The Quest to scale up NEAR Community Moderators

Since the start of July, we have deployed 5 applicants for a 10-day paid immersion on selected NEAR Community channels, namely:

  • the NEAR subreddit
  • Telegram
  • Discord
  • Forum

You might have seen them around, helping new community members, answering questions, and making sure the community is engaged and informed on the latest NEAR updates. In case you missed them, please say hi to our moderator applicants and check out their breakdown of the experience:

Aside from the immersion itself, they’ve also done a theoretical test task, interview, and daily check-ins that provided us invaluable feedback on the current state of our communities.

We are now wrapping up and evaluating which of them will be permanently joining us. We then hope to integrate them to other community engagement efforts done by the rest of the community squad (i.e. Reddit Ops, DeGens) with the following outputs in mind:

  • Help formalize the day-to-day of a moderator and cover all time zones 24/7
  • Create a “moderator’s FAQ” to answer common questions within the community channels
  • Apply necessary bots and utilize channel’s features to make work and maintaining the community channels more efficient
  • Consistently track community growth and engagement metrics as we improve performance
  • For mods who can speak more than 1 language, connect them to the relevant local guilds/groups or empower them to start their own

Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen, and we look forward to everyone’s support in the future! (@Grace @3UN1C3 @jlwaugh @sanket @JMaenen)

EDIT: The 5 moderators have filed for a payout request through the Community Squad DAO. Their proposal numbers are 54, 55, 56, 57, 59.