[Survey] Help Shape the Future of NEAR Wallet!

Do you have feedback that you’d be willing to share about your experience using NEAR Wallet? The Wallet team has published a quick and anonymous survey to wrap up 2021:

We’d love any and all feedback on your experience using the NEAR Wallet so we can continue to improve it to meet the needs of everyone who relies on it to interact with the protocol. Your feedback will help influence the roadmap for 2022 and beyond! Please share in any channels that you deem relevant :slight_smile:


Nice! Should we share this in our social media? (Discord, Telegram)

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Sure, feel free to share wherever you like!


I will share this to stars Guild telegram group :pushpin:

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The link “View All” in Wallet/Recent Activity brings me to the NEAR Explorer. Out of my wallet, into the jungle. This should be much better with a dedicated browser/organiser. As a user, I would like to organise/rearrange some transactions, addresses and other data and eventually rearrange some data, in folders with some memo’s and alerts, to keep it in my immediate view, under my control…

I have some raw idea’s, raw material, but I cannot do better, take it for what it is. I wrote it in the context of the Indexer, but later I realised that the wallet (as a personal filtered view on the blockchain) is a better place for this.

There is also some small simulation of a tiny dynamic grid. I have this also in complete form (working app), but I don’t know how to communicate this. In the working app, you can select every cell (transaction, account, receipt, … every object) to become the new root and continue navigation, and so have a better feeling of the working grid.

Of course, this is just a preliminary test, with a lot of incompletion and with a very bad test set. With real data it should speak for his own, but with this test, you have to close one eye.


  1. The current selected cell is not always correct. When so, then the grid would be with less movement. The display of the detail data (tabs) should also be affected with the better cell movement and result in a more logical display.
    I can’t explain it better than this, hope you know what I mean when you see the current imperfections.
  2. Selected cell’s, current cell and current selection should be more diverse in colour or other visual marking.
  3. The detail data in the child-tab is not correct aligned, which results in a disordered view.
  4. Real data or at least more relevant data, logical related data, should also help for a first view.

This can maybe give some idea’s…