That Was A GREAT Bridge Release

Hello, just wanted to put this thread together to give credit where credit is due to the whole NEAR Team, especially as the paint dries on the Bridge release.

We have been around the ecosystem since before mainnet launch. This release was by far the best release we have ever seen or been a part of in the Ecosystem, and it is immensely encouraging for our belief in the future of the ecosystem.

Was not sure who exactly was responsible for all of the moving pieces, but the Twitter engagement and VC support was especially nice to see. It’s exciting to see the NEAR Brand becoming what it should be - and the principled design living up to reality at launch.

Speaking largely for the community, really quality release for all of the NEAR Team involved, especially: @AlexTinsman @Laura , @yadira , and @yulian , @mallynear , @chadoh , @alex.shevchenko , Eunice - and everyone else we don’t know of !

It’s refreshing to have quality products launch according to a roadmap (and somewhat foreign in crypto), and that largely has to be attributed to solid leadership from the entire bridge team as well as @illia , @alexatnear , @nf_erik and @amosbestcookie .

Thank you for building what you said you would, and doing what you said you would.



I have just been here not long enough, but looking forward to a time when in retrospect, when NEAR becomes the megapolis that it is gonna be, that I have witnessed this milestone in April 2021.