TRANSF🔴RM. ARMY of NEAR :) Vinnytsia. Conference "Money of the Future"

I see, the whole community is Dacha, wow)

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Nobody claimed this, Dacha is as much a member of the Community Member as you and I. Please be open to answering all relevant questions from any member of the community regardless of personal feelings toward them.

Appreciate all your efforts :muscle:


Ok, you want us not work,but communicate on forum with Dacha. Can i ask questions too to all proposals?If its so important for Near and will make him fly to the moon?:slight_smile:

We love Dacha btw. Especially if he is only one in forum that cares about near) And also, you builded so strong, huge community in his person, i think he is really One, chosen)

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When you submit a proposal for funding you should be open to answering questions from anybody within the NEAR Community, this is at the core of an open and transparent community.

Absolutely! In fact, we’d love to see more of it and I encourage you to do so :100:

I understand that you’re frustrated and, please don’t think otherwise, I’m here to help iron out any creases you might have along your NEAR journey.

However, I don’t think it’s appropriate to respond with messages like this. Please review the Community Guidelines.

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I am not frustrated, i am trying to understand forum :sweat_smile: questions from Community = 1 person. Answering questions = rejection. Everyone say “good job” = rejection. Photo with cardboard, 280 followers= 300 Near monthly approved. its not a question just some thoughts)

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Nothing was rejected on that thread, rather Illia funded before we could continue the discussion.

The problem, from where I see it, is the lack of responses to the questions which I’ve linked here a number of times

Everyone has an equal weighting in the community, and it’s fair to expect some members to be more vigilant and invested in the ecosystem than others.

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Dear Dacha, where did you found this numbers? Why we have to answer on fake based information? For example, 1 office cost was 150$, Salary of 500 Near was at that moment 1165 $.

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We sold this company long time ago to our friends. They are one of those local businesses that are ready to accept near as payment. And its not Frori, its Flori

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Not true. Please, show me where I was “ demotivative and negative”. I’m asking simple questions.

Here. The last version (#4), before you got money from Ilia.

I think this kind of sarcasm is totally inappropriate in a thread where funding is discussed.

@David_NEAR, who is part of the NEAR Core team if that matters to you (although I like the idea of everyone has an equal weighting in the community), gave an exact list of questions that went unanswered, which caused the discussion to stagnate in another thread, and asked for answers.

I would like to see these answers too.

“It’s fake” is not a kind of answer that can help solve the issue. @Dacha has provided you source of this information, If the information there is incorrect, it would be great if you could provide the correct

We sold this company long time ago to our friends.

So why do you keep listing this company in your structure?

I appreciate any initiatives at NEAR that help the ecosystem grow, including yours.

But I’ve read few reports and funding requests from you guys (@INFINITY and @Melody), and sometimes it’s really hard to recognize what are you requesting funding for.


Correct information is in the previous proposal

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[quote=“garikbesson, post:45, topic:6745”]
So why do you keep listing this company in your structure?
[/quote Everyone has equal rights to be ready to accept Near as payment in Mukachevo. If new owner of company Flori wants it, its good for community.

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Does it mean you pay this company for accepting $NEAR as payment?

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Good to hear it!!! I propose to unite our efforts. I create telegram channel, where all members of guilds can join, and shill there all important tweets/insta/facebook posts. So we can make a real “tsunami” rt in twitter and support posts in other social media. Also, everyone can follow each other in twitter,etc., support each other and discuss our goals for growing and popularization of Near protocol and Near community Telegram: Contact @UniNCshill

2 Likes                                      We support every company in Mukachevo, so they can have inspiration and make branding in their stores with Near logo's, etc. ![IMG_20211001_103837_099|375x500](upload://vnMhoFdU02Z40oRDZHFHItxlg70.jpeg)


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Ok. As you know, we didnt get funds from that proposal. Dacha was asking about that month (august), when we got funds. So, 500 near of salary was 1165 $ on that moment. And 150$ for each office. Thats why i said that its incorrect information he provides. For next month we requested (sorry if i dont remember exactly), 4125 near. 2125N for City Node and Valentin’s group of creative members, and 2000 for art.sputnikdao.near. Illya paid 3000, so we made payments to all our members, and asked councils to reject recent proposals.

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Where did you request this? Can you shoot me the link, please?

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