Proposer: Only1bizzy
Wallet: oluwabizzy.near

Hello NxM Family​:heart:

It is with great excitement that I write this proposal to request for financial assistance from the NxM Family but firstly, I want to openly thank my friend @TheTune100 for getting me aboard this great community. Honestly at first I was nonchalant about his invite but hence I can confidently say that being a member of the NxM community has impacted in my musical career positively! From having to connect and compete in musical contest with like minds in the ecosystem to getting to work with new producers and artist from around the world truly it has been an amazing adventure so far and I most certainly still look forward to a Brighter Future with Near:)
Without drifting any further from the inspiration and reason for my plea for financial assistance from the NxM Family. . Which happens to be a musical project I have been imagining and working on for over a year now Tittled “KALAKUTA NEWSCHOOL”
Kalakuta new school is a musical project that embodies & captures the Nigerian Afro Culture but then projects it in a more stylish way:)
In a way more relatable to both Europeans and the average 20th Century African.
The Term KALAKUTA originates from the Great Fela Anikulapo Kuti (the founding father or Nigerian Afro music) “Kalakuta" was a mockery of a prison cell named “Calcutta” that Fela once inhabited which he later on eventually Called his Famous Shrine in Lagos where he performed & held live highlife music concerts. I named this project Kalakuta New School because apparently just like fela used he’s musical gift to open the eye and minds of Africans I also want to be able to use my music to uplift, educate & empower my listeners worldwide.

KALAKUTA NEWSCHOOL would be my first body of musical artistry and for this reason I am putting in my best and I hope the world is thrilled by this body of art.
Producers i am working with on the EP would be @skthealternator @Mubzy @tjyoungy @thebaddestyb who I recently invited into the NxM community

It would be an Ep of 5 Songs, titled as followed

  1. TFN (The Future Is Near)
  2. Fly ft @Katinkera
  3. Happiness
  4. Been Bad
  5. Dare Me ft @Caleb95

This project would be a Proudly NxM sponsored project with the Nxm logo displayed on the Ep’s Art work and also the first track “The Future Is Near” would be a Song promoting the whole near ecosystem:) and it’s benefits to not only creatives but spectators in general.

Cost Breakdown For This Project As Follows:

  1. $50 for production & mixing of each songs amounting to $250
  2. $100 for Professional Mastering / Sound Polishing of All 5 songs.
  3. $50 each for two artist I have featured on the Ep @Caleb95 @katinkera amounting $100
  4. $15 for art work by @Ligaya
  5. $35 for promotion on web2 platforms (Instagram, Facebook etc…) so as to gain more attention, listeners & followers from web2 on to web3
    Project Cost Totaling $500

“I am also currently pressing buttons to Host an Ep Listening Party At The Fela African Shrine After The Release Date of this project (November 25th, 2022) under the NxM umbrella. I am highly optimistic it would be a success”

Thank You to everyone in the near ecosystem who have been supportive to me in every little way so far!!
Shout Out @BigM007 @TheTune100 @augustkinge @skthealternator

Words sincerely won’t exactly be enough to express or measure the level of my happiness if this proposal of mine is accepted and I get a full funding so as to get started with all arrangements in regards making the project “Kalakuta New School” a Success before December.



I’m pretty Hyped about this one!! :pray:t4: @williamx kindly review this…


Its a pleasure to be part of this amazing project the “Kalakuta new school”
Its sure going to enlighten our mind

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Glad to have you on the project Blood!
Can’t wait to wow the world with this.

Congratulations on your forthcoming project bro​:white_heart:

Glad to be a part of it

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likewise my bro! I’m glad to have you on this amazing project myself.
Cheers To Greatness :clinking_glasses:

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Looks good @Only1bizzy more Progress bro :beers: :clap:t5:!

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Thanks Buddy!
:100: for you my bro​:black_heart::heart:

Amazing project bro
Thank you for puttin me on this

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Monster Hit Producer​:black_heart::heart: Don’t mention brother!! The pleasure is all mine :muscle:t4:

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@Monish016 @rhymetaylor @williamx Kindly review this and ask for further clarifications if need be​:pray:t4: I would be happy to provide answers to any of your questions on this subject. Thank you​:slightly_smiling_face:

+1 for Bizzy, he knows what he’s doing :heart:

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Happy to support and be part of this Project fam​:blush::handshake:

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:slightly_smiling_face:Can’t Thank You Enough :purple_heart::heart:

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I can’t wait for this masterpiece to be brought to life

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Mubzy! Glad to have been able to connect with you especially.
Our Joint Is Litty​:fire:

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Lovely creativity, more ideas to your craft okay :+1:

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I’m glad you behold the creativity already:)
Thank you :black_heart::heart:

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Such an interesting concept. I love how you’re promoting the NEAR ecosystem through art. This is a really great idea. Cheers! :clinking_glasses: