[UPDATE] Guilds Data & Information Access Projects

DATA ABOUT GUILDS IS COMING! You’ve seen hints of it around the Forum, you’ve felt it in your bones, you’ve been wondering the who, what, where, why, and hows of it all and here, the Guilds Management Crew is happy to give you a full update on the more robust data and analytics about the Guilds of the NEAR Ecosystem you can expect very soon.

First, there was the Guilds Survey from July 2021:

Now, we have...

the Guilds Dashboard :bar_chart: !

The Guilds Dashboard v1 is in existence - though its home is to be determined in partnership with the NEAR Data Center - and is for now being hosted by Google Data Studio.

The vision is for the dashboard to track Guild growth by number of Guilds created and Guild membership numbers, with the ability for your view to be filtered by status (active vs. inactive), type*, dependency**, and age of Guild.

*These are not self-assigned types of Guild but part of a classification system the Guilds Crew has been using internally; when the Dashboard is unveiled, definitions for these types will be provided and an open discussion can begin about how your Guild has been classified if you would like to change the 'type' assigned.

**Dependency level refers to reliance on the Guilds Management Crew for the design of the Guilds reward & recognition model on a task-based system versus a project-based one. For more information, read: [UPDATE] Guilds Program Funding Approach

Following close on its heels...

the Guilds Directory :mag:- in progress

Read on to see how we’ll require YOUR assistance, Guild leaders!

Right now, we are plugging away at inputting ALL OF THE GUILDS into the NEAR Ecosystem Map - hosted by the NEAR Ecosystem Success Team on GitHub - so if anyone wanted to find any Guild or project or community group in the Ecosystem, and wanted to know how to get in touch with them, there will be this one single source of truth of who is active in the broader NEAR Ecosystem. The timeline for this is by Friday, September 3rd.

From there, we’ll be looking to plug all this raw data of Guild information into a more accessible, web2 audience-friendly home on near.org/guilds (cc: @jake) and to refresh the existing directory already begun on nearguilds.com. The timelines for each of these integrations is to be determined.

We’ll get it set up, but then we’ll need YOU to add your Guild logo (if you have one), spruce up your Guild description to look just as you want it, and ensure that you’re keeping the information in your Guild’s directory listing up to date so that new potential Guild members, individual contributors, and supporters can find you in an easier manner than scrolling through this Forum or buried in Discord or Telegram. We’re working toward building visibility for your community group and your stellar activities, but it’s up to you to maintain.

Last, but not least, stay tuned for...

the Guilds & Community Events Calendar :spiral_calendar: - in progress

One day in the not-so-distant future (dare we say, it will be NEAR :smirk:), you will be able to visit one spot to know absolutely all the events that are taking place in the NEAR Ecosystem. And one step closer to that day is when we’ll launch the Guilds & Community Events Calendar on nearguilds.com (thanks to the INC4 Guild). The best part about this? All of the ecosystem’s Guild and community leaders will be able to input their upcoming events in this calendar - without requiring any kind of permission from us or an administrator - for anyone and everyone to be able to get a quick overview of all the awesome things YOU are doing.

First we build it, then people will come…to populate it with information about all the awesome contests, workshops, conferences, tutorials, etc., etc. you’re running and want community members to know about and attend. There are a couple of red tape & dev blockers on this one so a timeline cannot be confidently given, but gosh, we hope it’s soon.

Questions, thoughts, ideas? Let your Guilds Management Crew know which data project you feel will be the most useful to your community group, and if you have any of your own to suggest! We’re undertaking what we can ourselves - while recruiting some outside help - but are also always open to assistance and to hearing what YOU think and need.

And, lastly, a shout-out to the NEAR Data Center - if this post got you all fired up about data and analytics, be sure to check out the Guild that’s all about channelling your passion for numbers for the benefit of the ecosystem.


Hi Rebecca! This post has me thrilled for the Dashboard and Guild Directory. Something that can be of great help to my Guild. We literally have our members do all the data sourcing for us right now and could definitely use some automation/collation in the form of an open source dashboard.

On a separate note, I would like to request you to please grant our guild NIA a tag of classification on the forum like other Guilds, for ease of access. And because of the nature of our work, number of members might not be the most suitable criteria to judge our growth but probably the impact of our work and quality of our throughput. While we do plan on expanding and getting more hands to help us, it would be awesome if there is a classification on the dashboard based on nature/type of Guilds too for a Guild like ours in the future :sweat_smile: I have reached out to @shreyas and scheduled an orientation call with him after the hackathon, since its still very early days, just one month since we started - I will communicate my queries to him and would love to hear your opinion on them as well, along with all the members of the Guild Management Council :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the support!!

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Awesome update, exciting stuff to look forward to!

Regarding the guilds data structure in the repo - if there are any relevant data fields that could be added (which apply to all/most guilds) to add more value, please let me know :slight_smile:

Thank you @mecsbecs for this great update and roadmap. These initiatives are leading our efforts in the direction of clarity and increased accessibility to the Guilds ecosystem. :star_struck: This will continue to be a collaborative effort, we are in this together!


This is done: https://github.com/near/ecosystem


  • If you don’t find your guild information there, please contribute to it.
  • If you find your guild information in there, but want to update it with more information, please contribute.

@MarcusNEAR has outlined how to do this. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be reaching out to you all to update your guild information.



Shout-out to @Primaveralina & INC4 Guild for making this happen; @starpause for your tireless calendar research & decision matrix; @ross for getting the foundation in place for getting events all together; and @jcatnear for running lead on this effort and the other ways to come in which we hope to bring nearguilds.com into the NEAR branding & resource family.


Thank you @mecsbecs for making this happen!