Updates from Minting Music

It wouldn’t be a week in Minting Music if we didn’t get pulled into an endeavor last minute that we had zero plans to be apart of, but alas, fate finds us.

The Bonnaroo Saga further devolved into a debacle we were exceedingly lucky to avoid. The entire festival ended up being cancelled–the day AFTER people were supposed to arrive. To say we dodged a bullet would be an understatement.

However, the cancellation did lead to another opportunity. @Astoneman and her Music Tree & Nashville Unsigned team pulled together an alternative festival (The Other Fest) in 48 hours to accommodate the festival goers already in the area for Bonnaroo. How it was pulled off, I will never know, but they did it, full stage production, vendors and performers.

Through this event, we were able to setup a booth for a couple days at the festivities to further setup wallets and educate people on NFT’s and what we are building on the NEAR platform Which, Quinton will also be posting an updated development roadmap. Q, Jas, and Nick have been honing in on a litany of custom features.

In addition, we had an in depth meeting with Resin8 Management and one of their artists about an NFT campaign. I’ll withhold details until we lock it in, but the creative discussions and implementations of the campaign have us excited at the possibility. Hint: evolving fruit trees and unlockable NFT’s. Resin8 is one of the premier management and sync agencies, we’re optimistic it will open doors to the rest of their roster should we successfully launch the first.

We’re booking several meetings a week with various leads and potential clients and will continue to update as those conversations evolve.

A large portion of last week was spent finishing legalities and contracts with one of our clients, as well as internally as an entity. It was excruciating.

To that note, our lawyer, which has been focusing his practice in the crypto and blockchain field, is looking to get involved in the Legal Guild. We have lead him to the Telegram. Please let us know if there are other introductions that would be beneficial to onboarding another lawyer.

Finally, we are working on several new proposals, beginning with continuing of community meetups, reflective to the launch party. Consistently exposing would-be consumers to the tech in ways they can interact in person has proven to be an asset in lowering the barrier of entry and shortening the learning curve.

And that has been a week and change in the world of Minting Music.

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