The ecosystem needs YOU

@shreyas thank you for tagging us.

Kitchen Guild is ready to fully support any improvement in the Near ecosystem. At the moment, we have excellent indicators for September and we are waiting for huge achievements in October.

We are always ready to support any initiative and implement it as soon as possible. Every day we set ourselves the goal of attracting new users to the NEAR ecosystem and we are sure that we will grow along with how the NEAR community grows!

It is an honor for us to be near you!


I’m interested in this Sir.

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Uhhh yeah, will give the most attention from influencer and partner side.

Waiting for proposal to be approved:

If anyone or any Guild needs more attention, write me PM of your projects and events. Building up army from loudest people to share NEAR updates to the world, so that evry part of NEAR would be visible.


Yes, the Flying Rhino Guild is here for all marketing needs! Fill out the consultation form on our website or slide into our telegram ( T: @Foliage10

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Uau! What a post! :clap:t2::clap:t2:

I have an organization that supports Black creators. I want to enable these creators to develop their own NFT projects. I am currently learning more about NEAR and how it supports creators. I want to apply for a grant to get this project started but need more technical support. Could you direct me to where I can go. Thank you


@shreyas could help you out. You should talk to him

Thank you so much for the help :slight_smile:

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@Nakameowdough any forward move on this?

this is an ongoing initiative - do you need help with any particular facet? We are trying to empower people with great ideas, and connect like-minded individuals

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Hi @Vic-e ,

That sounds great. You should definitely check out #creatives section here.

For this, I’d suggest reaching out and chatting with @chloe and @mecsbecs. Although, they might be a bit tied up until NEARCon, just FYI :slight_smile:

Apart from NEAR Grants, I know that Createbase also has their own funding. Perhaps @marianeu might be able to help there.


Yes, @Vic-e :slight_smile: If you have a project in mind which uses NFT’s for utility usecases then createbase is the place for you! Feel free to contact me anytime!


@Vic-e would love to have you join the creatives community telegram chat so you can explain more of what you have in mind to grow your community within the near ecosystem :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


If there’s any way the Lisbon City Node project can help with this, we have multiples skills in the project itself and ideas that converge with the ones you just described for the Ecosystem.

We are a growing project both physically and online. We would love to colaborate!

Thank you so much. I will definitely be in touch. I will also dig deeper into Createbase.

Hmm I need to think about that further. I really want to explore how to enable underrepresented creators to develop their own projects.

Thank you, I will join the telegram and go further into my concept.

I completely agree and support. We will think about this task, perhaps the answer is in the mechanics of the DAO. In general will think

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Is it potentially as simple as creating a price book for the work you provide - an hourly rate? A percentage for placement of a candidate? an allocation of tokens for tokenomics?

What is super important is cognisance of the tax implication in the user’s jurisdictions. Many things to think about.

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This lovely…NEAR ecosystem has be exploring all right…but there are still some eary we will need to cover up ,in that regard, I want to ask . can NEAR still welcome new DAO … That may help in reaching out and onboarding new members ?