TRANSF🔴RM. ARMY of NEAR :) Vinnytsia. Conference "Money of the Future"


Overview and analysis.

Vinnytsia. Conference “Money of the Future”

09/26/21 I was at the conference “Money of the Future”, the main organizer of which was the company “Trustee Wallet” - the creator of one of the most popular Ukrainian crypto wallets (more than 500,000 installed applications, 50,000 active users, and about 5,000 large transactions (as the creator of Trustee Wallet in a personal conversation).
I was invited there Telegram: Contact @cryptoceo by one of the creators of Trustee Wallet, whom my partner introduced me to Telegram: Contact @Marism_MGN

What will I tell you. All at the highest level. The whole organization. Marketing!!! As a VIP participant, they gave me a bag and in it I found this))))

This is very similar to what I intended)))
Only they don’t have human addresses.

The event was attended by over 400-500 people.

I was alone in the NEAR cap)) This caused the desired effect.
Trustee Wallet creator Vadim Grusha
ready to discuss the possibility of adding NEAR to the Trustee Wallet

Then I met Mrs. Anna Voevodina, she is a lawyer and CEO of MANIMAMA
She is the person who directly writes the law of Ukraine on cryptoassets !!!
And we became friends with her and I gave her my business card with an airdrop, which she called marketing from God !!!
And now ma, together with Telegram: Contact @yu1ian, helped her get to the meetup on the 30th !!! To her and her partner, who confessed that he has 500N

[Воеводина презентация Винница.pdf|attachment]
(upload://1l9O1IC9MOafIDsEiVijwEu89aB.pdf) (323.2 KB)

I invited her to Mukachevo. She is delighted with our coworking and Aquapark !!!

Victor Manin is the best marketer and community builder, of all whom I have seen, he is ready to consider cooperation if we prove the effectiveness of NEAR. He presented a fantastic in my opinion DEFI project on TRON based on NFT and amazing technology. If we manage to launch something like that with it on NEAR, it will be a rocket.

Hope to see it in Kiev)))

Vlad also introduced me to the friendliest and most wonderful person who is able to create amazing things. And I really hope that he will try on NEAR !!! We already have a lot of secrets with him)))))
We are looking forward to visiting Mukachevo !!!

And also, having spent not much less than 300N from grant programs I got to the 17th place of collectors !!! only on one wallet
But there is also a fund

It is appropriate here:

By the way, I have an announcement !!!

Investing in Mukachevо

And also investment lessons in Transcarpathian
And it’s just Mukachevo !!!

art.sputnikdao.near -1000
infinitynft.near - 333
melodynft.near - 299.999
animem.near - 100
marism.near - 111
sveta3t.near - 50
sanix.near - 100
neartaxi.near - 25
edgarosipov.near -55
ralfusha.near - 25
dmitryne.near - 75
denni.near - 75
primavera.near - 0
ludmila.near - 15
brbn.near - 25
onipenkodima.near - 75
vaness.near - 25
justerror.near - 25
kseniiashm.near - 25
bernfiona.near - 10
avgustina.near - 10
leader525.near - 10
mukachevo.near - 15
nikitos03.near - 25
haenko.near - получает NEAR в другой гильдии
yana.near - получает NEAR в другой гильдии

I transfer 50% of the remaining balance to aura.near - streaming fast expenses.

I think that this kind of marketing is very wrong and very misunderstood by investors. I conducted a huge focus group, everyone said that these two pictures are absolutely identical in meaning.
“If you invest in NEAR you will remain a beggar” - This is advertised for NAER !!! Such advertising is not correct believe me!

Is a reward expected for such a city node at the end of the hackathon?
Or should I start counting people with whom I interacted? What are their names and photos of their pet?
What if it is assumed that you are ready to offer?
After all, 1000N requested NEAR have not been reported to our budget !!!

See you in Kiev !!
And in Mukachevo !!!



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Great update :tada:

Can you please clarify what you mean here? Are you referring the Man With Cardboard experiment? What 1,000 N are you referring to? Was it from this proposal? You mentioned Illia had covered that and to reject the proposal.

I would hesitate to call it marketing. IMO it’s more of an experiment and tongue in cheek way of sharing NEAR.

A focus group? Where? When? With who? What was the goal? Purely to determine what people think of those images?

Is this distributed NEAR? Or are you requesting this? I don’t think this is very clear. Can you please clarify?


Hi Valentine, I don’t really understand why you posted this photo with a man on a chair, because it’s obviously photoshop and we never took a photo like this.
You can say that this is a bad marketing ploy, but we have already stated more than once that we are doing this for the NEAR community, and not to attract new people from the street. To prove that this is a good idea, you can go to our profile and see the activity under our publications.
We also have nothing to do with a city node. And what do you mean by “the people with whom you interacted with and their names and photos of their pet”? What does this have to do with our publications?


