Vr slotCar racing meets rogue like !¿!¿

Definitely want to explore this world! Also, just joined the telegram, many questions I have :smiley:


Bunch O Weekend updates!

my build count is start to climb, up to 148 :stuck_out_tongue:

So, this one has a lot of small little changes. I’ve started ordering things, to make it start to feel more like a game. I’ve been learning how to create some fun Vr interactable buttons, and got a couple of them setup. Playing with some of the lighting. Got multi cars running around, and the track is now switching between the different lanes. Spend most of this week rewriting how the drifting logic all works. I’m starting to focus my attention on making this thing fun. This is a step most game studios don’t do :stuck_out_tongue:

Links to the Vid


Awesome. Let’s keep the talks about minting bits and pieces of this project going?

So, I think I’ve decided to not put up bits from the game just yet. I plan on using a crypto kitty model for some of the car bodies/wheels, So I wanna leave all the car stuff for that. Also, I have a bit of legal concerns to selling parts of the concepts, and handing over ownership of that, while I’m making the thing. This might just be my fear, but I wanna hold off until I have a better understanding of things.

That brings me around to why I want to put some stuff up in the first place. I’m after the learnings. I need to be able to put something up that’s simple, fun to make. Something that ties in the with the game, and the vr community. Also, I love the idea of collectable sets personally, and it needs to be something that I might buy.

This leads us to this guy, I call them cubi’s or cubee’s I’m not sure yet, but I’ve been drawing em for years now. I used to take posted notes, and fill walls at work :P. I’m thinking something like 1 or 2 a month, and actioning them off.

Note this is just a WIP, I wanted to test the process out a bit



:rotating_light: Fresh builds :rotating_light:

Build # 159 - The Game is Feeling Fun

Spent the last week/weekHalf focusing on getting the game to feel how I wish it would feel. The car’s feel, and track break points(visually complete :stuck_out_tongue: ) have become tune-able. It’s a fun spot to be at.

this doesn’t show the drift mode, but it will be a drift/boost system going in :smiley: So that’s next.

On a side note, it seems really hard to see the car in videos, but in vr it’s much easy to see. Vr doesn’t seem to transfer to video amazingly well. Still do plan on making it more visible however, not sure how yet.

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:rotating_light: Build # 176 :rotating_light:

finally figured out how to make the drifting mechanic work, and be fun! Boosts fun, drifting is working, and the car is starting to have a good feel. So that means time to mess around with something else for a while.

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:rotating_light: Build #177 :rotating_light:

Build #176 :D pic.twitter.com/SuccLrt9Q0

— Kurtis Aikins (@kanimated) October 30, 2021

Lots of little things have been cleaned up. Also, much work on the FX.

Couple new Systems

Re made the system that deals with cars going too fast through corners. Instead of just popping off the track, it now puts the car into like a warning state. Basically if you enter the state, and don’t let go of the throttle, before a set period of time, you wreck.

Starting to work more on the other cars AI, still pretty simple, not boosting/drifting yet.

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:rotating_light: Build #180 :rotating_light:

Worked back in the lands of procedural geometry, to get the track mag lane things, auto generated :smiley: Also added a tracker/icon thing to the car. I showed the game to some family, and then people first put on the head set, it was a lot of “Which car is mine” , so that needs to change :stuck_out_tongue:

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Growing a lot :slight_smile: It’s a pleasure to see.

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Yup, definitely progressing.

next up

  • have a light switch button to turn the track on, when you enter the room
  • create the start line mechanics, boost if you get it correctly
  • update/rewrite the laps, lap time, and finish line logics
  • Improve the Ai, so they boost on their own
  • some minor art polish for the env
  • simplify the garage scene, to just use text to describe what it will be (not enough time to make all the bits for this)

that should be most of what goes into the demo done. After, I need to work on the deck. Deck’s are the blueprints of the game. They include info on the art, other environments. Explain the car, upgrade system, and core game mechanics. Describe in some detail, the rogue like elements, and basically anything and everything that will need to go into the game.

3 months until it needs to be ready for the grant review :stuck_out_tongue:



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oh :confused:
We are more than happy to receive a proposal for funding right here in the forum!

Ya, the plan is still the same, pitch to the dao, same as I would for the grant :smiley: I just thought, in a world with QE to Infiniti, a 50k grant from the gov (who is actively pushing for new jobs/companies in the tech space) would be more accommodative :stuck_out_tongue: Just more reason to lean into the defi/dao worlds

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Build #200

I’ve slowed down a touch, trying to enjoy life a bit more, but still I’ve been working away. A whole wack load of changes, new drift modes in and working well. The boost is now a single button click, and gets charged by drifting. lots of tuning, and added this folllow cam setup. Also, I’ll be trying to spend a bit more time, thinking on how to get these updates more engaging.

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We are now in the megazord scale of things :smiley:


Heyo, I’m still pluggin away :smiley: works been busy, and I’ve just been focusing on some of the bg art. I’ll have some more updates soon. But here’s some look dev work I’ve been doing. Gunna make a system that’ll allow me to animate this fx, in Unity. Should be fun!


Keep them coming :smiley: Wanna play it!

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Off Throttle fx, pretty happy, and it’s something I can build with code

Off throttle FX look dev pic.twitter.com/QgKTLNXrN8

— Kurtis Aikins (@kanimated) December 17, 2021
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Starting to compile these FX concepts here :smiley:


We are now cooking with fire :smiley: need to sort out some sounds, it’s odd playing a game with no sounds.

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