Update on NEAR Community Moderators

Hi all! In my last post, I summarized the events of the NEAR moderator’s immersion: The Quest to scale up NEAR Community Moderators

This week, I am happy to introduce you to our NEW Community Moderators: @KriptoRaptor @Benz_Near and @stanisnear . They will be focused in maintaining engagement in the following channels:

  • NEAR Protocol Official Telegram
  • NEAR Discord
  • NEAR Subreddit

They will be sharing weekly updates on the community starting next week, including work metrics for us to consistently monitor trends and guide our moderation (and later on Marketing/Growth) strategies. In addition to daily moderation, we have the following project timeline:

  1. In the first 2 weeks, document FAQs from the community and Day-to-day moderation processes.
  2. Next, make those FAQs available publicly through the NEAR Gitbook and consistently update it moving forward.
  3. Explore Marketing and partnership opportunities within the ecosystem + external communities to grow our community channels. (i.e. AMAs, Quizzes, Giveaways, Invite-a-friend campaigns)
  4. Re-evaluate workload and goals to scale up the team by Q4.

We still hope to tackle our other goals from the previous post, but these will be our main priorities as we get used to the workflows.

Slowly but surely. :trophy: :turtle: This team is in it for the long game! :muscle: We’re happy to receive any feedback!


Thanks you and the whole all the NEAR staff and community! Let´s work together to make NEAR great! Let´s get it!!


Hello, @Benz_Near @stanisnear @KriptoRaptor an official WELCOME to the Community Squad.
@jcatnear has done a wonderful job getting you started and set up. We are thrilled you are supporting our community channels. We want to make sure you are always up to date with the information that is useful and meaningful to share with the rest of the community. So please feel free to reach out to anyone in the team, if you need any clarity on any subject.
Once a month, we should get together and hang out online so that you get to know everyone else on the team.

Thank you for the great job you are doing! :raised_hands:


Thanks to @jcatnear :hugs: I and my moderator friends @Benz_Near @stanisnear improve each day and will be ready for bigger tasks. We make sure there is no question/request is unattended, and there is peace in all community channels. :hammer:
Thank you for your support @grace :rose:

:turtle: Tortoise always wins the race :trophy: