Tenk Bay - Near NFT Club - Near Growth Guild : Monthly Report [December-January]

Dear Community,

I am sharing with you my third public work report for the December 15 (included) to January 15 (excluded) period. Most of my job consists of project management for Tenk Bay and Community Management for NEAR NFT CLUB and NEAR Growth Guild.

During this period, my main tasks concerned my role as Project Manager for Tenk Bay which consists of both onboarding NFTs projects in the incubator but also attracting new ones to the server for a medium/long term objective of concept sustainability. I am also community Manager for Near NFT Club (NNC) and the Growth Guild.

Before I get into the nitty gritty, it is important to mention that each month I normally try to focus on one of the discords in particular, while keeping the others in good shape. Last month was so intense, I had to focus mainly on Tenk Bay and then on NNC. I’ve also been trying to use Growth Guild in trying to meet the expectations of the community.

Now, following the development of the 3 communities:

1)Tenk Bay

Near’s attractiveness has been steadily increasing in recent weeks.
In a quantitative way, this could be symbolized by the significant rise of the Near token in spite of a bearish market but it would be reductive to stop at that.

Indeed, in the context of Tenk Bay, it is the evolution and growing exposure of Near’s NFT ecosystem. This can be seen through the increase of the sales volume and number of transactions for the already launched collections (https://stats.paras.id/) but also through the consequent number of projects that have joined our server and have told us about their search for assistance to launch a collection.

There are more than 19 projects in discussion with us. It is interesting to note that several of them are implemented by teams coming from Solana and who wish to develop the multi-blockchain character of their project. This is very relevant because it means that they also come with their community which is not necessarily familiar with NEAR Protocol and will become so through this collection.

So this is a great opportunity for Near to expand its community.

Summary of the main tasks:

  • First of all, it is possible to make an update on the Near Tiger Academy (NTA) project that was scheduled for December 18th. The project was delivered as agreed and managed to be shared by the official Near Protocol networks, which managed to attract many community members to the project. The project’s Twitter account has 1.3k followers and 2.81k members on Discord. Considering the difficulty to attract members on Discord, this data is very encouraging for the future of the project which managed to mint almost 50% of the total supply and is heading towards the development of its future 3D collection for integration in the metaverse.
    Nevertheless, the total price/supply ratio may have been overestimated and will therefore be approached differently for future projects.
    On the other hand, the discord growth targets (i.e. 1000 members on the discord server) by December 18th have been reached.
    Several meetings were held regarding the future of their project and how Tenk could assist them in these adventures. More news will probably be available in next month’s report.

  • A second project was launched in late December/early January. It is TongDAO, a project in partnership with the Chinese influencer TongDao who has been writing regularly about astrology for 7 years. The collection is composed of 5 astrological signs all with their own derivatives. There is a maximum of 12000 NFTs sold with a mint price of 2N.
    I had the role of project manager for this project. My tasks are mainly to proofread their content (several medium articles, posts, linktr.ee), manage the English community on discord, Telegram and especially to look for influencers for collaborations.
    I connected them with influencers like Delay, Jacob__Meyer and other projects like Near Nauts and Near Misfits to do sponsored tweets or collaborate around a donation…
    I also tried new collaborations with the Nearweek and Near_daily but they were unsuccessful due to time and/or currency constraints.
    Nearweek has a great and very reactive team with whom I will certainly collaborate in the future, and I already plan to do so for other projects. On the other hand, Near_daily although their infographics are qualitative, it is only a chain of several Twitter accounts based on all the blockchains and which only seek profit rather than the development of the ecosystem. They don’t even accept payments in NEAR but only in Solana or ETH.
    The launch of the project went as planned but the project did not attract much attention outside the Asian community. This may be due to the theme of astrology resonating more in the Eastern communities than anywhere else.

  • One project has migrated from Solana to Near with a collection set to launch on January 17. The project is called Panda Street and the collection will consist of 2,222 Pixel Pandas sold at a mint price not revealed to the public yet.
    This project did not require our help with marketing as they wish to capitalize on their existing community of 9983 followers on Twitter. They asked for our technical assistance. However, I spontaneously offered my help by contacting Near’s marketing team to get a retweet of their collection on the official blockchain networks. In a second step, I offered more visibility to the project on sites by asking for referencing on sites like AwesomeNear.
    The results of the project launch will be available in the next report.

  • Finally, a project with the Eastern community was initially scheduled for January 15 but was finally postponed by one week. The project is called Mountain & Sea. It is a fantasy world with 5 characters inspired by Chinese Classic. There will be 6024 NFTs with an initial drop of 2022 available at a mint price of about $100 (approx 5Near) at the Near launch price.
    I am the project manager for this project. It means that I’m in charge of both discord server creation and bot implementation (moderation, invitation tracking, verification, etc). I also have to promote the project on social networks with collaborations. This time, I collaborated with Delay, Jacob__Meyer, Near Misfits and Near NFT Club for giveaways or sponsored content on their networks. Other agreements are being discussed at the moment.
    The project’s Twitter account already has 2468 followers, which is very encouraging at this level. Nevertheless, I am afraid that the project does not attract enough the English community as it was the case for TongDAO.