Чтобы было понятно объясню на русском и на ломаном английском.
Человек стоящий с картонкой, ка которой написано что нир это будущее это позор и проходящими мимо людьми читается приблизительно так на картинке справа! Это ни коим образом не соответствует образу высокотехнологичной компании с капитализацией 400 000 000$ Это надеюсь понятно?
Вы представляете себе такую рекламу Эпл? Теслы?
Мы говорим что строим новый мир…
Какой? Стоять с картонкой.
Выше я дал отчет о том как должен выглядеть NEAR.
Пусть этому парню датут в руки зотябы планшет, а то ему самому стыдно стоять так, и это видно по выражению лица. Победитель так не выглядит.

Скажите, от какого слова пошло название “ДЕГЕН?”

To make it clear I will explain in Russian and in broken English.
A man standing with a cardboard box, which says that nir is the future is a shame and people passing by reads like this in the picture on the right! This is in no way consistent with the image of a high-tech company with a capitalization of $ 400 million. I hope you understand?
Can you imagine such an Apple ad? Tesla?
We say we are building a new world …
Which? Stand with a cardboard box.
Above, I gave a report on how the NEAR should look like.
Let this guy put a tablet in his hands, otherwise he himself is ashamed to stand like this, and this can be seen from the expression on his face. The winner doesn’t look like that.

Tell me, from what word did the name “DEGEN” come from?


И почему ты мне не сообщил что получаешь деньги в другом месте?
And why didn’t you tell me that you get money elsewhere?


Valentine, you did not ask me this question, and in no way did you say that it is forbidden to receive money elsewhere. You offered to join your team, I agreed.
In fact, I do not see anything wrong with a person doing several jobs at the same time. For example, in your previous posts, you praise the work of Yana (your assistant) very much, but already now you are expelling her from the team, just because she works elsewhere, is it so important? If a person copes well with several jobs at once, why should he focus on only one thing, if he can help develop the NEAR Ecosystem in several directions at once?


Valentine, these photos are showing me. Why do you declare that I am ashamed to stand, how could you see it in my expression? Why do you say that the winner doesn’t look like that, why are you getting personal?

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Are winners look like homeless people with cardboard?


If you take Yana, she created a group on Twitter and never even wrote anything there, pays little attention to the transform page. a person cannot pay attention to many tasks at once in different guilds. It turns out that its efficiency decreases everywhere.


How many common mistakes do you think you made in your marketing campaign?
I counted at least 8))
Have you studied anything in marketing? How many successful marketing campaigns have you run? How many brands have you created?
Can you explain how a photo with a cardboard box helps to raise NEAR’s image ? What will a potential investor say if this one sees?


I see your sad face, wearing black glasses (thats why the first thought is like person feel shame) I dont see successfull, open, happy human being on that photo. And i dont see that people around are looking at you with admiration)


We requested 2000 Near for art.sputnikdao.near, but now we have only 1000 Near for next month


we have already given it to our ARMY of NEAR.
this is a payment for the next month to all our people. And after returning from Kiev, I will describe who does what


Can you send me the link to the forum where this was approved and discussed, please?

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What army of NEAR? Do you have this documented anywhere?

I believe we’ve advised against distributing NEAR and then requesting funding for work/events/task after they’ve been conducted since there is no certainty that the NEAR will be granted for it.


Because we do great job, made city node, local community and businesses that would love to accept near as payment. We in touch with lawyer that is writing laws about crypto in Ukraine, make tsunami tweets in art community (our artists have 700, 4536, 1409, 2044 up to 5105 followers). I cannot count everything we does, its a lot. And we have rejections and small payments. And guy with cardboard has 300 Near monthly


What do you mean by this? Lawyers aren’t in positions to write laws and pass them through government, right? I’m not even sure if this is something that would come under the umbrella of the Community Fund :thinking:

Where possible, the Community Fund will always endeavour to provide some funding for initiatives which fit the bill. Can you please be more specific and specify what you’re referring to? Thanks a mil! :tada:


She is in team that writes law. As you remember, we build community in Mukachevo, and now have 13 locations, where ppl are ready to accept near as payment. We need lawyer to understand recent situation in Ukraine with crypto. Btw, what do you mean when say word “community”, and why our work doesnt fit community goals, or mass adoption?


I just wasn’t personally sure whether rallying legislators for changes to the legal status of crypto fell under the umbrella of the Community Fund.

Anyhow, that’s not an issue.

It’s super important that you guys ensure you don’t promise payments, execute work, or undertake initiatives with the assumption that funding will be distributed for it.

Hope that’s clear now. Looking forward to hearing the responses to this in more detail.

Oh, and have an awesome time in Kyiv today if you’re going - and everyone else attending :beers: