give to all of us equal same ability to start realise your ideas with NEAR.
Its main thing, cause i want support him