  • Another project in collaboration with Mr.brown is planned but no information is released at this stage to keep the hype :slight_smile: Nice try padawan haha

  • In a totally different topic, I am now in direct contact with Near’s marketing team through Kemal GökdoÄźan from the project operations team and Olga from the content creator team. This allows us to optimize our relationship towards project launches but also to take advantage of all the means put in place by the foundation such as content activation through retweets, obtaining grants, etc…

What’s coming ?

It is expected to be very busy in the next few months due to the number of very large projects that want to launch an NFT collection from Near. This may cause us to hire additional manpower to ease the strain. The shape of the Tenk Bay project may also change.

As an indication, the server currently has 286 users which is 2.3 times more members than last month. Most of them being creators.

Server link: https://discord.gg/BCfKaggeBh
New Website: https://tenkbay.com/

2) Near NFT Club

The NNC discord server seems to be gaining traction. Indeed, the number of users has greatly increased in the last month, which has resulted in the recruitment of new moderators and development of shared content.

In order to achieve a better balance between positive content and not too much spam, several choices have been made:

  • First of all, we continued the choice made in the previous report. That is, we decided to remove the channels of inactive projects to make room for new ones. Selection rules have been implemented in order to select the projects in a more rigorous way and to ensure the quality of their offer. In the same line and to avoid spamming users, we decided to make project channels only visible if the user has chosen a role that gives him access to the projects of this category. So there are 4 different categories which are character, punks, PFP, art. This choice has greatly reduced the spam problems due to the presence of too many channels by default when joining the server.

  • Since we have reached 500 members on the server, I was able to request to join the Partner Program and thus gain visibility within the other discord servers. Now, our next goal is to reach 1000 members to set up discovery and appear in the discovery option of the social network to attract new members this way.

  • We also found ourselves in an emergency situation that drew our attention to the security of the server. Indeed, one of the moderators had his account hacked which was then used to share corrupted links on the server. This link asked people to identify themselves on a site pretending to be discord to get their login information. This shows the importance in the future to force all moderators and administrators to activate the 2FA which greatly limits this kind of risks.

What’s coming ?

The goal is always to reach 1000 members as soon as possible in order to unlock the last stage of Discord partnership and unlock the discovery feature for the server. If we continue with the current growth, we should be able to reach this number by next month’s report.

As an indication, the server now has 825 members, which is 3.75 times more than last month!

Server link: https://discord.gg/nnTznSgjnq
Website: https://nearnft.club/

3) Near Growth Guild

Due to the lack of response from Ross and TheGuy123, I decided to manage the server in my own way. As soon as projects join the server looking for help, I try to redirect them to the right people. The advantage is that most of them come with a Near foundation grant and are looking for help with an NFT project. In this case, it is easy for me to redirect them to Tenk Bay.

Server link: NEAR Growth Guild

Final word: I will focus more and more of my efforts on recruiting new projects for Tenk Bay and developing the ones we will launch in terms of marketing and community management.

Thanks for reading!

Tenk team: @starpause @willemneal @iotachan
Near NFT Club: @naveen_in @Chandresh_Patel


Thank you for all of the help as TENK is hit with exponential demand! Appreciate the detailed write up too :muscle:


Thank you for your contribution and continuous support. The report is amazing.
Your previous report has helped us in the previous month also to identify what needs to be corrected and where we need to focus more.
1000 will be coming soon. :wink:


Dear @Dgetsylver , my deep appreciation to your support to TenKDAO and execution on each project! You have great skill set, master in communication. Building strong relationship with partners are another strength. TenK is lucky to have you :heart:

Let’s continue our effort on onboarding New Users and grow NEAR NFT Community Faster and stronger!


Thanks @naveen_in I hope to bring you even more useful insights in the future!


Thank you @iotachan for your message!
This is a really incredible time with the development of the NEAR NFT ecosystem and I feel like we’re going to be able to accomplish a lot.

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Good job partners :100: :rocket:



This is an amazing report and awesome work you guys have done!
Clapping Applause GIF


Will https://app.tongdao.art/ and http://mountainsea.art/ translate their page to English too?


Hi Kemal,

http://mountainsea.art/ had a smooth launched on Jan. 22nd and hit a hype, the twitter engagement and activities are up to beat!! The website is in English, TenK has pushed marketing in both EN&CN region.

TenK has seen top artist and project team coming to NEAR launching NFT project, from different region also from other public chain.

NEAR NFT is up to speed and Roaring.

NFT Asia projects do face changelings exploring U.S market, they equip with great art and best dev, but community building and social media set-up is often what project team are lack of.

app.tongdao.art has large audience (6M) in Mainland China; Tongdao team decide to focused the energy on Chinese market first, however the English site is in plan :slight_smile:

Stay tuned with TenKBay. New projects with exciting new features are popping-up!


Awesome, thank you for the update and clarify some of my points. :pray: Looking forward to what’s come! :mechanical_arm: