Support for social networks/Ning Year Payments

Hello all,
I respectfully ask for the MotionDAO support to pay an advance over the October funds to partially pay the network hosting.

Both networks are hosted by Ning and was charged to Connecticut College. I need to receive the funds to be able to pay the college back ASAP.
I present here screenshots from the receipts and from the email communication with the college.

We owe
These networks have been pioneering for the international dance community and are a very important assets for the community. Marlon Barrios Solano created them and MotionDAO as created with the fundamental idea and vision of developing an alternative economy with/as a network. How would it look like an online community connected by a social network in WEB3.
We consider a priority the actions of moving the web2 platforms to Web3 with their 15k members for potential onboarding to NEAR.

600.00 UDS to be paid in full for a year (already paid to CC)
and 300.00 USD
to paid partially for (6 months).
Thank you so much,
900.00 USD

IMPORTANT: this advance will be included in the October 2022 proposal for Near.

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This is payment of three months in paid with this support.
Thank you