Truth is thus far, the Near ecosystem itself has obviously impacted positively in my art. The Least I can do is use my art to spread the good word:)
Glad you love the concept behind the project “Kalakuta New School”
Thank you! :clinking_glasses:

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nice idea ! :rocket: let it grow and spread


Yeah, Just Like wild fire :fire: :grin:
So I’m Certainly Carrying Everyone Along on this one. The rich, the poor, the Elders, Mid-Age and the Teenagers as well.
Thank you​:black_heart::heart:
I Pray God blesses everyone else supporting this movement​:pray:t4::pray:t4::pray:t4:

Hi NXM council members @rhymetaylor @Monish016
Please I would love to know if my proposal is still valid or if there would be a need for me to re draft a new proposal in regards the Music Ep project “Kalakuta New School” as it would be sad and discouraging for me having to wait in vain:(
I have been active on the near ecosystem since I came aboard up till date and I recently made my first music NFT sale which was purchased by Sir @Symbolik :white_heart::pray:t4: and I am still very much in collaboration with @spirityutdao
It would give me so much joy to have this music project become a success under the NxM umbrella. Thank you!

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Hi @Only1bizzy

Without keeping you waiting for an answer, in short, we will not be funding this project. We are moving away from funding studio projects. The previous precedent for funding needed to change in order to move forward in the best way possible. See more below…

The NEAR ecosystem as a whole has been undergoing many changes over the last handful of months.

This includes the NxM community as we take steps to build our foundational infrastructure in a way that can continue to operate, helping artists and their fans to onboard and thrive in the world of web3.

We have spoken of the changes to expect throughout the community in the past months and will have a more comprehensive and formal announcement of what to expect sometime in March.

Moving forward, we are going to take some time to build the necessary resources and platforms for the NxM community to be able to use and grow as artists.

It will be a process but it is a necessary one if we are to lead NxM into the future.

We are aiming to begin hosting online and in-person events, artist workshops, and provide other resources that will help establish working examples and proof of concepts for artist communities in web3, benefiting the entire community in the long run. In the short term, far fewer proposals are being accepted.

We hope you keep creating and growing as an artist and we are looking forward to sharing with you the entire community new opportunities.

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Okay, quite understandable. Thank you for the feedback! :pray:t4:

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