[UPDATE] Presence DAO Weekly Report Nov. 7, 2022

  • Setup Clickup for Presence DAO and TMBK2.0
  • Caught team member up with TMBK2.0
  • Met with [Black Gold Nation] founder and CTO. (https://www.blackgoldnation.com/). They want to move forward as one out the United Nations of TMBK2.0, a federation of digitals nations. They have representatives in 58 cities in the US, 21 countries in Africa, and 3 Diaspora countries.
  • Met with Black Gold IT Team for 2+ hours about partnering
  • Presence DAO enters verbal discussions to become a technology sponsoring member of the UMi Economy MORC Study on the Impact of the Attention Economy.
  • Presence DAO was in attendance for the official announcement of the “Food Secure City” project at the City of Pittsburgh’s Energy Innovation Center for World Food Day hosted by E.A.T.
  • Presence DAO as a member of UMi Economy is added to exclusive working group for the City of Pittsburgh’s “Food Secure City” project as a core technology for community stakeholders to collaborate with shared context. Working Group includes E.A.T, United Way, Pittsburgh Food Policy Council, Pittsburgh Food Bank, and Others.
  • Presence DAO begins assessing the technological needs of “Food Secure City” working group to create tactical on-boarding plan for UMi Economy.
  • Presence DAO adds project manager to team to support operations.
  • Presence DAO as a member of the UMi Economy has been added to Attention Economy learning cohort curriculum to education community based organizations on how its technology can utilized to support the curation and enrichment of traditional Census Datasets in the Cities of Pittsburgh, PA and Richmond, VA beginning at the end of Q1 in 2023.
  • UMi Economy invites OverWeb Council (A Presence DAO supported organization) to create working group on Food Insecurity in City of Pittsburgh. This move will allow community stakeholders including non-profits, for-profits, institutions, philanthropic-entities, and government subdivisions to have visibility and representation in how Overweb based technologies intersect with resilient communities.
  • Presence DAO to provide digital transformation strategy as the core technology SME for the “Food Secure City” project on Nov 3rd.
  • UMi Economy explores Presence Browser ‘digital-nations’ functionality as an ideal vehicle for building connective tissue for the Food Secure City collaborators.
  • Presence DAO begins survey to identify specific technical needs of “Food Secure City” project and begins auditing software for possible use cases in the sector.