[WEEK 7-WEEK 8] (CLOSE) Filipino Artist Guild Art Challenge

Welcome To our Filipino Artist Guild Week 7- Week 8 Art Challenge

“Make Your Own Style”

Week 7-8

Make a character with a concept of common jobs in the Philippines such as Balut Seller, Ride Conductor, Smoke Fish seller, construction worker

Rules and Mechanics:

*Draw it with your own style

*Chibi /Vexel /Vector/ Digital Paint/ Anime

*The Contest will Start
APRIL 13 ,2022

Deadline of Submission:
April 20 ,2022
philippines Time 11:59pm

*Announcing of Winners April 22, 2022

*The Winners Will be Selected by the Council

*It does not mean that you have the most heart react will make you a winner, it will just help the council to a have watchlist.

*Creativity,Cleanliness,Originality, Quality is the most Important

*Any art style is acceptable.

Make your Own Style means you have to Draw and Follow The Concepts

Generative Arts from your Collection is acceptable but will not put you in The List Of possible winners.

6 winners

Ist Prize: 11

2nd Prize: 9

3rd Prize: 7

4th Prize: 4

5th Prize : 3

6th Prize : 2

Total of 36 Near

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When Submitting Your Entry please Attach your NEAR WALLET ADDRESS at the bottom of your entries,

We also appreciate some Short Word or explanation about your Piece.

If anyone has a question feel Free to Mention the Council in our Telegram Channel or Dm us privately as long as it is related to the event. Welcome To Our 7-8 Art Challenge
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Good Luck Everyone And Let your Creativity Shines.

“Winners Arts Should Not Be Minted”

Sample Only

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Art - It is a small glimpse through my art regarding the mother affection that she is having towards her child.
Art has a lot to show - the art also represent that a old lady somewhere around 101 is taking care of his disable child who is 63.
A mother love is unconditional :heart:.

Software - Canva

My address - chauhankumarsingh2134.near


A civil worker safety .
My address : kidpaxton.near


The TOP 4 From Week 5-6 is restricted To Join OuR week 7-8 ok , for the Battle of champions Soon


Hello peeps,here’s my entry for " [WEEK 7-WEEK 8] FAG Art Challenge ^^
In my art u can see
a “Jeepney Driver” which I know is a very common job here in our country,Philippines.I chose this work because almost all of my relatives experienced to be a jeepney driver,even my dad is also a driver.

At the background,I want to show you the other warriors of the roads,those peeps (vendors/sellers)that are working all day and night for their family.

A big salute them(。・ω・。)ノ:heart:



The common known job of a LGBTQ+

The struggle of LGBTQ+ member is the discrimination on their daily jobs which is being “Contesera”.

Their daily life of being a contesera joining beauty pagaent everyday to earn money to feed their families, and love ones.

The happiness, and wit that their share on stage behind on that joy there is struggle and dark story behind it.

So that they’re working so hard to share Happiness and positivity to the world.

NEAR ID: louietism.near


Nice Concept Jeepney driver :scream:

Galing :heart:


Description mo din pang BeauCon :heart: Palabarn. :clap:


Thank you ate vane​:rainbow::rainbow::rainbow::sparkles::crown:


salamat pooo(。・ω・。)ノ:heart:



“Tak! Tak! Tak! Tak!” the sound that you often hear from streets are the sounds made by the takatak vendors using their wooden boxes which contains different brands of candies, cigarettes and water bottles for sale. It’s a tough day for them, but the vendors are always tougher.

Filipinos are known to be street smart and wise. They would do anything to provide for the needs of their families. In everything they do, they do this with honor and pride. To know someone as a street vendor is to know a living hero who fight for their lives day by day.

Salute to all of you, Mabuhay Filipinos!



Hi Near Fam! Here’s my entry for Week 7- Week 8 Art Challenge!

This is my uncle who is a Taho vendor.His name is Edward and hes been doing this 3 years and now hes still doing it.Hes so hard working so I got to draw him!:muscle:

Taho vendor is a common sight in the Philippine streets. A mágtatahô carries two large aluminum buckets that hang from each end of a carrying pole. The larger bucket carries the tofu base; the smaller bucket holds the arnibal, sago pearls, and cash box.

Big salute to my uncle and to the other taho vendors!:philippines:

Hope you guys like what i have created and have a great day guys!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



“Rice Farmers”

  • Rice is the staple food for about 80 percent of Filipinos, and is therefore a major item in the consumption basket of consumers. **It is the single most important agricultural crop in the Philippines, and is therefore a major source of income for millions of Filipino farmers.



Mamang Sorbetero

Sorbetes or Dirty Ice Cream is what we love when we were young, whenever the bell rings, we rushed to the Mamang Sorbetero to buy delicious ice creams. Mamang Sorbetero is everywhere, you can see him in Park, outside your school, in your street and with the right timing you can even see him outside of your house. He’s like Dora the Explorer but with a heavy push cart, he’s everywhere, he brings happiness to everyone with his Sorbetes even if he’s tired walking and standing the whole day so big respect to all Sorbeteros, they are one of the reasons why my childhood is so wonderful.



Hi this is my entry…

A construction worker…


I just found out about it. :grin:
why is this vendor called takatak :person_facepalming: haha Galing.

all i know is Cigarettes Vendor :grin:


i like TAHO Every Morning :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Remember your childhood, once you heard the bell by manong “Sorbetero” means he is nearby you may think of the ice cream on a bun or ice cream in the sugar cone I like keso flavor enhance and enrich the Filipino culture taste so good, they have variety of flavor option aswell like tsokolate, ube, langka, buko pandan and Etc.

id: zetsue001.near


“Modernized Food delivery rider”

Nowadays, when they say “front-liners” automatically in their minds are the nurses, medical practitioners, and more in the medical field. On the other hand, we forget those hardworking food delivery riders who sacrifice their health for us to deliver our respective orders. Modernized food delivery drivers often manage a high volume of orders and must model safe driving practices and provide stellar customer service. They often serve as the intermediary between restaurants or other establishments and their customers, requiring good interpersonal and conflict-resolution skills. Imagine, if we don’t have like them in our country, we can’t afford to purchase foodstuffs, especially we’re amidst the pandemic. This masterpiece emphasizes that front-liners are not all about the medical field but also the food delivery drivers. These days, always remember that “not all heroes wear capes.”

Wallet address: Manonglloyd.near


“Ang mga maglalako” ( The vendors )

One of the common jobs in our community in the Philippines is maglalako or the vendors. Usually they will be seen in the street carrying basket full of vegetables, sweetened rice or smoked fishes.

Addresss: rueryesun.near